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109 Tropez Lane Cary, NC 27511 919-604-9409

Topic: Personal Statement Education Accomplishments Job Experience Career Goals

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My name is Charlie Lewis. I was born and raised in Cary North, Carolina. I am a Business Major at Appalachian University studying general management. I am hard working, extremely dedicated, and very skilled at many things

Charlie Lewis


2 OBJECTIVE Name the type of job you seek and the skills you have to offer. EDUCATION Bachelor of Business, General Management Appalachian State University, Boone, NC GPA : 3.87, Deans List, Chancellors List MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE Range Manager Tee to Green, Apex, NC June 2011 August 2012

May 2016

Range Manager consists of maintaining the whole inside and outside of the driving range, while also recovering and cleaning the golf balls from the range. I was a part-time employee at the business, but was the only employee for 10 months out of the 14 months I was there. Organize headings to focus on certain types of experiences or skills, for example, Sales Experience or Experience Working with Youth; list first what is most attractive to your target reader or choose to have one large heading Related Experience.

EXPERIENCE WITH YOUTH Summer Staff Position Windy Gap, Weaverville, NC May June 2013

I held the position of landscape manager, where a team and I maintained the landscape of the property throughout the first session of the Young life Camp. Avoid using diluted phrases such as responsible for or in charge of.



Charlie Lewis


My Career goal is to become a very well rounded business man with successful traits in a range of many different fields. I hope to become involved in many kinds of business whether its small business, private corporations, or open market corporations. I love the leadership role in business so I am majoring in business management as of now. I have always been a natural leader and so I know this field will perfectly suit me. I hope to achieve this success through, consistent achievements in my academics as well as branching out and getting involved in many different places of work. I plan on taking any opportunity to grow in my knowledge of business as well as market myself and skills along the way.

Charlie Lewis