Romeo and Juliet Blog Project [due: ______


Step 1: choose a character
Romeo Juliet Tybalt Mercutio Benvolio Paris Step 2: fill out the blog template for your character Don’t forget A. detailed, colored drawing of the character B. the character’s gender, age and date of last login next to drawing C. Blog entry titles (at least 3) based on actual events from the play, at least 2-3 sentences about the character under “About me” and who they’d like to meet D. friends from the play (at least two) with small pictures E. at least three comments from their friends F. general info. on the character’s personality and their likes and details When it comes to their likes, select at least 3 modern bands/musical artists, 3 movies, 3 tv shows, 3 books and 3 heroes that you imagine the character would like. Be prepared to justify your choices in a follow up journal entry.

Step 3: Write 5 blog entries from the character’s point of view
referencing at least one specific event from the play and their reactions, thoughts and feelings about it. Blog entry should be at least 3 paragraphs (with a beginning, middle and end. You will earn the most points for accurately portraying the character’s response to the event as well as including rich sensory details and incorporating the character’s language from the play as much as possible.

_________________________’s latest blog entry:

____________ ____________ _____years old Verona, Italy Last login:

About me:

Who I’d like to meet: _________________’s interests: General:

Music: ______________________’s friends: Movies:



Heroes: Comments: __________________’s details:
Status: Here for: Hometown: Ethnicity: Education: Occupation:

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