Real Happiness

Attain Substantial, Permanent, EverIncreasing Material and Spiritual Happiness — by — David Bruce Hughes (Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī) — Published by —

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Table of Contents
Preface—Why I Wrote is Book...................................................................4 Introduction—Everything You ink You Know is Wrong...........................7
Real Happiness...................................................................................................................7 Unlearning the Past...........................................................................................................8 e Real Happiness Method.............................................................................................9 Benefits of the Real Happiness Method..........................................................................9 What is Real Happiness?.................................................................................................10 Love and Intimacy ..........................................................................................................13 Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction: Your Choice. ...............................................................14

Part 1—The Big Picture........................................................................17
2012...............................................................................................................18 e Big Lie.....................................................................................................19 e Singularity..............................................................................................24 How to Learn.................................................................................................28
Learning how to learn.....................................................................................................29 Foreground and background..........................................................................................30 Misunderstood terminology..........................................................................................31 How to find your misunderstood terms.......................................................................32 Clearing misunderstood terms......................................................................................33 Modeling...........................................................................................................................33 Sources..............................................................................................................................34

Part 2—Material Happiness................................................................35
Dreams and Goals.........................................................................................36
Find Direction and Take Back Your Life.......................................................................38 Setting Your Goals...........................................................................................................38 Goal Setting Tips.............................................................................................................41 Achieving Your Lifetime Goals......................................................................................42

Economic Independence...............................................................................43 Spiritual Community....................................................................................44 Self-Sufficiency..............................................................................................45

Part 3—Spiritual Basics.......................................................................46
Knowledge versus Experience........................................................................................46 Easy is Right.....................................................................................................................47

e Source of Our Knowledge......................................................................55 Secrets of the Soul.........................................................................................58 Soul is Consciousness.................................................................................126 Spiritual vs. Material...................................................................................127 Laws of Karma.............................................................................................128 Transcendental Knowledge.........................................................................129

Part 4—Spiritual Practices................................................................130 —2—

Chanting......................................................................................................131 Vegetarian Diet...........................................................................................132 Celibacy.......................................................................................................133 Intoxication.................................................................................................134 Gambling and Speculation.........................................................................135 Service Attitude...........................................................................................136 Bona Fide Guru...........................................................................................137

The Next Steps....................................................................................138
Find Your Guru...........................................................................................139 Join a Community.......................................................................................140 Do It Today!.................................................................................................141


If you just read it. you are going to have to get over them. is book could be just the beginning of an adventure of researching and exploring the best life has to offer. are why I was unhappy.” ere is a lot to unlearn on the path to complete fulfillment in life. Or it could be just another unfulfilled dream that you never get around to realizing. because we want to. both for yourself and those you care about. To find it. Now we’re sharing them with you. It depends on the choices you make and how much you want to get out of your life. that’s OK.Preface—Why I Wrote This Book is may well be the last self-help book you ever need to read. at’s because this book comes out of my and my students’ direct personal experience. and are ready to make a move. It’s not just theory or doctrine. We found out and did all these things for ourselves. very smart people who understand what is going on in the world and in themselves.” So those who have faith. and why most people are unhappy. all things are possible. Why? Because we want to be surrounded by very strong. You will find that everything we say here is both factually correct and very practical. But if you still have doubts aer reading this. It is a secret because it is hidden by many common misconceptions. Everything you need is here. and why. can get immediate benefit. It depends how much faith you have. “With faith. If you want real happiness and success. if not most of these misconceptions are deliberately promoted by people who want to hide the truth to make other people weak and exploit them. ‘get it’ and run with it. at’s why the Introduction is subtitled “Everything You ink You Know is Wrong. —4— . it’s a distillation of our life experiences. I was very unhappy until I found this secret. and how to deal with it all. Like most people. because we had to. e knowledge in this little book is the key to taking effective action. and the actions based on them. this book has everything you need to know. Many. ere is a secret to life and happiness. ese misconceptions. do the research and find out more before you act. I had to transcend many wrong ideas about life and the world—ideas that most people accept without thinking.

traps them and keeps them unhappy. Like the laws of physics or the weather. disciples or followers—I already have enough of them. or not. e difference between religion and spiritual truth is that people manufacture religion for their own purposes—mostly to control and exploit others—while spiritual truth is the real underlying nature of life.In this book I talk a lot about spiritual truth. Taking care of your spiritual needs is basic to real happiness. In the process. If there is anything for me in writing this. But when I walk the dirty streets of this world and see how miserable people are. spiritual truth just is what it is. and the only practical way to attain the ultimate in happiness. I will not coddle. easy to understand and accept. And you will have to defend your views and actions against the majority. spoon-feed or delude you. but spiritual truth is eternal. I cannot rest without doing something about it. Nor will I talk down to you or patronize you. from a very unhappy beginning in life all the way through to a very happy end. in fact. I have to. and act according to it. the universe and everything. attitudes and even so-called common sense. you will have to take an uncommon stand. religions are many. organized religion is one of the major things that deceives people. because a big part of real happiness is understanding that we are spiritual beings. You will have to do it for no other reason than because it is right. you will have to go against common ideas. —5— . I’m not aer money. and living that truth. Spiritual does not mean religious. To attain Real Happiness. And that is enough. If you don’t have the courage and stamina to do this. you will see for yourself that it’s the only way it could be. Sometimes my advice will sound tough. but that’s only because your mind is weak from years of sloppy thinking and wrong living. You definitely will have to change your lifestyle and relationships. then maybe you will have to settle for something less than the best that life has to offer. whether it’s convenient or useful. but spiritual truth is one. Real Happiness and real life come when you recognize and accept spiritual truth. thank you. I’m sharing my truth because I have lived it myself. I have nothing to gain except the satisfaction of doing the right thing. it is the satisfaction of knowing that those who come aer me and follow the advice in this little book will live a happier life in a happier world. Religions always have a beginning in time. If you put this advice into practice. You will get the real truth here.

substantial. Real Happiness What do we mean by Real Happiness? e following phrase expresses it nicely: “secure.” erefore if you want Real Happiness. and do something new and different: something that does result in Real Happiness. or it would be unbearable. you’re still unsatisfied. permanent. ere is some shadow of happiness even in hell. So let’s get going. because at least one may hope to be released someday. saying and doing now. then all you’ll ever get is all you ever got.” Life is never completely without happiness. and can help you with that. Whatever you have been thinking. or you wouldn’t be interested in this book. because you don’t have the kind of Real Happiness we’re talking about. —6— . At least. Admitting this to yourself is the first step to attaining Real Happiness. What kind of happiness is that. substantial. But it hasn’t given you the Real Happiness you crave. at’s OK.Introduction—Everything You Think You Know is Wrong Why are you reading this book? You want to solve the problems of life and attain real happiness. saying and doing to attain happiness up to now may have given you some small taste of happiness. it’s not working perfectly. or at least not as happy as you would like to be. As they say in Texas: “If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done. and how do you get it? Well one thing is sure: you don’t have it now. Whatever you’ve been doing to obtain happiness—and I would argue that practically everything we do is intended to obtain happiness—it’s not working. But we’re not talking about the shadow of happiness—we’re talking about Real Happiness: “secure. e next step is recognizing that whatever you have been thinking. permanent. at implies that you are unhappy. you will have to change what you are thinking.” Every soul desires this unconditional happiness. ever-increasing material and spiritual happiness. We understand. saying and doing so far doesn’t result in Real Happiness. ever-increasing material and spiritual happiness. everyone starts from there.

Unlearning the Past Because you have an interest in this book. But I made a lot of mistakes. and wasted a lot of time figuring out what went wrong and recovering. you wouldn’t need this book—therefore you can’t follow the Real Happiness Method perfectly. My students are making much faster progress. Actually. and be ready to learn a different way of thinking about the world. and to discover and implement this method.e proof of this is that although you have been doing so many things to attain happiness. at’s why I’m writing this book. you still don’t have Real Happiness. if you knew exactly what you were doing. because it is your only hope of attaining Real Happiness. you are going to have to start thinking. I happen to be an expert on that particular subject. I have attained Real Happiness. that means you must be willing to change. So that’s settled. you will have to change. It took me a long time—almost 60 years—to unlearn what I was doing wrong. you don’t know what you’re doing—if you did. and followed the Real Happiness Method perfectly. e good news? Fortunately. saying and doing different things: things that do provide Real Happiness. you or anyone could attain Real Happiness in six months or less. e problem is. —7— . yourself and your life. You need to get used to the idea of change. In other words. If you really want Real Happiness. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. some period of preliminary instruction is required before you can realize the benefits of the teachings in this little book. and I want to share the method with you. and implement new ones that do. So realistically. How long that takes depends entirely upon you: how motivated you are to ditch the ideas and actions that have not worked. e beginning of that change is accepting that everything that you think you know about attaining happiness is wrong. erefore if you really want Real Happiness. we can take it as given that whatever it is you have done up to now has not brought you Real Happiness. because they can benefit from my experience and avoid time-wasting errors. at’s the bad news.

it may be much harder to change your thinking than to quit smoking or other bad habits. For example. then for sure I can’t. then it becomes possible for me. 2. the laws of the universe. so many new things become possible.’ If you follow our Real Happiness Method. Like Real Happiness. you will be able to overcome this limiting. —8— . created by powerful elites to subjugate the masses. Along the way. We call these fictions ‘e Big Lie. disempowering thinking and cra a new way of thinking that allows you to actually attain Real Happiness. say and do. But if I believe that I can. and a practical method to change your thinking from limited and temporal to unlimited and eternal. 4. if I am convinced that I can’t learn Spanish. and never really examined the assumptions behind them. yet that is exactly what we have to do to attain Real Happiness. e reason is that we become conditioned to limiting modes of thought. time. You have accepted them as true because of cultural and environmental influences. the ways of life. all things are possible. e ideas expressed in this book give you a radical new point of view. you will also find that many of your beliefs are actually fictions. human nature. But there are quite a few things that we can change: what we think. just as we become used to a particular diet. ings that were impossible before. The Real Happiness Method ere are four steps in our method: 1. though it may actually be bad for us. inking differently may seem literally inconceivable.” Get this: simply by changing our thinking and our faith. Learn the background knowledge and methods in this book. death and God. But changing your thinking is far from easy. In fact. Experience the benefits for yourself. Especially our thoughts: what we think pretty much determines our possibilities in life. “With faith. for example.ere are so many things that we can’t change: other people. Ditch the wrong ideas and actions that keep you suffering. Learn and practice our special methods. 3.

your life will be completely transformed. Any attempt to attain Real Happiness without understanding the exact nature of the goal is futile.e main sections in this book—Parts 1 through 4—correspond roughly to these four steps. Introduction to Real Happiness All beings want happiness. —9— . If you can implement all of our suggestions in practice. and avoid pain and grief. it must have some symptoms. e question is. both for yourself and others Avoid the situations and people that cause suffering and pain e different parts of our method support one another. You will feel like you are living in another world! And indeed you will be.” If Real Happiness actually exists. characteristics or structure that we can identify. anxiety and uncertainty Financial independence. Benefits of the Real Happiness Method ese are just some of the benefits of our program: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Finally know who you really are Be happy and secure in any situation Freedom from fear. substantial. “What is Real Happiness?” as we have defined it: “secure. ever-increasing material and spiritual happiness. permanent. live anywhere in the world Remain safe and secure even in the greatest calamity Know why the events in your life turn out the way they do Recover your education and the ability to learn new things Understand why you and other people are the way they are Understand the world situation and why things are so crazy Be able to see the future clearly. energy and possibilities will expand far beyond their present limitations. because your knowledge. making the result far greater than the sum of its parts.

even in the so-called developed countries. In fact there are more crimes. then the people who already have material comforts should already be happy. e idea that material advancement alone will make us happy is a myth. But will life really be happy by having all these comforts? If so. stimulate commerce and develop industries and material science. then I consider myself happy. spread by those who will profit from materialistic development. is disturbed. His happiness and unhappiness come from comparing his own house and possessions with others. the developed countries of the world. Politicians preach the materialistic ideal that when everyone will have nutritious food to eat. a man has a two-story house. eat sufficient food and enjoy life as much as possible.Most people consider happiness to be sensual pleasure. then all will be happy. e question “What is Real Happiness?” does not arise in their hearts. Some people say that “Happiness does not lie in objects of enjoyment. If I see myself as more fortunate than others. abundant clothing and a modern home with all material facilities. where most people already possess these comforts. is kind of happiness does not lie directly in possession or enjoyment of sensory objects. If this theory is correct. — 10 — . the search for happiness means searching for the pleasures of the senses. but in their relative values. and when he looks to the le he feels happy. because they think that life full of sensory enjoyment is automatically a happy life. we will always be unhappy. According to them. murders and suicides in the so-called developed countries of the world. must be full of happy. People who hold this view advise us to look towards those who have fewer possessions. it is widely considered desirable to lead a life of material attachment: work hard. e government sponsors programs to increase productivity. However. on his right is a fivestory house and on his le a small cottage. afraid and worried. count our blessings and be happy.” For example. When he looks to the right he feels unhappy. impatient. peaceful people. but how we look at our lives. earn money. unhappy. we find that everyone on this earth. Because of this materialistic attitude. It is therefore necessary to reconsider what Real Happiness is. If we look towards people having more wealth and possessions. it lies in our values and attitudes—not in what we have.

Does happiness lie in the cottage. Desire is actually unhappiness because it makes us restless. a matter of our relative values and perceptions. Also as soon as the previous desires are satisfied. To regard oneself happy by imagining that one is better than the poor and the unhappy is unkind. “Happiness means that your desires should be satisfied. we cannot really be happy. even worldly-minded people feel compassion and pity. because it is based on material possessions.” ey regard happiness as satisfaction of desires. Happiness means complete ease and lack of restlessness. Furthermore. It is certain that our ever-changing desires can never be completely satisfied. new ones arise. e conception of achieving happiness by satisfaction of desires is merely a mirage in the great desert of material life. Seeing such poverty-stricken people. Also we experience that sometimes material enjoyment makes us feel happy. at conclusion is also unacceptable. And material activities create karma that makes us suffer later. and material resources are limited. If you get the desired objects you will become happy. sensual pleasures derived from material possessions are imaginary. so by looking at it one can get happiness? Of course that is a foolish idea. but is only a mental phenomenon.But this theory is also imperfect. Real Happiness — 11 — . which makes us feel disturbed and unhappy. what one person considers to be enjoyable is not enjoyable to others. But it is impossible to satisfy one’s desires completely. and the restless pursuit of pleasures of the senses and fulfillment of desires does not give that mental ease. and sometime the same experience fails to make us happy. erefore whatever we enjoy with the help of the senses is actually happiness in name alone. Unless we find where Real Happiness actually lies. and Real Happiness must be something quite different from them. e current of new desires in the mind continues forever. Not everyone can become a millionaire. It is therefore clear that in fact. because there are countless desires of billions of people. e pleasure arising out of satisfying our desires is not Real Happiness. And the theory that happiness lies in our values or point of view implies that Real Happiness does not exist concretely. Pleasures from temporary sensual joys cannot be considered Real Happiness. Some people say. ese impure emotions cannot be called Real Happiness. is attitude also gives a sense of pride in one’s possessions.

