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Nature and scope of advertising


Advertising: (Definition)

Any paid form of non personal presentation of

ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. Or Advertising is a form of communication intended to promote the sale of the product or service to influence public opinion, to gain political support or to advance a particular cause

Features/ Nature of Advertising


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Mass communication Process Informative Persuasive Competitive Is Paid for Has an Identified Sponsor Non personal

Scope of Advertising:




Print, Broadcast, telecast, Direct Mail, film..paint etc.

They act on the behalf of the senders of the

messages. An agency is service organization engaged in planning and executing the advertising programmes for the advertisers


Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai

Some ads done in 2008: Bajaj Auto Pulsar range of motorcycles: Pulsarmania,, Taj Tea Trail A Tea Tasting Event: Divinity, Taj Tea Trail A Tea Tasting Event: Genesis Leo Burnett Mumbai Tide Detergent: Lipstick, Tide Detergent: Ice Cream, Tide Detergent: Ketchup,, Luxor Highlighters: Hitler, Luxor Highlighters: Chaplin, GoaFest 2007 awards: arty farty idea Saatchi & Saatchi, Mumbai

Cox & Kings Travel: Eiffel Tower, Cox & Kings Travel:

London Bridge, Cox & Kings Travel: Statue of Liberty, Olay: Eclipse, Ariel: Stains, Contact Advertising, Mumbai Aadhar Mudra Communication Pvt Ltd Delhi Godrej Ezee: R K Swami BBDO, Mumbai Rediffusion DY&R, Mumbai McCann-Erickson India Ltd: The prominent name among the best advertising companies of India is McCann-Erickson India Ltd. They define work in relation to the impact that advertising has on the lives of masses. The testimony of the company in which it firmly believes is the campaign of Coca -cola-'Thanda Matlab Coca Cola'.

4. CONSUMERS: They need information for decision making.advertisers have to tell why the product stands unique and what is latest in it..??

(1) To prompt action: Direct action advertising is designed to motivate people to act. It involves ads that try to persuade people to make a purchase, call a phone number, or mail/fax/email an order form, and includes many of the common ads consumers see in newspapers, in-store adverting and package advertising.

(2) To encourage information search: In some cases, it is unreasonable to assume that a consumer is ready to make an immediate purchase based solely on advertising. In these cases, consumers need more information a test drive or a demonstration before making up their minds.

(3) To relate product to needs:

A less direct form of advertising, this category

includes those ads that draw a link in the consumers minds between the product and their needs as a consumer.

(4)To encourage recall of past product satisfaction and prompt a repurchase: Ads of this nature are designed to summon memories of past satisfaction and get customers to purchase a product again.

(5) To modify attitudes: One of the more challenging objectives facing advertisers is to modify attitudes towards a product. This is often appropriate when a firms product has received a bad reputation for one reason or another or if a firm is attempting to

(6)To reinforce attitudes: The final category of advertising objectives seeks to reinforce attitudes that customers already have towards a product. Market leaders (such as Coke or McDonalds) often use this to maintain their market share and volume.

Advertisements work because they make an

effective appeal to some need or desire in the people who view, read or listen to them.

Nature of advertising: Is a tool of Communication


Is a science
Define objective/ function of ad create the ad

test the ad launch

Is an art 4. Is interdisciplinary

Involve psychology to understand consumer behavior Anthropology to understand the response variance in different cultures Involves marketing to understand the consumer response

Nature of advertising: Is a tool of Communication

Types of Advertising
Interactive Advertising Public Service Advertising Institutional Advertising Business-toBusiness Advertising Direct-Response Advertising Brand Advertising

Retail or Local Advertising

Political Advertising
Directory Advertising

Types of Advertising Brand advertising: focuses on developing a long-term brand identity and image Retail/local advertising: focuses on retailers or manufacturers that sell merchandise in a restricted area Political advertising: focuses on politicians attempting to persuade people to vote for them or their ideas

Institutional advertising: corporate

advertising used to establish an identity or influence public opinion

Public service advertising (PSA):

communicates a message for a good cause

Interactive advertising: delivered to

individual consumers who have access to a computer and the Internet

Main function of Advertising is Communication