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MBEERE ETHNOZOOLOGY (BIRDS) Silas Kibwece Kibwece, S. 1992. Mbeere Ethnozoology (Birds) - IV. Unpublished manuscript notes on Mbeere ethnoorithology written by Silas Kibweee in November 1992 for Martin Walsh, Embu, 54 pp. in an exercise book (the fourth of six books). When citing or quoting from this text please acknowledge its source in full. : Ai tebere Ln glia EY Ween dLameyre AuSUuk Bu224Kp Ne ploral, (Bu tee rufofiseud Vdentilitebt on. 20-24 i, Bo 6 tem. ie & 4% - Ghic bard off prey it ee Seay ty ebeje Cant ox potters lobes Midbdct a0 a wiole. Last re legniced ty ee Slale- gle, “jyeeipirts Chat lral-peat Lael Gn ee Gif Clack barri7 P Be Selo L1E « Meal egpgrte VEG ELA, Cee Srey Made, Ate Le APEL a Sipe hyo at Binl 24a or Se eee : Llach. a aarti ba Ct HEY pager thike, SbGLZSf oF lo bhes/ Wilh blitle, tif Ble Lal Loyrof get Seen uly SG, ASHE Lhe Zeca tas Ly ta ee terngt Ful the CheyErrnt tact Are Joof See L4Gr GC Ber S.