Coltrane Blues Thing

10.02.03 12:06

The Coltrane Blues Thing
. • From CT down In one of his late-50’s solo recordings he starts his chorus on the blues like this

From the point of view of Mastering the Bebop Scales he does something very specific: every time he hits a chord tone, he goes in the other direction and plays the chromatic neighbouring tone (approach note, if you will). The use of this can be limitless, keeping your bebopscale in mind.

Let’s take another blues example, but start on a different chord tone.

Listen See what’s happening?
http://users.skynet.be/jan.ghijselen/coltraneblues.htm Page 1 of 5

Listen And for the Whole Tone Scale Listen But what if we turn the phrase upside down.02. the same thing goes..1. Listen http://users..htm Page 2 of 5 .03 12:06 Let’s go back to the old II-V and make up an example using dorian and mixolydian. instead of moving up. Coltrane Blues Thing 10.ghijselen/coltraneblues.. Now for the use of Diminished.be/jan.5...skynet. Well. that is. Moving down..

1.be/jan.htm Page 3 of 5 .03 12:06 Another way is: • From the CT up Listen Listen Downwards it gives you Listen Using Diminished http://users. Coltrane Blues Thing 10.ghijselen/coltraneblues.skynet.02.5.

ghijselen/coltraneblues.htm Page 4 of 5 . it’s only theory.. I put a little egg over the seventh..skynet. You should use it. since the chord tones don’t fall on strong beats is the following example (but then again..1..5.?) Listen Watch out for the seventh. Listen http://users.02.03 12:06 Listen Using Whole Tone Listen • To a CT A bit strange..be/jan.. but it behaves strangly. you could try this.... Coltrane Blues Thing 10. isn’t it.

Coltrane Blues Thing 10.ghijselen/coltraneblues..1. http://users.skynet. Listen [EmailProject].5.02.03 12:06 Diminshed sounds just fine Listen Whole tone ‘s nice too. Last changes: 06 februari 2003.htm Page 5 of 5 ..be/jan.

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