If we want to find Real Happiness. e restlessness of desire and the trouble of pursuing desires actually produces unhappiness. It is not necessary to torment ourselves with desire or to work very hard to attain Real Happiness. If we want Real — 12 — . It can be experienced only by being introverted in meditation. we should turn our attention and effort toward realizing our spiritual nature. Similarly. is nothing but Real Happiness. For example. Our lack of happiness is actually because we do not know that we are a spirit soul. not of inanimate things. in the same manner one cannot get Real Happiness without the experience of the soul as pure consciousness. but in the direct conscious experience of the soul’s true nature. e soul himself is Real Happiness incarnate. Real Happiness does not lie in the satisfaction of desires. but requires the absence of desire as a condition. it has to be experienced. Since the soul is full of happiness. full of everlasting joy. If we ponder the question deeply. we can realize that the soul itself is made of Real Happiness.cannot be experienced from sense objects. not in inanimate material objects like human bodies. the root cause of our unhappiness is the attempt to find happiness in material objects. We cannot find it where it is impossible for it to exist at all. we have to see within. possessions and sense enjoyment. desires or material pleasures. Real Happiness is not found in words or actions. How can we find Real Happiness if the direction of our search for happiness itself is wrong? For Real Happiness. erefore if we want Real Happiness. we have to search for it where it is actually located. happiness is also an attribute of the soul. plumb the depths of consciousness and know our own spiritual being. Likewise. consciousness is an attribute of the soul. direct experience of the soul is the source of Real Happiness. to be enjoyed by the pure soul within himself. and can be found in the sentient soul alone. cutting ourselves off from all external entities and entering into deep contemplation of the soul. Happiness cannot be possessed. Happiness can therefore be found in the soul alone. Just as one cannot achieve direct awareness of the soul without conscious experience. for Real Happiness lies within ourselves. e soul is an unlimited treasury of eternal bliss. ere is no trouble or restlessness at all in Real Happiness. not in dull material entities like the body. he does not have to find happiness somewhere else. because it is a quality of consciousness.

If you — 13 — . You can best understand this by doing it. when we are separated from the objects of our desire. Studies have found that isolation is a health hazard. Men who felt unloved by their wives suffered 50% more angina over a 5-year period than those who felt loved. ose heart patients who lived alone were twice as likely to die within a year. You are being intimate with them in the present by using your spiritual faculties. erefore Real Happiness is absence of material desires and the complete attainment of spiritual self-realization.’ or an experience of spiritual presence. to the profound ecstasy we experience when we sense the presence of God and experience His inner peace. only one possible solution to questions like “What is happiness?” “Where is happiness found?” “How to get happiness?” and that is the direct experience of the soul itself. Sensing the spiritual presence of the soul or God is different from thinking about them. Enlightenment. ovarian or uterine cancer over a 17-year period than those who didn’t. when the soul realizes his eternal transcendental nature and ecstatic relationship with God. for material desires and their pursuit automatically make us unhappy. Love and Intimacy We may ask. Sensing this inner presence ranges from the experience of self we get during meditation on the nature of the soul. Unmarried heart patients were 3 times more likely to die in five years than those who were married. But you will have to do the work of implementing the Real Happiness Method given herein. “But what about love and intimacy? Aren’t these a form of happiness too?” Indeed. it is being directly aware of their presence. Even the best material relationship is temporary and imperfect. on the other hand.’ It means loving and being loved by other people. then we should not cultivate any desire for happiness apart from spiritual happiness. is book provides everything you need to know to attain this experience for yourself. dissatisfaction is a form of isolation. but even a person living alone can find intimacy and love in spiritual life. Women who felt isolated were three and a half times more likely to die of breast. could be described as ‘internal love. What we commonly call love today is ‘external love.Happiness. For the final answer to our quest for Real Happiness is in complete self-realization. ere is only one answer.

but don’t know how to do it. Spiritual intelligence means discovering how to close the doors of the senses. quiet the mind and find our Real Happiness in contemplation of the soul. successful and proactive by looking inside. low self-esteem. they love to complain and blame others for their dissatisfaction. you will not have a clue what we are talking about. not outside of ourselves. addictions. Spend some time every day being aware of God’s presence.” [John 16:33] Which would you choose: being satisfied or dissatisfied? Some unintelligent people enjoy being dissatisfied. More intelligent people wish they could live a satisfied not know how to use your spiritual faculties. satisfaction depends on understanding the question rather than knowing the answer. e dissatisfaction that most people feel is not caused by the events in their lives. “In me you will have peace. Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction: Your Choice. beyond the empty words of philosophy and the external rituals of religion. codependency—result from trying to blame others for their condition. e most intelligent people understand that satisfaction is a state of consciousness. We become empowered. Of course. but by the way they think about those events. thinking about the soul and God instead of being directly conscious of them. When you are at peace. feel in control. in the world you will have tribulation. and know how to change their consciousness to eliminate dissatisfaction and attain satisfaction. anger guilt. you can easily focus on and experience—not think about—the presence of inner peace. hear and act differently than when you are feeling insecure. is is a shi in orientation from diagnosis to treatment. ere is only one cure for all emotional pain and the resulting dysfunctional behavior: finding the Real Happiness we are looking for inside. People’s pain and acting out—abuse. you see. e diagnostic approach is “low-mood” and symptom— 14 — . If you can sense yourself as a conscious soul in the intimate presence of God. from seeking causes to seeking the cure. Counselors generally use two approaches: diagnostic-oriented or treatment-oriented. Like Real Happiness. abandonment. this simply ensures that they will remain dissatisfied. this is real spiritual consciousness. because you will be on the mental platform. at consciousness.

then you will not need an outside professional or authority tell you what is needed. humor. ‘I have been sawing all day. ‘What are you doing?’ he asks. or unhappy and dissatisfied. easy technique to solve your immediate problem—but that’s not what this book is about. or you can spend some time to sharpen the saw. ‘I can’t sharpen the saw: I don’t have time. to a story which illustrates this critical point.’ e man replies.directed. It puts the client at cause. “A man comes upon his friend late in the aernoon sawing a log. we become more and more happy and satisfied. e counselor listens to the client. e treatment approach is “high-mood” and cause-directed. is is the greatest secret of Real Happiness: it is found within by meditating on the nature of the soul as pure consciousness. Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. I won’t have any wood for my fire if I don’t finish. and love. diagnoses the problem and offers outside solutions to resolve them. wisdom. outlast and overcome difficult situations with the spiritual strength of hope. and complete the work quickly and — 15 — . joy. we can endure. we become more and more unhappy and dissatisfied. So you can saw all day with a dull saw and not get the job done. is clinical approach puts the client at effect. You may be looking for a quick fix—a simple. People tend to become fascinated with diagnosis—obsessively trying to place the blame for their condition on some external cause—when treatment is needed to make actual progress. Instead of trying to find some external cause for our condition. It is really very simple: by cultivating material desires. but by cultivating spiritual consciousness and our eternal relationship with God. Stephen R.’ because they always crash.’ ‘You need to sharpen your saw if you want to get it done. creating an atmosphere where problem-solving can be done by the client and his community. you will automatically understand what you need to do to solve it.’ ” You have the choice at every moment whether to be happy and satisfied. Quick fixes are called ‘crash programs. Covey devotes a whole chapter of his book. And then by the same spiritual power. peace. we can go on to manifest our deepest desires and attain our highest dreams. If you understand the dynamics of a problem. It is not a matter of knowing techniques and mechanics. but understanding the dynamics of consciousness and experience.

is entirely up to you. as always. e choice. then use it to solve your problems and attain your highest lifelong goals and dreams.easily. — 16 — . or you can educate yourself on the radical Real Happiness Method presented in this book. you can try to find causes and assign blame for the conditions in your life. Similarly.

Of course they are very unhappy. is requires very advanced knowledge. To know which way to sail your boat to get to a certain destination. is map will let you see where you are. like a map that shows the layout of the roads and towns on your route. ey get pushed around by the winds and currents. Similarly. and have no clue where they are going or why. To make good decisions. Decisions that we make today influence where we wind up in the future. It will give you a new viewpoint. ey are always in damage-control mode. — 17 — . putting out one fire aer another. because their expectations are completely out of line with the reality of how the world works. An ocean chart is just a big map of the ocean that shows where the land and currents are. It allows you to make better decisions than you could never make just by seeing the ocean before you. and make the decisions that will transform your life. It’s like a big map of time and reality.Part 1—The Big Picture Most people are like a boat without a rudder on a stormy sea. you need a map. and how to avoid the rocks. because it shows the way out of the trap. just trying to maintain the status quo. we need a map that shows us the consequences of our actions far into the future. real knowledge of the big picture is like a map of the territory of life. is section gives you a high-level view of the world situation.

2012 From now through about 2020. is the most important and influential period in history.000 years. But to make it. To deal with change effectively. e deep corruption and inefficiency that has grown up around the old ways will be cleansed and purified. perhaps the majority of the population. Over the following decade. but by people’s inappropriate reaction to them. because they will get to experience huge worldchanging and personally transforming events. We are at the junction of two great periods of history: the last 5. the current world culture. Most people do not like change. and they will resist the inevitable changes of the time. is is why we advise you to get used to change and learn to go with it. centering on 2012. you will not survive. big changes with confidence. will be destroyed—not by the changes. e coming changes are so strong that if you fight against them. as the old ways and systems are replaced with new ones. and even initiate. In one way. or the Golden Age. You also need knowledge of the actual results of different kinds of activities. you will have to be prepared to learn and change a great deal. political and economic systems will be swept away and replaced with new ones. you need a stable point of view that is beyond the range of the changes. but it comes at the price of pervasive chaos. new ways based on natural and spiritual law will replace them. is change is good and will lead to great improvement in the world. and even prosper and enjoy it. ere will be a period of great disorder and uncertainty. us very profound and powerful energies will be released into our world. e changes around 2012 will be especially drastic. and the next 10.000 years. — 18 — . But change. en you will be able to deal with. It is likely that many people. because in that year the Winter Solstice aligns directly with the Galactic Center. which we call the Dark Age. stress and danger always go together. opportunity. is will cause a lot of trouble for them and the people around them. e knowledge in this book will help you prepare for and survive this difficult time. so there will be many difficulties. e conjunction of historical periods is always full of change. those who are living in this time are very fortunate.

what is e Big Lie? It goes something like this: “Life is all about enjoyment. beliefs and language that it is very difficult to see beyond it. ere’s no God in control. In fact. the world or life as they really are. no right or wrong. so well and consistently told. following e Big Lie is the cause of all our suffering in life. and that this are going to continue. in other words. and woven so deeply into the structure of our social systems. never contacting any source of information that is free from it. you will suffer. indefinitely. good or bad.The Big Lie e picture of life. Influenced by e Big Lie. and consequently the body and its senses are the only source of enjoyment or happiness. live. Similarly. So. e biggest dog gets the bone. If you believe it. finally producing Humankind. most people live completely within e Big Lie. We humans are just sophisticated animals. Life is what you make of it. It goes on: we are taught that we are this material body. e matter with e Big Lie is that it’s a lie. we are taught to think that life evolved over millions of years. that modern science and technology have made us smarter and more successful than ever before. It is such a colossal lie. a lie. that early humans were primitive. You might be asking. You must have enough of a taste for the truth that you instinctively recognize the falsehood of e Big Lie. ere are many people who are born. work and die within the borders of the large cities of the world. educational systems and history is a complete fabrication. history and the way things work that is painted by most media. ey never go outside and see what is beyond the borders of their town. what’s the matter with that? Sounds pretty good to me!” If so. the best and most intelligent creatures in a world made by chance. He is so far away and so utterly transcendent — 19 — . with little knowledge or power. us they never see themselves. “Well. grow up. getting better and better all the time. if you base your life or values on it or make decisions according to it. or if there is. So come on—let’s party!” at’s it: e Big Lie. It’s not just false. it’s so twisted that it’s actually evil. that there is no God. the teachings in this book are not for you.

that aer death there is nothing. We are eternal. the Absolute Truth is seldom directly stated all in one place at one time. a concocted story just to disempower you and make you a terrified slave of big governments. one has to be very determined and dedicated. they cannot survive. who wants to — 20 — . What is wrong with e Big Lie? Just about everything. And you must be extremely lucky to believe it and live your life according to it. loving and beneficent God in control. Trading our happiness and independence for false material security and a life of slave labor is a terrible deal. we are trapped in these miserable. thank you very much. they are very much outnumbered by the people who propagate and believe e Big Lie. ere is an infinitely powerful. Unfortunately. because the Absolute Truth brings the greatest good fortune to those who believe and follow it. religions and corporations. and work hard our whole lives just to make other people rich. It would be impossible to recognize e Big Lie as a lie at all.that He has no connection with our ordinary lives. and we can still get along just fine without it. So we might as well just be good little workers and consumers. Like e Big Lie. if it were not for the existence of the Absolute Truth. wise. at’s because it is a great secret. So what is the Absolute Truth? It goes something like this: “e aim of life is to attain spiritual realization. temporary material bodies. like all living beings. make themselves completely dependent on the system and work like a dog their whole life. yet that is exactly what e Big Lie gets us to do. therefore there is no need to follow traditional morality or religious principles. wise and happy by nature. are invisible subatomic particles of pure consciousness—spirit souls. But there are bits and pieces of it in all the best and most beneficial thoughts that humans have held dear throughout eternity. To hear the Absolute Truth. We humans. People had been living perfectly well for thousands of years before the materialistic empire of the military-industrial complex came along and enslaved everyone. but because of ignorance of spiritual life. is is complete nonsense. intelligent and fortunate. Everyone is afraid that unless they go along with the program. ere is a very dedicated confidential Order that protects and propagates the Absolute Truth down through history. It is completely false.

