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in Civil Engineering degree requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of graduate-level course work and thesis. The coursework must include: x A total of 12 credit hours in general core requirements. x A minimum of 12 credit hours from the civil engineering discipline list of technical elective courses. x A minimum of 12 credit hours in the thesis General Core courses (12 credit hours) x GENG-602 Applied Research Methodology x GENG -603 Advanced Numerical Analysis x GENG-604 Project Management x GENG -605 Applied Statistics Analysis x GENG -606 Graduate Seminar Civil Engineering Technical Electives (12 credit hours) Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours from the Civil Engineering Technical Elective packages.

CVEN 500 Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering CVEN 501 Advanced Steel Structures Design CVEN 502 Structural Dynamics and Seismic Analysis and Design CVEN 503 Design of Bridges and Other Special structures CVEN 504 Finite Element Method CVEN 505 Theory of Plates and Shells CVEN 506 Advanced Geo-mechanics CVEN 507 Traffic Engineering CVEN 508 Geometric Design of Highways CVEN 509 Traffic Safety Analysis CVEN 510 Pavement Management Systems CVEN 511 Hydrology CVEN 512 Ground Water Contamination CVEN 513 Hydraulic Analyses

Thesis Requirements (12 credit hours) x GENG-699 Master Thesis