Gender Inequality, Concerned Problems & Education

Dr. PRANITA SINGH (A.N.D.T.T.C. SITAPUR) When the concept of „Ardha-narishwar‟ in Hindu mythology came into existence, it must have been imagined that the god could not be a male alone who could create a world,make it such a beautiful place to live in .He ought to have the characteristic of female. Also it must have been imagined that without the duo ,this creation was not possible . So the place of a feminine in this world was created and respected for long time. There is enough historical evidences are found that shows a matriarchal social system in the Indian society .But with the advent of time the matriarchal social system was replaced by a patriarchal one & it became so deep rooted and distorted that it diminished the status of a living female to merely an object. Such status of females is found not only in India but all over the third world .The gender inequality has become a serious issue now because the other related issues like polygamy, feoticide and honor- killing are popping up at a faster rate.It is internationally accepted that gender in equality affects economic growth ,poverty and governance adversely. Most of the nations are making policies to step into next century with an identity of developed nation. India and China are one of these countries which are preparing their population to be used as human resources . For this they have chalked out and implemented many policies .However no country can succeed in its goal of development if the 50% of its population remains illiterate or uneducated. Vice Admiral Rickener pointed out "the progress or decline of a country is a function of education ...."And to realize the democratic goals of nation and society, the equality and opportunities and equality of starting points towards meaningful career for the citizenship ,equalization of education is must. The inequality towards women in the society may be seen in different forms. To eradicate these differences, Education was used as means. However, the problem is not so easy to be solved .To begin with early childhood education studies have tried to trace the origin of gender inequality in early childhood education (Chandrow 1978, Pilburn 2006, Gurian 2001). It was found that in most societies the ECE for young children are primarily female obligations (UNDAW, 2004). The gender attributes and roles are being defined by stereotypic curricular content, study materials and formal education experiences (Pilburn 2006). But when the efforts are made to impart gender equality through curricular, an informal learning through media exposure transmits the differences between boys and girls. The media markets on boy‟s character of the aggression, power, conflict, and make violence and female characters of softness, homely and submissive behaviors. It discourages or even deters boys to embrace or cultivate their roles as caregivers, nurturers and accept the fact that there could be a male teacher in ECE (Sargent 2004).

Financial constrains are one of the main hindrance for all higher education improvement plans for women. gender balance & gender justice have not emerged at centre stage in the university system. There had been a lack of political support to the women education with little or no support financially or politically. They had to take what was given to them ultimately depending on their parents for every decision of their life including their education. The role education of creating and spreading social awareness and values like equality & social justice has been subsided.Various factors that affect the gender inequality in education can be mainly categorized into four types . The quality of education had never been issue for girls. In the higher education also a traditional prospective of nature of education.Lack of proper literature especially in Indian languages and poor documentation of resources have left the women education in midway. results in the exclusion of it concern for community & social actions. elect the political representatives for themselves but could not vote for themselves. peer level and the administration level. Study for better future or for self has never been given way. Obviously girls school are there but the no.. the ratio of girls students to the boys students is always skewed. Improper transport facilities have also added to the woes of women education .Parents focus on early marriages of girl child mostly leads to termination of education . So the journey of women education is no less than walking on thorns. In higher education where the girls have grown up to adult women having the right to vote. Why the education of women is no easy journey . Values like gender equality. There had been a continuous paucity of persons prepared to teach and guide students who are keen to pursue research on the women question. of girls schools are still countable. Reluctance of institutions and parents to let women students and teachers to involve in survey or field work researches has only delayed better results.These existing girl‟s schools are also at far distances from the home of the girls . limited no. It is more focused to the functional or vocationalization strategy. lack of decision making in the higher education system for gender equality is also visible.Principals and higher authorities.Traditional views of not only parents but also the teachers about girl education like study only to get married off well are also seen. Lack of support is visible in faculty level. of female teachers. it‟s aim and objectives. from the university authorities. for fear of creating awareness against existing social and general inequities and of making empowered and resistant women societies .Considering the secondary education. Lack of interdisciplinary board of studies at higher education. the bureaucrats red tapism within the university and non sympathetic attitude of advisory committees towards women equality strategies have hindered the implementation of many plans. A section of decision makers pose a definite resistance to incorporate women‟s issues within the curriculum .