To deserve this liberation. It is Absolute Truth because it’s the eternal Secret of Life. Of course. and then stops abruptly. If you look over the history books of the world. Fortunately. Well. this world would be a totally different place. you will see that recorded history goes back about 5. It takes many years of study under the guidance of those who have walked this path before. and be free. true for all beings in every time and us get out of the mess we’re in. we have to accept material bodies and the suffering that comes along with them. at is why we wrote this book. blissful and full of knowledge. As long as we want to enjoy and control matter. the opportunity to study the Absolute Truth is available to you. Today. You can learn the Absolute Truth. we can get out of this temporary material world and live in the spiritual world. You can decide to opt out of the system that creates and propagates e Big Lie. What does e Big Lie say — 21 — . which is actually a school of spiritual life. and in every condition. Before that. where life is eternal. Now.000 years. But you can follow the Absolute Truth. So He creates and maintains this material world. from passion and ignorance to goodness and devotional service to God. It will be a long time before everybody follows the Absolute Truth.” So there you have it: the Absolute Truth. pieces of stone tablets found in ruins. if everyone followed the Absolute Truth instead of e Big Lie. there seem to be only fragmentary records. e historical records of the ancient Greeks and Hebrews are the earliest complete histories available. the purpose of your life is to attain spiritual realization. And it is very difficult to change one’s life and consciousness to actually live by its principles. But when we finally learn the lesson God is trying to teach us. Naturally. all we have to do is change the quality of our activities. don’t hold your breath. How do we know about e Big Lie? We have information from before it was created. a much better place to live. You can decide that from today. It is Truth because there is ample proof of all its assertions. is is the same wisdom realized by every great saint who attains spiritual enlightenment. there is a lot more to know about the Absolute Truth and exactly how it exposes e Big Lie.

guess what: we do have those records. therefore they created e Big Lie to cover it up. or anyone you know. e Big Lie says that the Vedas are only primitive mythology.000 years ago to the present day. and they tell a far different story of the origins of civilization than e Big Lie is feeding us.000 years ago. But what if we somehow got hold of complete historical records older than 5. but somehow they were destroyed before the ‘improved’ modern age began. ere was a terrible battle in which all world leaders perished. erefore they are sowing seeds of discord and chaos everywhere. is chaos will only increase until it peaks in 2012 and for some time thereaer. ey tell a story of a very advanced. But have you.000 years ago when evil elements infiltrated the highest levels of its government. e knowledge of the Vedas includes an advanced. sustainable technology that can solve all the problems of human existence. is Dark Age has lasted from 5. and they go back hundreds of thousands of years. at way people would not know that there is a much better way to live than by being slaves of a worldwide corporate empire. including the planet and themselves. leading to a time of great confusion.these fragments tell us? at ‘primitive’ humans existed before 5. translated into English and other Western languages by our spiritual teacher. But the current leaders do not want people to know about the Vedas. at Dark Age is almost over. rather than see the return of better days for the people.000 years? What story would they tell us? Well. ey want to keep everyone in the dark so they can continue to exploit them. In the Dark Age. the knowledge of the — 22 — . ey are available on our website. flourishing worldwide culture and technology based on spiritual principles. but it will not pass without a struggle. ever actually read them? We have. ese ancient records are called the Vedas. e darkness of materialism will be vanquished. Aer 2020 or so. the evil forces have the advantage. and the story they tell is very interesting. e books of the Vedas are more than 5.000 years old—some of them are much older. things will settle into a new cycle that we call the Golden Age. at culture abruptly was destroyed about 5. e demonic leaders who have oppressed Humankind for the last 50 centuries would rather destroy everything and everyone. ey wanted to erase all knowledge of the previous high civilization. ignorance and decay. So there is no way we can know what really happened earlier.

and that advantage is the key to surviving the chaos of 2012 and beyond. Most people will not make it. understand and internalize the values and lifestyle of the new Golden Age. stable civilization based on real spiritual values. Knowing this will give you the ability to seek out. even before they are necessary. — 23 — . Your most powerful ally in surviving the coming changes is the knowledge in this book. You will be able to make the necessary changes to survive. Peace and prosperity based on authentic spiritual principles and ecologically sustainable economic development will reign for thousands of years. the changes will be accelerating and permanent. Many people will attain true enlightenment and spread their wisdom to others. You will be ahead of the game.Vedas will be restored to prominence. ings will never go back to the old ways. because they will cling to the old materialistic values and ways and fight the necessary changes. and Humankind will relish a new. e problem is getting from here to there.

but it has such a strong gravitational pull that nothing can come out of it. For example. we much change our consciousness to the transcendental platform. until for all practical purposes it becomes infinite. the technology. What’s going to happen when change becomes almost infinite? Everything that can change. but to our consciousness it will feel like an eternity. at whole — 24 — . will change.The Singularity A singularity is an object that exists in a particular universe. During that time they built up a very impressive technology. erefore if we want to survive the Singularity with our sanity intact. ere is no way to prepare for such radical and all-pervasive change except to change our consciousness. Our present consciousness is adapted to survival in the material world. “We’re driving the changes. e only kind of consciousness that can deal with infinity in any form is transcendental. ey think. e ancient Vedic civilization had a continuity of over four million years. we’ve already seen proof the technology is changing faster and faster.” And the politicians think the same way. at infinite rate of change will last only a moment of ordinary time. eir whole so-called advancement can be finished overnight. just like everybody else. in or around 2012. the rate of change will increase radically. will. But the event itself is predicted by several ancient and modern methods of calculation. the economics.’ we refer to a moment in time that actually comes from out of time: from eternity. Similarly when we talk about ‘e Singularity. about which we can know nothing because matter and information flow only one way. in which anything is possible. e scientists and engineers have a very narrow point of view. at means the politics. they’re the effect of the change. It literally is a gateway to another universe. the effect of the time. but is not part of that universe. But no. Another way of saying it is that during the Singularity. or spiritual consciousness. Predictions of such cosmic events are never exact or certain. a black hole exists in our universe. As we approach the Singularity. but material consciousness cannot adapt to infinite change: it breaks down and goes mad. Such a moment is approaching in just a few years. anything that can change.

the technology part doesn’t work was finished in one night. to wake us up. the Vedic civilization had a technology even more advanced than ours. everything here is so nice. When things change too fast for us to keep up. at is the law of God. And then in one night. cars. it’s still the same. Nothing works! Computers. So that technology didn't work anymore. the whole thing is finished—because the laws of nature changed. So we can understand the urgency that we need to go back to the spiritual world. it all changes.. is going so smoothly. e population would be reduced by 95% just from the failure of that one thing alone. To gain knowledge!” But the ultimate — 25 — . we don't need to make a big effort to find God. even the toaster. It’s just like. at’s the nature of the material world: everything changes. at’s why the Mayan calendar and the Vedic calendar go in very large cycles. And then the bubbles try to get back together. e universe goes through different cycles. the Vedic spiritual knowledge is still valid. we don’t need God. and then another wave will come and scatter them all over the place. How? ere was nothing wrong with their knowledge. cameras. Nothing works. Whether it changes slowly or it changes fast.” So God makes these changes happen. We wake up in the morning. then all our plans are ruined. it was just that everything changed—even the laws of nature. Ignorant people who have no spiritual knowledge somehow rationalize this: “Oh. we would become complacent and we would forget God: “Oh. so their civilization crashed. cell phones. And it had been in place and operating for millions of years. All of a sudden that technology didn’t work anymore. Because if things went too smoothly. Just like the waves in the ocean. Because to change back to horse-and-cart technology would be an incredible strain on the whole civilization. Can you imagine what would happen to our civilization? It would be finished. at’s life in the material world. So we see that this material world is not our real home. because that never changes. and. say the laws of electricity changed. It’s supposed to be that way. ere would be chaos. So imagine. But as far as the material knowledge. if we want Real Happiness. Now. we're here for experience. by the force of time. and then the next wave comes and smashes them again.. If you go to the ocean you'll see there are little bubbles on the waves.

And the future is not here yet. I started out just like you. you have to act on it. And if you look at the galaxies. Because that’s the only stability. So in the material world.knowledge of the material world is that everything changes. So the intelligent person concentrates his energy to find God. Our attitudes towards other people. just like they never existed. You have to make some changes in your life. e material world is always going to change and disappoint us. so that you have a much better chance of dealing with the Singularity successfully. e one thing we can change our activities. and they’re all fighting over food and territory. We can change what we eat.99% of most people do things the other way. It’s just a question of when. I know it's difficult. We can’t change other people. how we work. I’m not any different from anybody else. whether we like it or not. It’s always going to ruin our plans. the results of our work. e Real Happiness Method given in this book can help you change your consciousness to the transcendental platform. e more time and energy you can devote to them. If you look at the bacteria in the microscope. We can’t change the laws of God or the laws of nature. and how much. how we dress. everything is changing. towards God. I know. just on a bigger or smaller scale. the changes of the Singularity are going to happen. ey’re gone. but they do require some time to act. I know 99. because I was there too. e past is gone. that’s the only safety. it just requires knowledge. We can’t change the way the world is. how we think. that’s the only security. So if I can make it. some things change quickly. ese methods are very powerful and effective. e same things are going on. Where is the body I had when I was three years old? Where's the body that I had when I was fourteen years old? Even the body that I had when I was thirty years old. but wherever we look. you can never get it back. we see the same cycles of change. We can change all these things and reap tremendous benefits. We give that knowledge in this book. what we do with our work. We can’t overcome the influence of time. But once you have that knowledge. Some things change slowly. sometimes the galaxies collide. the more quickly they will — 26 — . and they fight and they tear off each others’ stars and take them away. once. you can also make it. you have to do something.

erefore the first goal in our plan is to attain economic independence. so that you have the time to implement the other parts of the Real Happiness Method.act. — 27 — .

then you don't understand how school really works. then you should read up on John Taylor Gatto. You would think that the first thing they would teach you in school is how to study. only the very best private schools and colleges like Harvard actually train their students in the scientific methods of how to learn. In fact. a really great teacher who was named a Teacher of the Year in the New York Public School system in 1990. These are the schools of the social and economic elite. because he started telling everybody what was really going on behind the scenes. they deliberately make you dependent on the school system so they can teach you what they want you to learn. — 28 — . because they have so much to lose if they are not. How to learn stuff should be the first thing you learn. and to keep you away from the subjects that they don't want you to learn. you can teach yourself anything you want to know. so they can continue their dominance of society. why our schools are such a mess and why they don't really educate their students. On purpose. because their purpose is not to help you learn. He documents the design and development of the current educational system. to actually know how to do stuff. then once you know how to learn. the Esoteric Teaching of the Vedas. If you doubt this. Gatto revealed that no public school has classes or courses on how to study or how to learn. and proves his points from the actual writings of the architects of the public school system. It is assumed that these kids are motivated to be obedient to the system. it is to train you to be obedient to authority. is article presents a simple method for teaching yourself any subject so that you can apply it in your life. If you think this makes sense (and it does). I came to many of the same conclusions by observation and experience a long time ago. For example. Then they fired him. and they want their kids to actually be smart. Here's the truth: the people who manage the educational system don't want you to learn independently. Once you know how to learn. So they are given the opportunity to actually become wise.How to Learn e most important and powerful thing that you can learn is how to learn. you can teach yourself anything that you want to know.

if they so choose. Everybody else is deliberately kept ignorant, and manipulated through the media, financial controls and corporations. Being wise not only means knowing how to learn, it also means knowing how to think for yourself. Most people don't really know how to think; they simply form opinions based on whether they like or dislike something. Thinking is a higher-level skill. Knowing how to learn comes first, because you have to know how to learn before you can teach yourself how to think. And you have to teach yourself how to think, because the very nature of thinking for yourself means that it is one of those things in life that nobody can teach you—you just have to figure out for yourself. I was fortunate to discover the method of actual learning and thinking independently when I was quite young. It helped me teach myself so many things. For example, I learned to play classical music and jazz at a professional level while still in High School. This accomplishment not only gave me a lot of personal satisfaction, but I also got to tour the USA and Canada with the All-USA High School Band, which was great fun. I also learned English, math, chemistry and physics well enough to get a perfect score on my college entrance exams and qualify for a scholarship to engineering school, which I rejected because I wanted to be a musician. But no problem, I was able to put myself through music school by earning money with these skills, and since then have never had any difficulty finding a job. I can just get some books on any subject, sit down and teach myself how to do it in a few days or weeks. So I know what I am talking about here. This is coming from experience, not just theory. Learning how to learn With the simple methods we present here, you can teach yourself any subject—not just the theory, but a professional level of practical application. All you have to do is apply the method consistently, and you will get the result. It may seem dry and boring at first, or too plodding and intellectual. But I will say it again: if you use this method you can teach yourself to understand and do anything. Anything at all! Of course we would rather that you use it to understand the Esoteric Teaching, but you get my point: just on general principles, everybody

— 29 —

should learn how to learn, so they can teach themselves whatever they want to know. is method has three parts:
  

Putting things in context Clearing misunderstood terms Modeling relationships and functions

Foreground and background e proper context is a requirement for consciousness or awareness of anything. For example, we will not be aware of a black cat on a black rug in a black room with the lights off at midnight. e same cat is easily visible on a white rug in a white room at noon on a sunny day. So everything has a proper context, and this context is the key to its real meaning. Every word, symbol, picture, sound, gesture, facial expression, experience, action, perception, sentence, discussion, feeling, idea and intention exists in some context. When we hold it in the wrong context, we miss the real meaning and become confused or frustrated. When we hold it in the right context, we see the real meaning and have an "Aha!" moment, a moment of insight into reality. For example, everyone has an experience of school. If we try to hold that experience in the context of learning, it doesn't make sense and we feel confused and frustrated. But if we read Gatto, we understand that we should actually hold our experience of school in the context of a social control mechanism. Aha! Now it all makes sense, and we can understand that if we want to become wise, we have to take responsibility for our own education. Similarly, if we try to hold our experience of life in the context of the ordinary materialistic understanding, it doesn't make sense and we feel confused and frustrated. But if we hold it in the context of the Esoteric Teaching, we will have not one but many "Aha!" experiences as we get insights into the real spiritual meaning of our existence and activities. So here is the principle:

