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Mathematics and Statistics in Industry Project Proposal / Plan Proforma

Introduction and Brief Literature Search Describe several articles relating to your project topic, or articles that relate to the analyses that you may conduct as part of the project. In some areas, it will not be possible to find articles that conduct the same analyses on the sport being researched for your project, however just try to find articles that are closest, or studies that focus on your particular sport.

Methodology Describe the proposed methodology for your project. Incorporate aspects such as who will be involved in your project, where the data will be sourced and stored, and any aspects of the analyses that you are aware of at this point (obviously this will be limited for projects where data is not yet available). Information about statistical packages that might be used (e.g., excel, SPSS) can be mentioned here as well.

Aims and Research Questions Describe the broad aim of the research and list 3-4 research questions that may be appropriate for your project. These do not have to been concrete research questions, but rather a guide to some of the questions that you may answer as part of the project.

References List at least 3-4 references that you have used in writing this proposal or references that you have found to-date in relation to your project.