3. 1. All of the above challenges are the very rational for a proper education structure for women. WHAT MORE IS NEEDED :1. attitude towards the outcome of education of girls. 4. 4. insufficient public support for the poor.1.CEDAW and other institutions have tried to change the condition of women education. Institution related factors: it includes limited school and classroom space . students. distance from school. and practical pole of women as daughter. Cultural factors: Girl‟s education regarded as incompatible with traditional beliefs. mother and wife. stake holders. 2. cost of education. conflict of school tradition with traditional culture orientation of the girls to non scientific fields . limited employment opportunities for higher education and less pay for the women employment.lack of accommodation or exclusion of pregnant . poor toilet and hygienic facility and no synchronous school calendar. Lack of clear strategy for women and girl education. adolescent or young mothers .Establishment of girls‟ education institutions cannot be denied. researchers. low cost of return. Sexual harassments.Scholarships to certain other disciplines (non-girl type) like technology etc. Political factors: it include budget constraints. political instability and inconsistent education policies.Exemptions of girls from certain extent of fees are also seen in all levels. All of the above factors need to be confronted and overcome. Socio economic factors: which include poverty. requirement of girls for household chores. functions and expectations of women education.Visible presence of teachers. researchers who have already worked on women issues by researchers & writings. 3.Marriage age in educated families is shifting. insecurity.institutional fees and untrained teachers . 2. Efforts to change the women education situations.non gender sensitive teacher . bad adaptation of educational system to local needs. 6.Educated parents are allowing their daughter to choose for their carrier and research options. remote area residence. 5. Are also being sponsored. low education level of parents. early pregnancies. early marriages. structural adjustments programs.A positive external environment is needed for a successful women's movement 2. conscious of women. This required redefining the role. 3. women education objectives & participated actively in moment.Teachers. .

A mutual responsibility of society is also realized to avoid any repetition of „Aradhana‟ case.Committed directors. institutions & donor agencies. reflects the values the field places on diversity and anti bias philosophies . 9. women who have been educated and given opportunities to excel in their corners . 6-Appropriate finances at all levels. Making to the root as Pilburn 2006 remarks “ promoting gender balance in ECE makes the sense because it supports family centered practices not withstanding qualities that differentiate gender .Creating awareness by researches. 10. significantly augment the stock of income . deans. 8.The student teacher's beliefs & attitude may play a major role in their behaviors Conclusion Gombe state Governor Mohammad Donjuma Goje expressed that not much progress has been made in attaining the required gender sensitive education which was among the objectives of Beijing platform for action.4. equal opportunity to girl education.Financial support to all the levels of girl‟s education from govt.fosters and more inclusive and diverse work force and important . seminars. According to him “ Gender sen sitive education is the basis of empowering women to participated in meaningful national development . foeticides & female genocides. Gender inequality can be removed only when there is awareness awakening among the society towards values like equity & social justice brought through education it surely needs to overcome the patriarchal challenges. 12.Dedicated dynamic gender sensitized leadership in the academic departments & administrations especially V.Emphasizing higher education with young children in providing desired teacher behaviors . action. guides. 7.Structuring teacher educator‟s curriculam emphasizing the women issues for creating gender sensitivity training. make their committees more compassionate among other things . teachers with previous experience. involvement in women issues prepared to take accountability. HOD‟S..C‟s. semi-govt. 11. shapes children who will become adults” . With a hope of brighter globe for women education we need to pledge to provide gender sensitive. . principals are required to take initiatives 5.Developing proper strategy of national development program with women and the equal partner in the development.look after families better .Strict actions against culprits of sexual harassment.

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