— 30 —

If you feel confused or frustrated about learning, understanding or doing something, you are holding it in the wrong context. When we want to read a book, we hold it up to the light. Why? Because we can't read in the dark; we need the context of light to see the page. Similarly, if we are having trouble understanding or applying a subject, it is because we are holding it, or parts or pieces of it, in the wrong context or in the wrong relationship to the other parts. Finding the right context is both a science and an art. For those who are really into this, and want some advanced training, we will have links later on to our source material. But everyone can understand the difference between foreground and background, content and context. If you can't get something, then try putting it in another context. e next two sections give some practical tips on how to resolve contextual problems while studying. Misunderstood terminology Misunderstood terms, words and symbols can stop you from comprehending a subject and discourage you from learning how to apply it expertly. In fact, the only reason a student becomes discouraged and gives up a study is because of misunderstood terms. Misunderstood terms are different from not-understood terms. Everyone can understand when they see an integral equation, or a big technical term like ‘disestablishmentarianism,’ that they do not understand it, and look up the meaning in a dictionary or search engine. But when we think that we understand the meaning of a word or symbol, but actually don't, then we're in trouble because we will sail right on by it without realizing that we got it wrong. at is the definition of a misunderstood term. e main symptom of misunderstood terminology is that we are unable to expertly apply the subject or information we are studying. Other symptoms of misunderstood terms include degradation of consciousness or loss of comprehension; you feel that the information you are studying makes no sense; you have forgetfulness, short-term memory loss, or loss of comprehension of material immediately aer it is presented. You may also feel tired, sleepy, yawning, distracted, dreamy, dizzy, spinny, — 31 —

We think that we know what these words mean. you feel like something is in your eyes or see shadows moving in your peripheral vision. until you find a term that you cannot define. then go back and find your misunderstood terms so you can look them up and clear them. You may have a strong irrational urge to disrupt the class. Much of the terminology used in the material on any subject. though and so forth. You may have eye trouble: the page appears to go blank. tense. or looks dark. ere — 32 — . en go through the material very carefully. at is your misunderstood term. belligerent or rebellious when there is no real reason to feel that way. Go back to where you were doing OK and understanding everything clearly. How to find your misunderstood terms When you are trying to learn something and you observe these symptoms.lightheaded. panicky. if. interrupt your study. such as and. fearful. so they are easy to notice and get cleared up. and especially on this site. ese are misunderstood terms. is extremely specialized. All these symptoms have one and the same cause: You have encountered a misunderstood term or symbol and gone past it without getting it properly defined. the presenter or the teacher. which. Some people may desire to project their irrelevant personal opinions or negative emotional reactions onto the material. close the book or escape from the classroom or other learning situation. but on close examination we will find that our concept of their meaning is so vague that we cannot describe it coherently. scientific or technical. intoxicated. angry. that. word-by-word. But most of those are easily recognized as not-understood terms. stop. Some terms used on this site are so laden with significance that thousands of lines of esoteric Sanskrit codes and years of esoteric study are required to define and understand them completely. introverted. e most important of these terms are in the Sanskrit language and may have no direct English equivalent. e misunderstood terms will always be before the point where you experience the symptoms. e worst culprits of misunderstood terms are simple words that specify relationship. short of breath. up. realize their actual cause. thus. such. paranoid.

may be more than one. By now you should feel a lot better about the term. If the term has more than one definition. Clearing misunderstood terms  Look the term up in a good dictionary. we still do not feel good about a subject or cannot apply it expertly.)     Modeling What are we doing when learning something? Actually when reading or studying we are constructing a mental model of the relationships and functions of the subject and its parts. scripture or any source where you can find a good definition. When we get confused. Sometimes we find that even aer clearing our misunderstood terms. (For more on modeling. it means that our model is an inaccurate representation of the subject. technical manual. look those up. If the definition includes other terms that are misunderstood. stuck or discouraged in learning or cannot successfully apply the material. blocks or odds and ends. Label its parts and walk through how the thing works by moving the — 33 — . until you are clear about the definition of the term. it does not work the same way as the thing we are learning about actually works in real life. encyclopedia. model the definition using clay or blocks. etc. scan through the definitions until you find the exact definition that applies in the context where term is used. Note down your misunderstood terms so you can methodically clear them. Make up several original sentences using the term in the exact definition used in the context. If necessary. until you are absolutely clear on the definition. see the next section. is is a simple but very powerful technique: Make a model of the thing you are trying to understand out of modeling clay. e best cure for this problem is to get the model out of our mind and into physical space where we can handle it directly.

it really works. So information on how to learn. Yes. Just gather a bunch of odds and ends—rubber bands. paper clips. Let's say you are studying Vedic astrology and having a tough time understanding transits. the subject still doesn't seem to jell in your mind. it’s very hard to read. Label the parts and model what physically happens during planetary transits by moving the pieces. — 34 — .model with your hands. it's time to get out the clay and make a model of the solar system. I mentioned that one of the main purposes of the school system is specifically to keep people from finding out how to learn independently. until something clicks in your head and you understand the subject. ey do this by keeping you distracted with busywork and by making learning such a frustrating experience that you give up on acquiring knowledge. But slogging through Science and Sanity is well worth it. e most important reference I can give you is Alfred Korzybski. but try it. it will permanently change your consciousness and your life. has been deliberately buried. His monumental masterwork Science and Sanity gives the scientific reasoning behind these learning techniques. along with a lot of other very useful knowledge. at the beginning of this article. and discovered some very interesting answers that led to the current solutions and actually much. Sources You’re probably wondering why you never heard any of this before. If you don't happen to have any modeling clay lying around. But others have asked the same questions. whatever—label them and and use them to make your model. OK. I read it when I was 20. and I guarantee that if you can get through it. much more. is is part of the same disinformation program that brings you e Big Lie. and he basically had to extend the language in ways that had never been done before. wood blocks. at least in English. No matter how hard you try. clearing terms until you're sure you understand them. Well. little plastic models. I know it sounds silly. even pieces of paper with the names of the parts of your model written on them. string. Korzybski was trying to say something that had never been said before. not a problem. Highly recommended.

is section details how you can cut the time and energy you spend on your material work to the minimum and still live very well. Such a debilitating existence sucks up our time and energy. — 35 — . and steals the most precious material thing we have: our freedom and autonomy. If you only apply the knowledge in this section. so that you have the time to execute the rest of our methods. you still will be much better off materially—although it is doubtful that you will be able to survive the Singularity without completing our entire method. or make a radical change in consciousness. while working full-time as a wage slave.Part 2—Material Happiness No one can attain the optimum lifestyle. dulls our intelligence and creativity.

and insist that attaining your dreams should be your highest priority in life. then you are wasting your time— wasting your life! So what’s your excuse? “I have so many distractions. I have bills to pay. your consciousness and experience. and allow other people and circumstances to program the agendas for your life. Most people never realize that they have a choice between being reasonable and being unreasonable. and others don’t. engaging and exciting that you can scarcely wait to jump out of bed at the beginning of each new day.. ink about it. then you need to consider it. or working to make someone else rich? Or you can be unreasonable.. “I have no time. “Try? ere is no try. in one way.” etc.” No time? Everyone gets the same twenty-four hours every day. What are you doing with your time? You might protest. All these excuses are nonsense. would you (or anyone else) want to watch it? If your life is so fulfilling. why not? Many people say. so many details I have to manage every day. I have to finish school. Everyone else’s dreams will just have to wait. at the end of the day it’s your life. Some use it to attain their dreams. Do or not do!” Either you are pursuing your highest dreams and goals.Dreams and Goals What are you doing with your life? Are you pursuing your dreams? If not. say and do are up to you. But is it acceptable? Do you really want to spend your life fulfilling someone else’s dreams. easier.” But like Jedi Master Yoda said. etc. is is your life! Your time is all you really possess. your time. Aer all. It is. or someone else? What you think. “Well. I’m trying. But if this question pierces your heart and disturbs your mind. and no one else. Make the time to reflect on what makes your — 36 — . where others set your goals and determine your actions. I have to make a living. If not. It’s understandable that you might accept the conventional way of life. Are you living your life. or you are not. Period. You can be reasonable. maybe this section is not for you. What are you making of it? Do you have a grasp of the big picture of your life? What does it look like for you? If someone made a video of your life. etc. People make so many demands on me.

do something practical to being yourself closer to those goals. you can achieve it. for that reason alone they are worthy of being brought to life. what would you do? Connect with the real longings of your heart. Visualize yourself attaining your dreams. en do something every single day to bring you closer to making your big picture a reality. Recognize your dreams—and resolve to attain them! And don’t sell yourself short: if your dreams are meaningful and important to you. And you have the right to choose what is most important and best for you. If you could do anything at all. Take enough time for dreaming so that you can visualize your dream in detail. Dream a little—or a lot! Dreaming is one of the most powerful creative methods. Meaningful goals give you the courage to make empowering meaningful. ask yourself. you have the basis for saying “No” to choices and actions that pull you away from your dreams. what’s most important for you is not usually what’s most urgent for others. And as your first and most important task of the day. Call forth the power of your imagination to create a vision of what you most want your life to be. As oen as you can remember. “What’s the most important thing for me to do right now?” And remember. take a few moments first thing in the morning to connect with your dreams and goals. Your life! Don’t discourage yourself by thinking that your dreams are impossible. So put on your executive producer’s hat and cast yourself as the hero of your own feature film. be honest with yourself about the actual desires of your mind. Make it as big and dramatic and powerful as you like. If you can conceive it. You have choice at every moment. ey give you the power to resist being distracted and swayed by the agendas of others. director and star. As you begin each new day. When you are clear on what you want from life. Take the time to live that life in your imagination. Be creative with your life—this magical opportunity to experience your dreams. You be the producer. Take an aernoon off just to dream. en watch yourself grow to fill this big picture of your life! — 37 — . feel yourself as you will feel when you attain them.

Your self-confidence will soar as achieving the goals that you have set reveals your ability and competence in life. Just dream as big as possible: 5 years. you’ll quickly build self-confidence that you can create the life you dream of. that’s OK. Setting sharp.Find Direction and Take Back Your Life Setting goals is a powerful process for creating your ideal future. 5-10 years in the future). say. Setting Lifetime Goals gives you the Big Picture. you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. you can act systematically to achieve them. So the first step is to consider what you want to achieve in your whole lifetime (or at least. Worldclass athletes. 10 years. and define your long-term goals. set goals at different scales. and helps you to organize your time and resources to make the most of your life. Setting goals is how you choose where you want to go in life. Setting clear goals focuses your knowledgeacquisition efforts. It also helps you quickly spot distractions that might lure you from your course. Later when you have more experience in meeting your goals. 25 years into the future. First you create the Big Picture of what you want to do with your life. successful businesspeople and high achievers in all fields use goal-setting techniques to develop long-term vision and short-term motivation. and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of the future into reality. you will get the confidence to dream bigger. clearly defined goals helps you measure your progress and take pride in the achievement of those goals. If your whole lifetime is too big of a dream for you just yet. Setting Your Goals You can. Properly set goals are incredibly motivating. By focusing precisely on what you want to achieve. Once you have your goals mapped out. creative artists. en you break these big goals down into smaller milestones and achievable targets that you hit on the way to your lifetime goals. You start by setting your Lifetime Goals. and work down to the things you can do today to start moving towards them. Milestones will help you see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless slog. the overall perspective that shapes all other — 38 — . As you develop the habit of setting and achieving goals. and should.

try to set some goals in each of the following categories. set a goal to improve your behavior or find a solution to the problem. how are you going to be a good parent? How do you want to be seen by a partner or by members of your extended family? Physical: Are there any athletic goals you want to achieve.aspects of your decision-making. Career: What level of financial success do you want to reach? Do you want to do something else for a living? Do you want to retire early? Education: Is there any particular knowledge you want to acquire? What information and skills will you need to achieve other goals? Family: Do you want to be a parent? If so. how? Spiritual: What are your spiritual aims and goals? How will you attain them?         — 39 — . or in additional categories of your own:  Artistic: Do you want to achieve any artistic goals or develop a particular talent? If so. balanced coverage to all important areas in your life. To make sure that you give broad. or do you want good health deep into old age? What steps are you going to take to achieve this? Pleasure: How do you want to enjoy yourself? You should ensure that some of your life is for you! Public Service: Do you want to make the world a better place? If so. what? Attitude: Is any part of your mindset holding you back? Does your behavior sometimes upset you or stop you from achieving other goals? If so.

you come up with ideas and thoughts that seem at first to be a bit shocking or crazy. select one goal in each category that best reflects what you want to do. established patterns of thinking. During brainstorming sessions there should therefore be no criticism of ideas: You are trying to open up possibilities and break down wrong assumptions about the limits of the problem. en consider trimming again so that you end up with a small number of really significant goals on which you can focus. you probably want to consider what he or she wants. Brainstorming is a useful and popular way to develop highly creative solutions to a problem by generating many radical and useful ideas in a short time. Judgments and analysis at this stage will stunt idea generation. and oen stunningly original. If you’re comfortable with computers. Spend some time brainstorming these. If your ideas begin to dry up. You can then change and improve them into ideas that are useful. you can then explore solutions further using conventional approaches. you can ‘seed’ the session with a random word picked out of the dictionary.) Brainstorming is particularly helpful when you need to break out of stale. In brainstorming. As you do this. As long as you're reasonably quick with keyboard and mouse. or employers might want (if you have a partner. make sure that the goals that you have set are ones that you genuinely want to achieve. You can find better goals and solutions to the problems you face. it’s worth exploring the use of computer-based tools for brainstorming. Once you have a list of big goals. so that you can develop new ways of looking at things. not ones that your parents. Brainstorming is a lateral thinking process. During the brainstorming process there is no criticism of ideas.Add more categories of your own that are especially important to you. Brainstorming is a great way of generating radical ideas. and make better decisions. family. Ideas should only be evaluated at the end of the brainstorming session. however make sure you also remain true to yourself!) — 40 — . as free rein is given to your creativity (criticism and judgment cramp creativity. these significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of a brainstorming session.

