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            Date: The 25th of March 2009 Grade: 3rd year of study Form: 7th Level: Pre-Intermediate No. of Ss.: 20 Teacher: Claudia Nastasescu School: Slobozia-Moara Textbook: Snapshot Pre-Intermediate Unit: If I had the money,… Lesson: 2nd Conditional Type of lesson: Combined lesson (acquisition and fixation are mixed) Aims of the lesson: o To stimulate and encourage Ss’ imagination; o To develop skills; Cognitive objectives: o To imagine different activities and to express them using would (wouldn’t)+short infinitive; o To identify verb tenses; o To understand 2nd conditional clause; o To practice 2nd conditional; o To complete the worksheets and do group work; o To express opinion/choices; o Affective objectives: o To join the lesson with pleasure and interest; o To have a warm relation between the teacher and the students; Skills: o Reading; o Writing; o Speaking; Assumed knowledge: Ss already know what “conditional phrase” mean Anticipated problems: If Ss don’t understand the oral commands or the tasks , they will be translated into Romanian

 

 Resources and materials: blackboard, handouts, tasksheets, coloured chalk,  Methods: conversation, explanation, exercise solving, group work, individual work

Lead-in o T tells the Ss to imagine a situation like : winning the lottery. o T asks Ss a few questions about their examples: “How many verbs are there in the first example?” “Please.. I would ……………………………………………” o T writes the date and the title of the lesson on the board. living on a island. underline them!” “What about the second. o If they don’t say it correctly. S/he writes a word on the board and Ss must think of another starting with the last letter and so on. I would …………………………………. o They have to write them after one of the sentences written by T. Interaction: T-Ss. o Then s/he tells them to play an interesting game. if necessary. being a king/queen.” “If I won the lottery. 2. I would ………………………………………. o Ss write the examples in their notebooks.…. T will help them. Warm-up o T greets Ss and asks for the absentees.. Ss-T. IW  Estimated time: 50’ Stages of the lesson 1.. o All Ss write the examples in their notebooks. the third and so on?” “So that’s a phrase of two sentences?” “Where have we met a phrase of two sentences before?” “What tenses did the verbs have in 1st conditional phrase?” “What tenses can you identify in these phrases?” “What kind of situation do we have?” “Is it a possible or unlikely to happen one?” . o T tells them to say what they would do if they were in the situation they imagine. I would ………………………………….” “If I lived on an island. GW.……” “If I had a younger sister. 3. o Ss will give various answers.” “If I had the time. Ss-Ss.Presenting the new knowledge o T asks Ss to write some of the examples on the board. I would …………………………………. 4. “If I were a king/queen..Checking the homework o T checks the homework and asks Ss to correct their mistakes.

o When Ss finish working. o The unfinished activity is assigned as homework. 5. o T hands them the worksheets and explains the task. o T may ask several questions about the new structure while checking. Activity 3 o On the back of the first worksheet Ss have a quiz and they must read the questions and choose an answer they find most appropriate. Secondary clause IF + PAST SIMPLE INFINITIVE . if necessary. Ss make notes in their notebooks.Practice Activity 1 o o o o Ss get individual worksheets. Activity 2 o Ss are divided into groups of two and have to do group work in order to solve a second exercise. T explains the task. T names different Ss to write the correct answers on the board and asks all the Ss to write them down in their notebooks. 6. Activity 4 o The last activity is about writing a suitable sentence to complete the conditional phrases given by the T. After solving. Main clause WOULD(wouldn’t) + SHORT  Conditional Clause Type 2 for unreal situations in the present. o When they’ve finished.  The condition can’t be fulfilled.  Were is used instead of was. o T helps the Ss if necessary. Homework assignment . T asks different Ss to read the questions and to motivate their answers. They have to write the verbs in the correct tense. the T and Ss check the answers and write the correct ones on the board.o After understanding the structure and the meaning of the conditional phrase .

too. have to write their opinion about the song. Evaluation o T gives marks and then says “Goodbye!” o Ss say “Goodbye!”. also. T has a backup activity for homework: a gap filling on the lyrics from “If I had a million dollars…” and Ss . 7.o If Ss finish the last activity on time. .

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