Topic Calltoorder-2:00PM Carol Spizzirri, Pras.


Welcomed and thanked all attendees for participating. Secretary Mullins read Board minutes of January 26,2007

Approved as read

Treasurer report was approved as read Doug Browne, Treasurer Treasurer Browne noted Spizzirri's Mullins motioned that organization start up loan and loan Spizzirri's start up loan and 2004 loan be returned to to SALF in 2004 to maintain the Spizzirri with interest no later organization during a financial then September 1,2008. shortage is still out standing and Motion was seconded by needs to be reimbursed to her Browne and motion carried. with the agreed upon interest of 5% to clear SALFs books no later then next FY08. Spizzirri has not requested funds in order to conduct business, such as this past year when a marketing campaign un-expectedly lost funding sponsors. Spizzirri stated that there was no rush to return funds until SALF was financially sound, that training the children was more important Browne stated that SALF books must be clear of all outstanding debts to demonstrate the organization is sound, if that means not conducting special activities. Spizzirri agreed only if SALF is financially capable to reimburse the outstanding balance, Mullins motioned to SALFs Bylaws allows for Executive Board compensate Executive compensation to Executive Board Compensation Board President for her members for time consideration. Secretary Mullins duties at $75,500. Motion Sec Mullins purposes SALF was seconded by Treasurer considers compensating those Browne and canied. Motion Executive Board members with was made by Spizzirri to Board leadership responsibilities compensate Treasurer for i.e. President, Vice President, his duties at $40,000 a year. Treasurer. Secretary, Chairman Motion was seconded by Co-Chairman based on their Secretary Mullins and service requirements. She further purposed, that a sum be based on carriBd. Motion was made the amount of time spent in doing by Treasurer Browne to compensate Secretary SALF business for various SALF Mullins for Secretary duties related meetings, paperwork and special events Ex. Members need at $40,000 per year. Molion was seconded by President to attend of which Ex, Members Treasurer's Report

Rita Mulfins Secretary

have to pay. Spizzirri purposed to post-pond this compensation until mid September 2007 when SALF would be financially sound to afford this compensation. It was further purposed by Browne that compensation should be reviewed yearly based on the increased demands and out of pocket expenses of that appointment. Spizzirri purposed a special Executive Board meeting between Treasurer, Secretary and President should be held August 2007, to purpose graduating retirement benefit options for those Executive Board members Who've been on the Board for three or more years.

Spizzirri and carried. Treasurer Browne motioned that compensation for all existing Executive positions would begin September 1, 2007, or as soon as Foundation was financially sound to execute these compensations (what ever comes first). Motion was seconded by Secretary Mullins and carried. Mullins motioned that all Executive board members would be reviewed yearly and by Board approval could qualify for increase compensation up to 10%. Browne seconded the motion. Motion carried. Treasurer Browne motioned that a retirement plan be established for existing Executive members only after serving no less then five years. Mullins seconded the motioned and motion carried. Spizzirri motioned that Treasurer Browne create Executive Board member's level of compensation for all new Executive member, i.e. Chairman, Vice Chairman, for approval at the June, 2007 meeting. Mullins seconded the motion, motion carried.

Election of New Officer Andy Knapp

Motion to accept Andy Knapp Carol Spizzirri nominated Andy as a member of the SALF Knapp to the SALF Executive Executive Board was made by Board. Mr. Andy Knapp feels as Executive Board as former aide to Rita Mullins. Motion was seconded by Browne and Health and Human Services carried. (HHS) Secretary Tommy Thompson. Knapp he understands the growing need of SALFs "PreEMS" mission and feete he could serve as a liaison to those agencies and individuals who

directly and indirectly could benefit He feels he can additionally strengthen SALF's image nationally, both in board development at the state and national level and generate revenue with his contacts.



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