Set realistic goals: It is important to set goals that you can achieve. and helps direct your attention to the most important ones. Keeping goals small and incremental gives more opportunities for reward. In business. employers. Set performance goals. Write goals down: is crystallizes them and gives them more force. If you base your goals on performance—doing your personal best—then you can keep control over the achievement of your goals and draw satisfaction from them. or just plain bad luck. more difficult ones. then it can seem that you are not making progress towards it. not outcome goals: You should take care to set goals over which you have as much control as possible. society) can set unrealistic goals for you.Goal Setting Tips e following broad guidelines will help you to set effective goals:  State each goal as a positive statement: Express your goals positively. Set priorities: Give each goal a priority. Other people (parents. Keep operational goals small: Keep the low-level goals you are working towards small and achievable. ere is nothing more dispiriting than failing to achieve a personal goal for reasons beyond your control. In sport. ‘Become an expert surfer’ is a much better goal than ‘Stop falling off the suroard. media. and can take complete satisfaction from having achieved it. these could be bad business environments or unexpected effects of government policy. for example. Derive today’s achievable goals from larger. times and amounts so that you can measure achievement. these reasons could include poor judging. is helps you know exactly when you have achieved the goal.’ Be precise: Express your goals quantitatively. oen because of — 41 —       . bad weather. You can also go back and review your goals to keep them fresh in your mind. friends. is helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by too many goals. If a goal is too large. including dates. injury.

Periodically review the longer-term plans. and the results of doing the processes we give you. en create a 5-year plan. Or you may set goals that are too ambitious. Each of these should be based on the previous plan. 1-year plan. will also influence your goals. and modify them to reflect your changing priorities and experience. review your plans to make sure that they fit the way in which you want to live your life. At an early stage these goals may be to read books and gather information on the achievement of your goals. Reading this book. Finally. Achieving Your Lifetime Goals Once you have set your lifetime goals. set a 25-year plan of smaller goals that you should complete if you are to reach your lifetime plan. and 1-month plan of progressively smaller goals that you should reach to achieve your lifetime goals. Once you have completed your plan. that means you’re growing and changing. because you may not appreciate the obstacles in the way or understand how much skill you need to develop to achieve a particular level of performance. is will help you to improve the quality and realism of your goal setting. It’s OK to modify your goals and plans at any time. keep the process going by reviewing and updating your to-do list on a daily basis.ignorance of your own desires and ambitions. — 42 — . en create a daily to-do list of things that you can do today to work towards your lifetime goals. 6-month plan.

developing agricultural and other forms of self-sufficiency give you the security that even if the present civilization crashes and burns. Finally. — 43 — . industrial firstworld countries like Europe and the USA. living cooperatively in a spiritual community allows you to both minimize your expenses and reap the advantages of a supportive association of like-minded people. e other side is living in a place with much lower expenses than the developed. and it keeps on functioning and generating income without your further attention.Economic Independence One side or aspect of economic independence is creating a business that you can literally walk away from. you can continue to survive and even prosper. Even better. Earning in dollars and spending in pesos or rupees gives you great economic leverage.

e degree of closeness and association you need will vary. A spiritual community can be virtual and online. In the beginning it is better to be somewhat loosely connected to a community. or a full-time living arrangement. Actually this is the best way to attain the highest benefits of spiritual life. go back to the old ways. You need the support of like-minded people who are making similar radical changes. as you try out the different spiritual methods and clarify your understanding of the Vedic philosophy. Other people will be threatened by the changes you are making. and lose all the benefits of the advanced knowledge in this book. In time you may desire to live full-time in a community of people dedicated to spiritual life. but then again. depending on how strong and committed to change you are. based on occasional or regular meetings. It is very difficult to be the only person you know who is trying to go beyond the normal ways of doing things. You will have to determine the best solution for your needs. But as you develop your understanding and practices. and will try their best to persuade you to remain in the trap with them. it is not for everyone. — 44 — . You will be tempted to cave in.Spiritual Community Following a spiritual lifestyle or process requires compatible association. you will crave closer association and community.

food production and distribution systems may fail. it is likely that the financial. e only practical answer is to move to the country and develop a large. e only practical answer is to develop agricultural self-sufficiency. but this is not very practical. If this happens. We have seen people speculate about repurposing abandoned urban sites for subsistence agriculture. Urban construction and living have polluted the land underneath them so thoroughly that crops grown in these locations are likely to be inedible and/or toxic.Self-Sufficiency During the chaos leading up to and beyond 2012. Urban land is also very expensive. Obviously. everyone who depends on the existing system for their nutrition is going to be in serious trouble. even in third-world countries. productive garden. — 45 — . this is only possible for a rural community.

” [2 Timothy 2:14-16] When so-called spiritual people spend more time and energy arguing with each other than praying. rather than take on the adventure of direct inquiry and approach God personally. is is especially true of spiritual subjects. watch out or you will destroy each other” [Galatians 5:14-15] and Timothy: “Keep reminding them of these things. Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved.Part 3—Spiritual Basics is section deals with the fundamentals of Vedic spiritual philosophy. and you will need all the good karma you can get. a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. but when they assume an unnatural importance. Consider the words of Paul: “e entire law is summed up in a single command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. it’s a destructive distraction from the real spiritual path. Knowledge versus Experience Knowledge of words about something is different from experiencing the thing itself. Avoid godless chatter. and concentrate on — 46 — . and only ruins those who listen. People generally only want to know some fancy words to impress other people. For example. It’s far better to ignore the arguments and the arguers. rather than experience God directly. Stay away from that mindset and those people. it is of no value. chanting. ey will waste your time for no profit. eology and philosophy do have their place. understand the philosophy in a simple way. Warn them before God against quarreling about words.’ If you keep on biting and devouring each other. because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. ese methods are a very important part of your survival plan. we tend to focus on the study of words and ideas about God. You need to understand this so that you can practice the appropriate spiritual methods. meditating or doing service. because they eliminate bad karma and create lots of good karma. there’s a problem.

e choices we make in our lives make a big difference. it’s actually very simple! Just turn around. at way you will learn something more substantial than just words. at’s your choice. Easy is Right e more you are enlightened. What is the good of becoming enlightened. Respect all other beings in your heart. or what a loving. We are all equal as children of God. in this circumstance. and you are a spirit soul. and it’s all right because you have to suffer the consequences. you already are a spirit soul! But you make yourself a material being when you choose to act like an idiot or devil. We should have respect for others. but because of the choices in our lives we are all different unique individuals. because everything is ultimately Godmade. so it is natural. You choose not to act like a spirit soul. speak like a spirit soul. Just act like a spirit soul. we can move. we build a prison for ourselves and voluntarily enter into it. if we restrict ourselves and each other too much out of excessive formality and artificial respect. is it? Everyplace and everything is holy. friendly respect. and nobody else. than between an ordinary human and an animal.the practice. We must live at ease. Enlightenment is actually such a simple thing. but also self-respect. Otherwise. compassionate enlightened spiritual being would do in this situation. if you have made the choice to recognize your real spiritual nature. In fact there is more difference between the consciousness of an enlightened human and an undeveloped human. or an ignorant fool. wrong choices or failure to exercise choice. if the result is becoming imprisoned and isolated like that? Not much fun. think like a spirit soul. with a very light. ease and naturalness. ink what Jesus or the Buddha or Krishna—whoever your ideal Master is—would do now. Nothing is truly man-made except the terrible atmosphere that we create with our bad habits. the more you are easy and natural. Turn your life. we can enjoy life. we must be natural so we can breathe. Every time you have to make a choice (which is every moment) think like that. You already are eternal. But then don’t blame God when you suffer from the consequences of — 47 — . e original material for everything comes from God. make a different choice now. So now.

you already are a spirit soul! Your consciousness is already spiritual. intoxication. you still have this vicious quality in your heart. still like to kill people or animals. It’s your choice. You are already a spirit soul. at’s the core of enlightenment. You wouldn’t like to take lives that God has created. or at least a noble human quality. God has not created life to be taken away before its time. the primary symptom of the spirit soul. at’s the Law of Karma. Don’t blame me that you have not become enlightened aer you have read everything in this book but you still haven’t chosen to realize your original spiritual nature. take the four regulative principles. so why do you have to search everywhere. because you already are a spirit soul. your condition is always the result of your past choices and actions. for example: avoiding meat-eating. Avoiding meat-eating is a spiritual or Godlike quality. Maybe you’re trying too hard. a child of God. as an enlightened being. seeking and searching? e truth is within you. and then act on it. If you still think that killing is OK. because consciousness. then you don’t like to destroy a life that God has created in His image. Choose your original spiritual consciousness and way of being. is itself a spiritual phenomenon. you would not like to kill anyone or cause anyone else to kill on your behalf by eating meat. speak and act like a spirit soul. but if you really choose to be enlightened. You must act out that spiritual quality. You must realize your spiritual quality. So that means no killing. If you are enlightened. under circumstances when it is avoidable.your ignorant choices. you wouldn’t like to kill. Be what you want to be: a real child of God. and then start to think. Your state. then you must do something about it. Do whatever you want with your life. or even disturb them just for your own — 48 — . Be a spiritual person. If you are a spirit soul. and how far you have progressed up to now. Now. Choose God’s way. ey are a measurement so you know where you are. where you are going. at’s really all there is to enlightenment. if you know how to see it. illicit sex and gambling. read so many big thick books and endlessly debate philosophy to find enlightenment? Why do you have to go here and there. It’s not that I or God want to impose them upon you. You just have to recognize yourself as a spirit soul. ere’s nothing to find. you are expected to know that. If you really love God. ere’s no need to become a spirit soul.

ere’s no need for me or anyone to tell you what to do.entertainment. God doesn’t have to do anything. and if you deliberately have done something against the principles of spiritual life. at is enlightenment. more enlightened. You have reached a state of consciousness closer to your original spiritual quality. Your self-punishment could be long or short. It is not that if you don’t observe these principles. if you want to recognize and realize your original spiritual quality. and that makes you suffer. then you know your that your qualities and consciousness have been refined. You have become more noble. master of your own self. at is what hell is. e sum total of all those choices becomes your consciousness. similar to the quality of God. at’s how you become a saint. less noble than a Buddha or a Christ or a Krishna. So make sure that you do not do anything that is less noble than God. As a spirit soul you know what is right and wrong. then you’ll feel terrible. God will punish you. your character. and always have the integrity to see what kind of quality you have cultivated within yourself. Just ask yourself. It is a choice that you must make in every moment. your enlightenment or the lack of it. If you have kept these four principles during your life. You know exactly what to do. e — 49 — . miserable. e four regulative principles help you measure your progress toward that ideal state. and abide by the judgement of your own intelligence. You’ll feel like you are godless. ere is always a choice for you. then you must know that you have not reached the standard of enlightenment. If you want to become enlightened. Always check inside. set goals and have a life plan. your own will. to be holy. It is not for me or anyone else to remind you to be good. So this principle is a measurement for you. It depends on how deep your degradation is according to your own judgement. It has to come from your own self. at is hell. you must discipline yourself to return to the noble road that you have strayed away from. to be pure. at’s how you become enlightened. because you must do it. because you will punish yourself. at’s why it’s good to keep a spiritual diary. your destiny. so you can see every day how far you have come and how much further you have to go. against the internal standard of your own absolute spiritual purity.

at is the basis of enlightenment. at’s why we have strayed from Godliness. your job is to wake up and realize it. your own love. at’s why we have strayed from enlightenment and descended into a lower quality of existence. I have been so bad. a spirit soul again. at’s my job. ere’s nothing more to becoming enlightened than just return to where you come from. you deny your own compassion. Remember and walk back to your original state of being: very simple. we deny our real spiritual nature and our relationship with God. because you already are a spirit soul. Keep trying to remember your original nature. then you must make a firm decision: it’s time to change. we stole from people. at’s why you can become instantly enlightened. Previously. and that’s it. how can I be a saint or how can I become enlightened?” — 50 — . and that’s all there is to the spiritual path. and you are ready to return to your original divine spiritual nature. your own highest position. into a suffering condition of life. to turn your head and walk back. we did all kinds of bad things. We killed people. we behaved badly. it’s difficult. give up the desire to exploit. It all depends on the quality of your consciousness. Just throw down the butcher knife. because we deny ourselves. All you have to do is be it! If you refuse yourself. and you become a saint. Just turn your head. think like one. Your mental habits are binding because you think. we slandered people.path of enlightenment is very simple. “Go and sin no more. “Oh. I’m so fallen. then of course even the one and only almighty God could not save you. illicit sex and gambling— and you become a saintly person. even if it isn’t easy. We put ourselves into hell. I'm so sinful. to return. because your mind won’t let you think that way. Walk back to where you have come from. But if you’re fed up with it. I will continue to remind you of this until you realize it. for you deny yourself.” Just don’t do these four things—meat-eating. intoxication. To be an enlightened saint is very simple: just act like one. speak like one. your own sovereign power over your life. stop killing. you don’t want to suffer anymore. Keep reminding yourself that you are a spirit soul and nothing less. now we have to return to our original purity. because you already are a spirit soul. Of course. look at life a different way. I won’t cheat you and say that it’s easy.

Nothing is actually different from God. everything around you. just turn your head and walk back. You have to know what a master would do in any situation. the damaging path of the opposite. He is our creator. ink about it and then do it. Before we thought low thoughts. Our relationship is that we are similar in quality. and deny our own spiritual nature. We have respect for others. that’s it. a master. at doesn’t mean you have to be passive. Especially in the beginning. Bad means anything that we do against the Godly spiritual qualities. It doesn’t matter how long I remind you to back home. So we get to choose whether to be good or bad. but vastly smaller in quantity. “OK. therefore we are similar in quality. a saint. What else are you? You have to recognize God and cultivate your lost relationship with Him. and we also have respect for ourselves. We think that we will like to live that way. So if we choose the destructive path. We are from God. and one day you’ll reach your goal. If you don’t turn your head and walk back. “e journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. it’s just infinitely smaller in quantity. I’ve suffered. everything under you. But because they are individuals they choose to express their experience in a different way. Similarly. you will never reach your home if you continue walking away from it. In any situation. Very simple: just return.” And we begin to make that journey by our choices in every moment. and other people — 51 — . that’s no good. but actually it is an illusion. en aer a long time in denial of the truth. and give your head to everyone to chop if they want to. Just walk back to your original nature. act just like a saint. You are a child of God. It doesn’t matter how far from home you have walked. Be noble.You can! Just return. Similarly. you never will reach it. evil thoughts. now we have to cultivate good habits. therefore it has the same qualities. maybe it’s not exactly as a master would do. behind you. Just divided in different ways. because you are on the path to being a master. just much smaller. against the creative power within us. above you. Before we had bad habits. at’s not a good experience. finally we say. ere is no enjoyment in denial of reality. Be your real self. then we try to deny the almighty power of God. It’s His energy. or circumstances. is from God. now we have to think noble high thoughts. at’s not the way. but at least you try to cultivate the idea that you are a master. the persons you meet every day are all of Godly spiritual quality.

