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Frequently Asked Questions for the TOPIK

Relating to filling out the application form

1. Can I apply for the 30th TOPIK which will be held on 21st April 2013 online? No, you should visit the Korean Cultural Center and apply in person. 2. What are the requirements for the TOPIK application? - Two of 3x4cm photographs for both application form and identification slip - Php400 for the TOPIK registration and examination fee

Relating to taking the exam

1. How can I determine my Korean proficiency? You can refer to the grading method page from the application form on the website.

2. Can I ask for a refund?

Yes, but refund will be available only during the registration period (2013.1.21~2.21). 3. What time should I get to the test site? Applicants for beginner and advanced should be seated on his or her designated place before 8:10 am and applicants for intermediate should be seated on his or her designated place before 1:10 pm 5. What do I have to bring to the test site? Applicant must bring a valid ID whose information is same with the 30th TOPIK Identification Slip. Also, your photo and information should be possible to be checked and the expiration date must not be passed. 6. How long is the 30th TOPIK test valid?

The validity of the result of the exams is two years from the announcement date of the test results). 7. Is there any sample questionnaire of the exam? Yes, you can download several sample questions from the previous TOPIK tests on the KCC website 8. How many times the applicants can take the TOPIK exam? There is no limitation to apply for it, so you can take it whenever the exam is held.