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Camille McLellan 540 Brome Crescent Kelowna , BC V1W 2M5 September 29, 2013 Kim Desrosier Human Resources

Manager Manteo Resort 3762 Lakeshore Rd Kelowna, BC V1W 3L4 Dear Kim Desrosier, I am applying for a job as a room attendant, line/prep cook or as a resort runner. My family has a timeshare with Manteo Resort and I have always loved staying here. I would love to help contribute to the positive atmosphere. Please find enclosed a copy of my resume and job application. I am very interested in the position. From my resume, you will note that I have worked at the Cottonwoods Care Center, ActiveCare Medical, and at the Perking Lot in the Kelowna General Hospital. All of these jobs required that I regularly interact with a large number of different people. These jobs have given me the ability to express myself precisely and communicate effectively with a variety of people, which is important for work in the service industry, such as being employed in a hotel. I also learned how to be patient and react positively to both negative and positive feedback. I trained in karate for many years, which taught me the patience necessary when dealing with a diverse amount of people. I am also currently taking several honours classes at school, so I am used to dealing with a heavy workload and prioritizing. I work effectively both in a team environment as well as doing work by myself. I am looking for a summer job and I always feel welcome whenever I stay at Manteo resort or use its facilities. I think this job would give me the best opportunities to learn about the hotel industry and further help me develop skills that I can use for the rest of my life. Manteo is a positive working environment and I feel I can contribute to that as a staff member. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position with you in person. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to meeting you at your convenience. Sincerely,

Camille McLellan

YOUR address in full including: postal code and phone number an email address that is business appropriate Date written in full Inside address (who you are writing to) in full including: specific name with title (Mr., Dr. etc.) if possible and their job title correct spelling of the persons name Salutation/Greeting if persons name is known use it colon at the end of the greeting, not a comma Paragraph 1 shows interest in the company/enthusiasm for the position identifies the position to which you are applying states how you learned about the job opening Mentions your strongest qualifications for this position (ex: My experience in a retail environment makes me an ideal candidate/my strong worth ethic and ability to learn quickly .) Paragraph 2 makes a strong case for hiring you describes your qualifications in detail with examples shows how your qualifications, abilities would be useful to the company refers to your attached resume Paragraph 3 politely asks for an interview to be granted provides specific information on how and when to get ahold of you thanks the employer for their time/considering you for the position Closing has an appropriate professional closing Closing starts with a capital letter enough space is left for the signature usually approximately 3 lines letter is signed Letter is one page only Font is in 10 or 12 point and is easy to read There is appropriate spacing between the sections of the letter One blank line between the salutation and the first paragraph Paragraphs are single spaced with a blank line left between each one Enough room is left for a written signature without crowding Space between the other sections is done such that the letter is centered on the page Letter has no spelling errors Letter has no grammatical errors

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