Jesus said. they are not what a saintly person would do. “Great! Now I’m going in the right direction. but the earlier we change the less consequences we have to bear. You can develop the determination to change your life by measuring yourself according to the regulative principles. and that’s when your life changed. God is love. that is saintly.” is change of heart leads us to search for the path back to home. Whenever you want to change. It’s that simple. you will see more and more things that remind you of your home. and you just change them and do the opposite. if you turn and walk to the right direction then you — 52 — . Whatever you did. helping you or blessing you. If you turn and walk toward home. If you are repentant within your heart. You just walked the other way. Just stop dong the nonsense. ere’s no need to repent and take all kinds of trouble. at is the best forgiveness that you can create for yourself. the most sincere. if anything we do is wrong. God is forever forgiving because He loves us.have suffered for that too. “Your sins are forgiven. so I better change it. you’re forgiving people.” en you will face your home and you’ll be come nearer to your home with every step. ere's nothing to clean your sins except yourself. Good that we want to return to home. is done. God knows. my turning you.” ere’s no need to ask for forgiveness. If your life has changed for the better it’s because you’re determined to return home. change your behavior. and do the opposite.” Of course. just forget it. at’s the real repentance. Change is the best repentance. If anything we think is not Godly. your determination to change. unspiritual. they are ungodly. We’re coming back to where we belong. So if anything we do in our life is against the principles of spiritual life. at’s it! at is Godly. You walk back toward your home. We might suffer from the consequences. Before you were stealing and hating people and now you’re giving. Go and sin no more. then just change it. “All right. so of course you see more and more familiar scenery every day and say. It has nothing to do with my forgiveness. and go back to the original pure way. just change your attitude. the situation will change. and starve yourself for seven days in order to clean your sins (unless your sin is that you’ve been overeating!). It’s very simple to clean your sins by acknowledging that they are wrong. don’t do it again.

are in the right direction, and that choice is the essence of the spiritual path. So remind yourself every day of the regulative principles and your spiritual goals. en you become more and more Godly, more saintly, more enlightened every day. I don’t know what else I can tell you. Did you understand anything? If only you really understand it, it would be so good for you. Never mind, take your time. If you want to play the fool, it’s OK. Play around, waste your time, it’s OK. It gives me a job to do, to remind you of the truth. e problem is even though all the Masters say the same thing, “You are children of God. Whatever I do, you can do better. You are the future saintly persons and Masters. You and I are equal, etc. etc.” You still cannot realize it. at realization is the most difficult part. We know, but we cannot digest it, we cannot make it become the whole Truth within our being because of the mind, because of the accumulated worldly knowledge about everything and about ourselves: how bad we are, how bad we have been and things like that. e only solution is to forget the whole negative journey into illusion that you have been on, and just return to home. You have not done anything so sinful that cannot be forgiven. Because you wanted to experience the way of denial, now you know it’s no good, and you want to experience the real way of spiritual life. at’s all right; you can do what you want, because God has given you free will. You have the right to experience suffering, bad actions, ignorance, even hell, if you want to; because you are free. Do what you want, but know the consequences of good and bad actions are different. at’s why enlightened people are rare. Not because people are not spirit souls. ey are. ey just don’t make the choice, don’t make the effort to get out of the mud, to clean themselves and be renewed, refreshed. ey think they cannot do it. ey think that the mud is too deep, the water is too much, their efforts are too little, and they’re too weak, etc. e more they remain there, the weaker they become, the more dirty they get, and the harder to convince themselves to get out. at’s why the Master must come to rescue them out of the mud and tell them, “Go wash and see yourself in the mirror. You’re not dirty like that. Take some vitamins, eat some food, then you'll be strong again. Look at yourself, you’re OK.”

— 53 —

Sometimes people remain so long in the mud, so frozen in the water that it takes some time to recover. at’s the problem: enlightenment takes time. Sometimes it takes a longer time because we have remained too long in the water, frozen ourselves. All our systems have become rigid, difficult to revive. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it just may take a little more time. But we are eternal spirit souls; we have as much time as we need. So get on with your job of recovery, and the doctor and nurse, the Master and the scriptures, are there to help you. But you must take your vitamins, you must eat your diet, you must take the medicine that the doctor has prescribed for you. If you don’t take the prescribed medicine or the advice from the doctor then it takes a longer time, that’s all. Not that the doctor will kill you or punish you. He probably feels sorry for you, and he has to work harder and longer to nurse you back to health. e only real problem on the spiritual path is if we don’t try to help ourselves. Only you can do the work of enlightenment.

— 54 —

The Source of Our Knowledge
e source of our knowledge about Real Happiness and the Real Happiness Method is the Vedas, the ancient wisdom books of the East. ey were first written down over 5,000 years ago, but the oral tradition of the Vedas is actually much older than that. It’s important to note that we get our knowledge from the original source texts of the Vedas. e knowledge available in the West about the Vedas has been filtered through a screen of disinformation, such that it has become completely different from the original sources. ere are some very powerful people in this world that do not want this knowledge to become commonplace. Why? It would disturb their cozy political and financial arrangements. e masses will never accept this knowledge, because they are too brainwashed by the establishment. But a few individuals here and there can slip through the maze of disinformation and find the real truth. Why do I tell you this now? To help you develop faith in the Real Happiness Method presented in this book. What you can achieve in life is totally determined by your faith. Now your faith is divided; it’s scattered, distributed among many different things. You’re hedging your bets; you have a little faith in this, have a little faith in that—thinking that maybe one of them will pan out and be a big winner. But it doesn’t work that way. To attain spiritual life, and especially to attain the highest destination of spiritual life, one must have full and perfect faith in a bona fide means of deliverance, and this is the Real Happiness Method. So how do we have full faith in any one thing? Well it’s a slow process; it doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s a step-by-step process. So now we’re going to begin this process by withdrawing your faith from false things and reposing your faith in something true, the Real Happiness Method. So you already have faith, the problem is that your faith is reposed in the wrong things: things that will cheat you, things that will not give you the highest benefit, things that will keep you bound and illusioned in this material world. So first you have to accept the bad news. What is the bad news? It’s that everything you think you know about yoga, meditation and spiritual life is wrong. Everything you think you know has come to you from a tainted source, it has not come from the original teachings of yoga but from somebody else’s concoction, of some new idea manufactured in — 55 —

ree is. Whatever is known in the West about yoga. e Vedas are the original source teachings of yoga and meditation. e first thing I said is that you have insufficient knowledge. and try to understand that although these concepts may be challenging. whatever knowledge you do possess is inaccurate. I’m saying these things for your benefit. Two is. ey are perfect. tantra and spiritual life is actually wrong. everything we have encountered about yoga and meditation. you’ll come to see that everything you think you know about God. religion and God in the West. in one tiny little corner of the tantric literature there’s something about how to make love and how to make good quality children. You can't imagine the breadth and scope of tantra. e source literatures of yoga and tantra simply haven’t been translated into English. or even from propaganda designed to give you the wrong impressions about the knowledge of the Vedas. tantra is a huge subject. has been put through a filter. But everything we know. and they lead to deliverance from all suffering. ere are thousands and thousands of tantras on different things. Once you understand exactly how that works. And by the way. We already discussed e Big Lie. a vast subject. meditation. So why is it that in the West all we know about the tantric teachings is about sex? Didn’t that ever strike you as strange? It's because — 56 — . everything from how to build a house to how to farm to how to make flower airplanes that fly through other space dimensions. tantra. you have an insufficient quantity of knowledge. and once you get through the entire book and actually try the Method. I’ll explain all of these one by one. I’m sure you’ll agree that what I say is correct. is perhaps one tenth of one percent of everything there is to know about the subject. Especially for tantra. Most of them are still in the original Sanskrit. the knowledge you do possess is the wrong quality of knowledge. Let’s get down to specifics.some human mind. ere are compelling reasons why I make these assertions. it’s actually a trap to confuse you and defeat you in spiritual life. yoga. ere are three reasons why I say that everything you think you know about yoga and spiritual life is wrong:    One is. etc. it's actually false. So bear with me and keep an open mind.

and we will introduce you to the original source material on yoga. therefore instead of translating the really profound books of the tantras. In the end you will be able to see the force of a powerful spiritual agency. yoga and spiritual life. on human life over thousands of years of different civilizations coming and going. You won’t have to guess anymore. Whatever you know about yoga and meditation is only a tiny fraction of what is really to be known. So hang in here with me. because the things you going to hear here are things you’ve never heard before from any source. erefore I say your knowledge is incomplete. because we’re giving the original and complete Vedic Esoteric Teaching of yoga and meditation. By the time you’re done with this book. tantra. meditation and so many other things. that’s why my life is the way it is!” Probably you will have several or many of these experiences as we go on. But the good news is now you’re reading this book. Plus the people who think of themselves as controlling the culture of the Western nations want to make the Vedas look foolish. that’s why things are the way they are. compared to seeing the entire vista of the entire actual teachings. — 57 — . Finally I promise you that by reading this book and applying its teachings in your life. your current knowledge on yoga and meditation will be like looking through a knothole in a fence. And all that time the Esoteric Teaching has remained the same. and you won’t have to rely on imperfect translations. because we have perfect translations that are accurate and faithful to the original source.only a tiny fraction of the tantras. primitive and superficial. is book will open up for you a new perspective on life. and it has remained the civilizing force that’s driving all human history. the Esoteric Teaching of the Vedas. they published something sensational about sex instead. and hear this story of how the Esoteric Teaching actually shapes the course of human civilization. and very few of those have been translated accurately. yogas and other Vedic literatures have been translated into English. you will have at least one “Aha!” experience where the whole room lights up and you realize “Oh. and you’ll wonder how you ever got through the day without it.

manifesting first as an embryo. a child. Materialistic medical science also agrees that the body is constantly changing. If you measure a child’s body today.Secrets of the Soul You are not your material body. Nevertheless. and now an adult body. the spirit soul does not change. but the soul remains always unaffected by the bodily changes. However. e change of body does not take place only at death. erefore to realize your actual spiritual existence and identity. But medicine does not understand that the cause and active principle of these changes is the spirit soul. it is taking place constantly. — 58 — . the material body of each spiritual living entity is changing at every moment.13] Every living entity is an individual eternal spirit soul. e body is changing. you must perform activities of the same nature as your self. but we remember the activities of our childhood. transmigrating from one body to another at death. you are not only wasting your time and building up karma that will result in future births and suffering. despite the constant changes of the material body. You do not have to do something to attain eternal life. a youth. then an adolescent body. is is the first great spiritual secret revealed in Bhagavad-gita. is is spiritual life or devotional service. you already have it by nature. and finally as an old person. You are eternal and transcendental to this material world by nature. Just like we all had a childhood body. e real question is. then as an infant. e self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change. what are you going to do with your eternal life? If you only engage in temporary. an adult. you are the living soul within. e individual soul finally changes the body itself. you are also missing the most fulfilling joy of spiritual life. tomorrow you’ll find the child has grown or changed the body. And since the soul is sure to have another body—either material or spiritual—in the next birth.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. there is no cause for lamentation for anyone on account of the death of the material body. conditional material activities. e material body is changing at every moment. “As the embodied soul continually passes in this body from boyhood to youth and then to old age. similarly the soul also passes into another body at death.

I am not changing. is is also proof of the eternity of the soul. my onefoot tall child?” Of course not. “Oh. and even in maturity and old age I am still present as the same person. and the vivid example is that even in this life. We all existed forever in the past. say. e parents know that “My same child is there. but she has grown up. For example. nor in the future shall any of us cease to be. nor all these kings. When this child grows up to five feet tall. but I will remain. Now you and they have changed bodies. “Never was there a time when I did not exist. we are constantly changing the body from boyhood to youth to adulthood to old age. in youth I was present as the same individual. naturally when I change from this body to another body.even though that body no longer exists. In childhood I was present as myself. but I am not changing. and I am the supreme soul. am permanent. All these kings and soldiers assembled on the battlefield are also eternal souls. If I am present as the same individual through so many changes of the body.” ‘Grown up’ means that she has changed the — 59 — . Just the body is changing. When I change this body at the time of death. will the father and mother cry. “e change of body at death is similar to the changes of the body during this life.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.12] Krishna says: “You are an individual soul. this body will be changed. therefore I am different from this body. nor you. So what is the difficulty of understanding this simple truth that the soul is different from the body? Any normally intelligent person can understand it. And even if they are killed in the battle.13]. I still exist. one foot tall. but they will continue to exist eternally in the future without any interruption. What is the difficulty to understand this simple truth? e body is changing. now a young child is. is simple truth is the first esoteric instruction of Bhagavad-gita. the same consciousness and identity.” is is the first important instruction on the path of real spiritual life. the self or consciousness within the body. and so we continue to exist in the present.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. in boyhood I myself also was present. therefore I am not this body. I am eternal. e material body is changing. where is my child? Where is my child. they will change their bodies. erefore I.

then they can realize the soul as pure consciousness (cit-sakti).13] Ordinary yogis try to realize the self by meditation. “As the embodied soul continually passes in this body from boyhood to youth and then to old age. Yogic meditation means that first one has to accept some process of bodily and mental purification (yama-niyama). advancement or realization. e self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change. or am I pure consciousness? en if I am not this body. and the Supersoul (Paramatma) is also there. eventually if we are successful we will realize ourselves as pure consciousness located within the heart. there can be no spiritual knowledge. and the body is temporary. always changing—without understanding this. is is real meditation (dhyana). if we observe and analyze the self according to yogic methods. Similarly. e same person is there.” is is the beginning of the instructions of Bhagavad-gita. or the spiritual instructions of the Esoteric Teaching. Krishna is teaching Arjuna that his argument against fighting in the battle is based on a false premise: “You are lamenting on account of the bodies of your grandfather and teacher. If one identifies with this body.body.” — 60 — . Everyone can understand this simple fact.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. e soul is located within the heart. ese are the eight limbs of astanga-yoga. the spirit soul is eternal and unchanging. am I this body. erefore. but even if they change their bodies. that help to concentrate the mind (asana). there is no cause of lamentation because they will continue to exist. where am I located in this body? According to the original yoga-sutras. control the breath and life airs (pranayama) detachment of the senses from their objects (pratyahara). but the body has changed. Unless one understands this simple fact—that the soul is different from this material body. a particle of pure spiritual energy in relationship with the Supersoul. and then only can attain concentration of the mind on its real nature of pure consciousness (dharana). So according to yoga philosophy. and realize that “I am an individual soul. there is no possibility of understanding real spiritual knowledge. similarly the soul also passes into another body at death. e yogi then has to practice the different kinds of sitting postures. the perfection of yoga is to see oneself and the Supersoul within the heart. And if they can successfully concentrate the mind in meditation on its original nature (samadhi).

