Bodhi Vihara · Buddhistisches Kloster Freising, Domberg 10, 85354 Freising

28th of June 2556 Buddhist Era 2013 Christian Era
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Inviting dhammaduta monks to join in strengthening the Buddhasasana in Germany Here at Bodhi Vihara Monastery in the town of Freising near Munich in the south east of Germany, we have been working since autumn 2008 to develop a place for Buddhist living and learning. In February 2009 we opened up Bodhi Vihara, a small temple located in a very traditional and old town with a strong Catholic background. Since then our lay community of both native Germans and people of international decent (Thai, Sri Lankan, Myanmar, Chinese etc.) has continued to grow and several projects have been started, among them the Sariputta Institute, Arogya Sangha health fund, Sumitta neighbor aid and Buddhasasana magazine. Now we have come to the stage, that we hope to obtain reinforcement from dhammaduta monks for the further development of our community. Spreading the Dhamma in a foreign country is a great chal lenge, thus we need you to
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have sufficient fluency in English in order to communicate and teach Dhamma-Vinaya be interested to learn the German language and explore the German culture give rise in saddha to people by being an inspiring bhikkhu living on pindapata and without money help to share the responsibility for our newly founded Sariputta Institute and to dedicate yourself to teaching and promoting Buddhist knowledge and Suttanta ( pariyatti) plan to stay a minimum of one year.

We offer you to
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cover all your expenses in Germany, incl. flight to Germany, health care, study materials, clothing, transportation etc., and assist you with the application for a national visa participate in a German language course soon after your arrival have sufficient time for your own studies and practice

If you are interested to help us introduce the path of liberation to the people of Germany, please contact us!

Buddhistische Gemeinschaft der Lehrnachfolger in Deutschland e.V. Bodhi Vihara ☸ Buddhistisches Kloster Freising
Domberg 10, 85354 Freising, Germany Tel: +49–8161–8627310 · Fax: +49–8161–8627312

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