But if one follows the more powerful methods of the Esoteric Teaching given in Bhagavad-gita and similar Vedic scriptures. In this age. Almost all the students who are practicing hatha-yoga. an eternal part and parcel of Krishna. although it is just the beginning of the spiritual instructions of the Esoteric Teaching of the Vedas. But the Vedic scriptures. far beyond the neophyte stages of realization that any ordinary yogic method can deliver in the limited time we have available. begins from the stage of realization that the jnanis. it is very rare to come to the realization that “I am not this body” by ordinary yoga practice. Bhagavad-gita. simply by the easy method of chanting the Holy Names of the Lord. and they mistakenly think that perfection of this physical body is the final perfection of yoga. similarly the ultimate change is called death. jnana and meditation are bona fide spiritual methods. ey teach a different truth. as the supreme spiritual authority.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. But we are giving the same thing immediately. Krishna. Certainly astanga-yoga. You are already a spiritual being. So why should we take so much trouble to find Him within the heart by ordinary yogic methods? Simply calling out to Him by His Holy Names immediately invokes His personal presence and illuminates our original pure spiritual consciousness. do not agree. jnana-yoga and so-called meditation still think that their self is this body. anyone can attain that perfection immediately. the philosophers and the yogis are trying to reach: “I am a pure spirit soul in eternal relation with the Supersoul.13] But the — 61 — .” And then the Esoteric Teaching goes on to progress to unimaginable heights of spiritual attainment. ey are trying to exercise this body.To attain such transcendental self-realization by means of ordinary yogic methods is a very long and difficult path. is bhakti-yoga process is far more practical in this day and age than ordinary hatha-yoga or astanga-yoga. But in the modern Western culture we have no time or facility to learn and practice them properly. And Krishna’s expansion is the Supersoul within our hearts. is presenting very simply: “As in this body there are different changes. e yogis reach the spiritual platform aer much exercise and purification of the body and mind. e Esoteric Teaching does not begin from the gross stage of bodily consciousness. a very simple but extremely profound truth. the original source of all knowledge and practices of yoga.

especially Bhisma and Drona. the ultimate authority. eir lives are finished. soon he will die. e self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.” is perfection of yoga is just the beginning of the Esoteric Teaching. and the sin I will incur will make it impossible to be happy. that “I am not this body. but what hope has an old man like Bhisma or Drona got? ey may live only five or ten years more.” is was looking at the situation from a materialistic point of view. “As the embodied soul continually passes in this body from boyhood to youth and then to old age. If he does not die—if you do not kill him in the imminent battle—how long he will live? Whether you kill him or not. please try to understand it. or hope for anything great like this child.13] Arjuna’s rationalization for refusing to fight in the Battle of Kuruksetra was that “If I kill the opposing fighters. Your grandfather is going to have a new lease of life. considering his relatives as spiritual beings. Rather. but the spirit soul inhabiting and animating it. will continue to exist even aer the final change of this body. nobody will agree to it because it seems contradictory to the principles of — 62 — . A child can hope for many things in the future. So Krishna is trying to convince Arjuna that “ere is no question of lamentation for your grandfather. You should be joyful because your grandfather is going to have a new body. he should have seen their changing bodies from old to new ones as rejuvenation of their life energy. Why should you be sorry for killing him?” But although this argument is given by Krishna. Krishna’s argument is essentially: “Why are you lamenting over the body of your grandfather? He’s a grand old man. my grandfather and teacher. If one does not understand this point of view. but to encourage Arjuna to perform his duty of protecting religious principles. is is the basic principle of all further spiritual progress. as he exists within this body in spite of all changes. similarly the soul also passes into another body at death. So they cannot expect. not to justify killing.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. then the society will become morally degenerate.spirit soul. Why are you lamenting?” Krishna presented this argument. He has got a long duration of life just beginning. is is ABC. is is the simple truth. Arjuna was lamenting because he considered that death is the end of existence. there can be no further progress.

So Krishna says. undisturbed. are concerned. So Krishna’s actual argument is. were surely going to have either spiritual bodies in the next life. being noble souls in this life. Another example of dhira is given by the great poet Kalidasa. they are going to Vaikuntha. Krishna’s implication is: “Now. eir deaths will take place soon anyway. Bhisma and Drona. there is no lamentation for anyone. So Bhisma and Drona. “A sober selfrealized person is not bewildered by this change of the body. the spiritual world. Any man who has perfect knowledge of the constitution of the individual soul. the sooner he dies is better for him. He wrote that dhira is one who is not disturbed. spiritually advanced. the devoted and spiritual person has already been awarded spiritual emancipation by elevated activities in this life. Changing the body is an effect of the Law of Karma. is called a dhira or a most sober man. You are also My friend. because this material body is temporary. and both material and spiritual nature. the Supersoul. one may remain undisturbed. For the person who is destined to go to the Kingdom of God. So even if you kill them.” Just as a cruel or otherwise sinful person has already prepared his path to hell. When there is no provocation. one who is not disturbed is called dhira.” Dhira means sober. in either case there was no cause for lamentation. but even in the presence of provocation. Such changes of body are meant to facilitate varieties of enjoyment and suffering caused by the activities of the living entity in this life. So as soon as they give up this body. Why you are disturbed in this way? at does not look well.” is is the instruction Krishna is giving to Arjuna on the Battlefield. A person who is not disturbed by paltry causes is called dhira. “ese persons who wish to fight you on the battlefield are highly elevated. soon they will die and be elevated to an exalted spiritual destination. or at least life in godly bodies.ordinary morality. Whether Arjuna killed them or was killed by them. even in the presence of provocation. All this is in accordance with the Law of Karma. they are among the greatest devotees. Now they have come to fight as a matter of duty. so far your grandfather and teacher. Whether you kill them or not. ere is no guarantee of survival in war. “Why should you lament for your grandfather and teacher? ey are so highly elevated. Let’s look at Krishna’s argument from another perspective.” — 63 — .

because nothing can be done about them. ere are some cases of heatstroke. dhira.” or “My friend is dead. intolerable.A sober man. How much spiritual education is required for the ordinary person to come to this point? “O son of Kunti. even a selfrealized soul is unhappy to see the suffering of this world. I’m human. In the winter season. 110 degrees or higher is not unusual. “Oh. and stop everything? No. No one wants himself or others to die. Still. O scion of Bharata. and food must be cooked on the fire in spite of the soaring summer temperatures. e example He’s giving is that severe heat and cold must simply be tolerated. An ordinary man who experiences the passing of someone close may cry. Still. the temperature is very hot.” A real self-realized yogi knows his own spiritual nature beyond a doubt. So Krishna is instructing Arjuna that this kind of unhappiness and distress is natural in this world. everyone’s business is going on as usual. “What is this death? He has simply changed his body. the street is like a frying pan. and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed. — 64 — . the winter cold is very severe. ese are necessary distresses. Life must go on. one has to go to the office. Whether or not I realize the spiritual truth of the soul. But still. my father is dead. ey arise from sense perception. By nature I’ll be unhappy if my grandfather and teacher are killed. “Yes. Just like in Canada it sometimes goes 30 degrees below zero.” But one who is dhira knows. the impermanent appearance of heat and cold. I’ll still be unhappy.” Of course. nobody can stop his duty. I understand that my grandfather is spirit soul and this body is material. so there is no question of lamentation. and the eternal soul remains forever. e scorching heat is so bad. without being disturbed. so he understands that death is simply another stage of transformation of the body. happiness and distress. You cannot avoid it.14] Now Arjuna’s question is.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. Spiritual maturity means that one has to be able to tolerate suffering patiently. In the desert during the summer. is never deluded by the change of bodies by the living entity. Does it mean that they’ll close their offices and work. one has to go to work. and their disappearance in due course are like the appearance of winter and summer season.

Not that we should think. But still. although there is suffering. But even if your bodily conception of life is so strong that you are sorry.” Although He also says. but with detachment. regardless of circumstances. He is the actual doer and enjoyer in all bodies. It doesn’t matter.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. “Oh. extreme heat. is certainly eligible for liberation. We cannot do anything without Krishna’s sanction. Krishna is advising Arjuna that.” ere is no use crying.” So persons who are spiritually conscious. You have to do your own duty. I shall do it for you. Nobody says. lethargy.” at is laziness.” Everybody is cooking. e important thing in this life is to attain self-realization. “Oh. is is Krishna consciousness. “Even if you think that by discharging your duty as a warrior. should always know that everything is to be done by Krishna.” Will lamenting make it any cooler? What can you do? at is nature’s law. All right.Similarly. Nobody is going back home. ignorance. I cannot cook. ere may be some suffering.” Krishna is practical. at is the transcendental consciousness that Krishna is imparting to Arjuna. Life’s duty has to be done. you simply have to tolerate the difficulty. my dear Arjuna. “Oh. “You have to do it. Extreme heat—yet everyone is cooking. erefore we need not try to perform our work. engaged in God consciousness or Krishna consciousness. the person who is not disturbed by happiness and distress. your grandfather will be killed. “is battle is arranged by Me. Everything else is unimportant. but everyone is going to work as usual. still there is no cause of lamentation. Krishna will do everything. depending on Krishna for the result. there is extreme heat. Krishna never says. and you don’t have to be too much jubilant if there is success. and is steady in both. we have to do our own duty. Still. He says. “O best among men. but it is temporary. ey’re already killed by My will. Never mind whether it is suffering or happiness. just as one has to tolerate extreme heat and cold in winter and summer. You are feeling so sorry to have to fight your relatives. Similarly. Everything is done by Krishna. today is extremely hot. this is the attitude of Krishna consciousness. You don’t have to be sorry if there is failure. We all have to do our own duty. you have to do it. He’ll get a new body and rejuvenated energy. “Oh.15] — 65 — . you are My friend. in winter there is extreme cold.

we have taken to the path of the Esoteric Teaching. erefore we should remain patient.9] — 66 — . He simply performs the process of spiritual cultivation given in the Esoteric Teaching. But it is not possible for her to have the child right away. she may desire a child. and patiently awaits the result. she will simply become frustrated. One who knows the state of spiritual being can never be deviated from his determination to achieve the transcendental world. that if we perform the process of the Esoteric Teaching faithfully. A person who realizes “I am spirit soul.” cannot be deviated or discouraged by the changing conditions of the material world. Krishna assures us: “One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not. progress is sure. For anyone who follows the process of the Esoteric Teaching. he will give her a child. O Arjuna. then in due course of time. that will make getting the child more difficult. If we continue to perform spiritual duties despite changing material conditions. But if she has confidence in the marriage relationship. and her husband is pleased and loves her. in fact. When a young girl marries a boy. take his birth again in this material world. so we have to execute our duties faithfully. Don’t be hesitant. Krishna will give the desired result and we will attain the pinnacle of self-realization. If she demands the child immediately. Spiritual existence is on the platform of eternal transcendental bliss. Just like we have accepted the duty of propagating the Esoteric Teaching. Similarly. upon leaving the body. those who have gone before us on this path. despite the ups and downs of material life. doubtful or impatient. but attains My eternal abode. or Vedic spiritual life.” [Bhagavad-gita 4. So there is no need for her to become impatient. But we know from the experience of our predecessors. e cultivation of spiritual advancement is a life-long endeavor. in due course of time. we can be certain that Krishna will give us the result we desire. Both happiness and suffering refer only to the material body. steady and determined to make spiritual progress. We cannot expect an immediate result.ese are the signs. characteristics or symptoms of someone who is qualified to attain spiritual liberation in this lifetime.

growth and aging of the body take place. as far as humanly possible. going through various transformations in time. So we haven’t got any doubt that the Esoteric Teaching will lead to our spiritual emancipation. We refer to it oen. thus birth. Otherwise it is not within our power to serve Krishna perfectly. Of course. will come to Me. if the quality of our service attitude is pure. Seers have concluded this by studying the nature of both. Our intelligence. then Krishna becomes satisfied and grateful even for a little service. If we observe that something is changing. So our intention is to perform the process of the Esoteric Teaching perfectly. and we are finite. “Anyone who has understood this Esoteric Teaching perfectly. His promise is never false.16] is is a very important verse of Bhagavad-gita. how purely we perform the process of the Esoteric Teaching.” is is His assurance. ere is no endurance of the changing material body. because it summarizes the difference between the material and spiritual natures. “ose who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the nonexistent there is no endurance and of the eternal there is no cessation. energy. Krishna gives the result based only on how sincere we are. But the spirit soul exists permanently. and everything about us is finite. talent.e Lord says. But He assures us that the desired result will come if we act sincerely to advance in spiritual life by means of His Esoteric Teaching. at the body is changing every moment by the actions and reactions of different chemical reactions in its cells is confirmed by modern medical science.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. aer leaving this body. we cannot execute anything perfectly in the presence of Krishna because He is infinite. the original yoga method given in Bhagavad-gita and other Vedic scriptures. because Krishna has promised the result of our activities. while the temporary material existence is in constant flux. is is Krishna’s exalted character and His loving kindness upon us. Krishna is the supreme spiritual authority. then it must be material. Everything truly spiritual is eternal and unchanging. remaining the same despite all changing circumstances of the — 67 — . But if we try our best. because we are very insignificant.

even aer liberation. he remains the same person. if it goes too far away. ey give the analogy that the small amount of sky within a pitcher or pot mixes with the big sky when it is broken. we can perceive their individuality. but keeps his individuality eternally. its separate individual existence is still there. in the daytime we can’t see any stars in the sky due to the dazzling effulgence of the sunshine. Its individuality remains. By nature the body is ever-changing and the soul is eternal and unchanging. At night we can see millions of stars. childhood and adolescence. at is the difference between matter and spirit. nobody can see where the bird is. becoming all-pervading without any individual existence. Similarly. It is a limitation of our perception that we see it has merged with the sky. it does not mean the stars have merged with the sky. We remain the same individuals that we were in babyhood. When the bird enters the tree. So he cannot mix with the totality of spirit. of course. even aer the death of the material body. is conclusion is accepted by all classes of transcendentalists. but we do not have the power to observe it. he merges with the Supersoul. because the spirit soul is always an individual with his own identity. e spirit soul is always the same individual. it has not. Comparing the sky within the pot with the spirit soul is invalid. But any analogy holds true only if it accurately models the actual situation. Actually. e constitutional nature of the spirit soul is eternal. Similarly. but this erroneous impression is — 68 — .body and mind. the impersonalists think that when the spirit soul attains liberation. because the leaves of the tree are green and the bird is also green. e difference is that the impersonalist hypothesizes that aer liberation. Just like when we see an airplane flying in the sky. both the impersonalists and personalists. it seems to us that the airplane has disappeared and merged with the sky. e Esoteric Teaching says that the soul is always an individual person. both personalist and impersonalist. because in the absence of proximity to the sun. But that does not mean the bird has lost its individuality. at is accepted by all philosophers. the spirit soul merges with the Supreme Soul. But that is just an artifact of our limited perception. It gives the analogy of a green parrot entering a green tree. despite the changes of the material body.

It is so bright that we think that liberated souls merge into it. is is because one whose spiritual realization is perfect is never bewildered by the dazzling effulgence of the Supreme. Brahman. “Learned transcendentalists who know the Absolute Truth call this nondual substance Brahman. like unto the sun. e supreme spiritual conception is the self-effulgent Supreme Personality of Godhead. whether the soul is in the conditioned or liberated stage of spiritual life. But we perceive them as one due to the limitations of our vision. we will realize the Supersoul. at is His personal feature. Similarly. maintainer of the universe. well-wisher of the progenitors of mankind. a student of the Esoteric Teaching can clearly perceive the eternal relationship between the soul and the Supersoul. the second level realization is Paramatma. please remove the effulgence of Your transcendental rays so that I can see Your form of bliss. O regulating principle. although they are related as cause and effect. You are the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead. O primeval philosopher. It is also confirmed in Bhagavad-gita: — 69 — . Visnu or Krishna. Paramatma or Bhagavan. as am I. is similar to the glaring sunshine.” Brahman’s real feature is Visnu. or the Supreme Brahman is Visnu. Krishna. e Vedas also confirm this conclusion: “O my Lord. and when still further advanced.” Just like we cannot see the sun globe perfectly. the impersonal Absolute Truth. the Supreme Personality of Godhead.due simply to the limitations of their spiritual perception. our first impression of the Supreme.11] e first level of realization is Brahman. is truth also has been established in the Visnu Purana: “Visnu and His abodes all have self-illuminated spiritual existence. in addition to the individual soul. e sunshine is different from the sun globe. However.” [Sri Isopanisad. destination of the pure devotees. the Supersoul.2. due to the dazzling sunshine. most complete realization is the personal form of God. But when we become further advanced. and the highest. Mantra 16] e author of Isopanisad is petitioning the Lord that “Please withdraw Your effulgence so that I can see Your real face.” [SrimadBhagavatam 1.

the Supreme is described as the origin of all emanations.16 refer only to spirit and matter. e difference between oneself and the Supreme Being should be understood as the relationship between the part and the whole. but his influence is so potent and pervasive that this tiny particle is the source and controller of the entire material body. e spirit soul is very small. transcendental instructions by the Lord to the living entities who are bewildered by the influence of ignorance. Just like if you take a tiny dose of LSD. the finite spirit soul and the infinite Spirit Whole. and the consequent realization of the difference between the living entities and the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the Vedic scriptures. nor by fire or electricity. or the teacher and the taught. at is the version of all seers of truth. To drive away such ignorance. erefore one can understand the nature of the Supreme by thorough study of oneself. ose who reach it never return to this material world. Although there is no fundamental qualitative difference between the energy and the energetic. or nature. but the Lord is not. “at which pervades the body is indestructible. is His subordinate creation. is difference is primarily quantitative: we are limited. No one is able to destroy the imperishable soul. just a few micrograms— which you cannot even taste—still you will feel its influence all over your — 70 — . e emanations of the divine are categorized as superior and inferior energies. as the master and the servant. Removal of this ignorance means reestablishment of the eternal relationship between the worshiper and the worshipable Lord.” [Bhagavad-gita 15. the energetic is the Supreme and the emanated energy.6] e words existent and nonexistent in Bhagavad-gita 2. e constitutional position of the living entities therefore is always to be subordinate to the Supreme Lord. is section of Bhagavad-gita is the beginning of the Esoteric Teaching.17] Now.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. Such clear knowledge is impossible to grasp under the spell of ignorance. what is it that pervades the body? It is consciousness. the Lord gives the Esoteric Teaching in Vedic scriptures such as Bhagavad-gita.“at supreme abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon. for the spiritual enlightenment of all beings for all time. atomic in size. e living entity belongs to the superior spiritual nature. or spiritual and material natures.

the body lives and moves according to my will. Consciousness is a property or quality of the soul.body. desire. will. Since the soul is eternal and can never be destroyed. the body immediately dies and begins to decompose. identity. If the influence of a tiny amount of a material substance like LSD can pervade the body. the Mayavadi impersonalist philosophers theorize. So by the pervasive influence of consciousness. One soul cannot be directly conscious of another soul’s body. e soul is so powerful. although the soul. discrimination. is material and thus part of the body. it is consciousness. has so much power that it can influence the functions of the entire body and mind. due to the pervasiveness of my consciousness. For example. including personality. is such a small atomic particle. this indicates that the mind. e spirit soul has other energies and qualities. its qualities are also permanent and unchangeable. Everyone is conscious of the pains and pleasures of the body.) Such a small amount of a material substance. the power of manifestation and many more. this body lives and moves. and even in your mind. But the influence of our consciousness is limited to one’s own body. Anyone can understand what pervades the body. either in part or as a whole. it is so powerful that as long as he is present within the heart. indestructible energetic particle of spiritual energy whose influence pervades the entire body. life energy. aesthetics. But as soon as the soul passes from the body. I am a small particle of pure consciousness. So the personality and individuality of the soul are as eternal as the soul himself. Unfortunately. Because I. But as soon as this body is finished. Similarly. though subtle. is verse of Bhagavad-gita (2. (Incidentally. is consciousness is the energy of the spirit soul. the spiritual self or spark.17) clearly explains the real nature of the soul. and is precious and desirable. “Yes. my small consciousness will merge with the supreme all-pervading — 71 — . the spirit soul. we can understand that there is a spirit soul present in the heart of the body. few people properly understand the nature of consciousness and these other qualities of the soul. I can feel any part of my body. e soul is a powerful. live within the heart of this body. because it can be influenced by a material substance. why not the influence of a tiny particle of spirit? e spiritual influence of the soul is consciousness. love. LSD.

the Supersoul in all bodies. You cannot argue that you are one with God. because your consciousness is limited. and to understand this body and its knower is called knowledge. and we cannot become God by some mystic word jugglery or imaginary meditation. We are certainly conscious. from boyhood to youth to old age. We are simply the inhabitants. — 72 — . erefore He’s also the Knower of the body as Paramatma. you are conscious of your body. and I will attain oneness with God.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. We can never display the symptoms of all-pervasive consciousness.” at is the impersonalist theory. Our constitutional nature is similar to Krishna’s. His consciousness is all-pervading.13] We may temporarily possess this material body. He explains in Bhagavad-gita: “O scion of Bharata. we cannot feel the sensations of other bodies. you should understand that I am also the knower in all bodies. and thereby perfect our spiritual realization. But Krishna’s consciousness is not limited like ours. at is the principal difference between the individual soul and the Supreme Soul. Because our consciousness is limited to this body. our consciousness is limited to this body. Krishna. at is My opinion. because His consciousness is unlimited.” [Bhagavad-gita 13. We cannot artificially become God. But Krishna is conscious of everyone’s body. is the key to this perfection of self-realization.3] e spirit soul is the knower of this body. erefore our real position is to act in service to the Supreme Soul. He is the knower in all bodies. But we observe that in our present condition. e transcendental art of devotional service. erefore the soul is called “one who knows this body. because our consciousness is fundamentally limited to our individual embodiment. whereas we are limited in all respects. in this body. proprietor or owner.consciousness. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. God is eternally God. but He is unlimited. but we are not its creator. but no one can say that we are superconscious. even potentially. “As the embodied soul continuously passes.” I am conscious of my body. Krishna is already God. as given in the great Esoteric Teaching of the Vedas. the soul similarly passes into another body at death.

or a rich man’s body. e renter cannot claim proprietorship or ownership of the property. I am not the proprietor or owner. We existed eternally in the past. According to your karma. we can transfer to a better apartment in the next life. then we — 73 — . or a tree or plant—according to your accumulated karma. “Don’t think we did not exist in the past or that we shall not continue to exist in the future. and we will continue to exist in the future without any limitation. the owner or proprietor is someone else. or previous lives’ work. and Krishna is the actual proprietor or landlord. and the proprietor is a different person. Otherwise. Krishna says in Bhagavad-gita 2. a temporary resident. but they do not understand that the actual proprietor of the body is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One child with little qualification is given a lowclass room. or residential situation. like a beautiful movie star body. a cheap apartment. a dog or a cat. is conception of the dance of material nature is the key to understanding our material situation. we are existing at present.12. It is not due to chance. why is everyone’s bodily situation so different? Everyone does not get a first-class body.” e spirit soul is eternal. is is our position: we are only tenants in this body. if we are able to pay more rent. is bodily inequality is the result of the path of material cause and effect. Another child born nearby at the same time is very poor. you get a body exactly according to your qualification. If we increase our qualification. Everyone knows that the tenant is only the occupant of a rental property. So I am the spirit soul inhabiting this body. Otherwise there is no reasonable explanation of why one person is born rich and another. A child born into a rich family is immediately rich. poor. Or if we cannot pay the present rent. according to our capacity to pay rent. I am simply the resident or occupant of the body. Why? ere must be some intelligent arrangement according to the individual’s qualifications. according to his greater capacity of paying rent. So in each birth you get a particular type of body—as the child of a rich man or a poor man.Just like if you live in a rented house. Materialists are very attached to the body. And another child with better karmic qualification is given a very luxurious apartment. but takes one temporary body aer another according to his qualification. God gives us a particular apartment. according to his lesser capacity of paying rent.

we are simply changing bodies from one lifetime to another according to our karma. Soon I will change again to an old man body. according to my qualification. Just like in an apartment building there are so many bricks.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 10. from boyhood to youth to old age. What is the essential difference between this body and an apartment building? No essential difference. similarly. who considers the by-products or relations of the body to be his kinsmen. ere is no reason to be identified with the apartment.have to move to a less expensive apartment. e body is simply an apartment in which the soul temporarily resides while in the material world. So what is this body? Simply a complicated construction of material elements. then I changed to an adult body. First I was in an infant’s body. in this body.84. then I changed from that apartment into a boy body. the bones of the body are like bricks. or to think the body is the self. or who goes to the place of pilgrimage simply to take a bath rather than meet men of transcendental knowledge there. in the body there are many — 74 — . similarly. then again I changed from that apartment into an adolescent body. according to Ayurvedic medicine this body is made of mucus.13] Even in this life I experience that I have changed apartments so many times. stone and cement.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. is simple concept answers so many difficult questions about spiritual life. And in the apartment building there are so many pipes full of water and other liquids. is to be considered like an ass or a cow. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. who considers the land of birth worshipable. So we are eternal. “A human being who identifies this material body with his self. I’ll have to accept another apartment. Why is it so difficult for many people to understand this science of the soul? e spirit soul in the material world is away from his natural home in the spiritual world.13] Just like an apartment building is made of bricks. and when I vacate that apartment at the time of death. erefore he must possess a material body in which to reside. another body. bile and air.

the human body. a zero-sum game. if you think about it. Otherwise. ere is no essential or qualitative difference between the materials in this body and in the entire universe. you cannot create the bricks and other building materials. moons and the vast expanse of space—are made of the same material ingredients. But just as the tenant of an apartment is qualitatively different from the apartment itself. ey cannot hear Bhagavad-gita or the Esoteric Teaching from a self-realized Master Teacher. As soon as you make some profit on one side. a cheap low-class apartment or an opulent. Anyone who wants to make tangible spiritual advancement must understand this point very clearly. e materialists do not think. forgetfulness or the illusory concept of life. And that is the advancement of material civilization: simply increasing the digging and piling up of material. the elephant’s body. expensive townhouse. soon my karma will kick me out of this body. Similarly. Karma means that everything is balanced. a large quantity of the same material ingredients.” ey too busy digging and piling up material to contemplate the real situation. suns. conscious and personal. e body is a small quantity and the universe. and the soul is spiritual energy. lymph and other materials within the abdomen. For example. — 75 — . e body is constructed of material energy. this body is made of the same materials as the whole material manifestation. e electrical wiring of the apartment may be compared with the nerves and brain of the body. if you want to construct a big apartment building. You have to dig material from somewhere else. there is a loss on another side. ey are too busy with temporary material work. the soul is qualitatively different from the body he inhabits. “Why am I uselessly digging and piling this material stuff? Aer all.pipes carrying blood. e ant’s body. is is called maya. It is only a difference of quantity: a big apartment or a small apartment. you must dig up the earth to provide the materials. simply a difference in quantity. is is the material world. and then all my work of digging and piling will come to naught. at’s all. process it and pile it up until the building is complete. and this gigantic universe—with its innumerable planets.

one may believe or disbelieve. a respectable gentleman living in a very nice house or apartment in a good neighborhood.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. good resources. Similarly. a beautiful body. if you have good intelligence. at is the message of our Esoteric Teaching. — 76 — . in this body. from boyhood to youth to old age. Even in this life. as Krishna is urging Arjuna to fight his relatives who are sunk in material illusion. a poor man living in a small cottage or unclean apartment in a bad neighborhood has a certain attitude and consciousness. the infant body. gets a particular type of body. adult body. although all living entities are spirit souls. So if you are fortunate. adolescent body. according to the body.13] e soul is changing apartments according to his qualification. he develops a particular consciousness and mentality. he develops qualities of consciousness influenced by his association with that body. “I don’t believe in transmigration of the soul. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. So. the soul lives in different apartments: the fetus body. But if you use those good qualifications only to pursue animalistic material activities. Bhagavad-gita says that you are misled. you waste the tremendous spiritual opportunity of this human life.“As the embodied soul continuously passes. although the poor man and the rich man are both human beings. then nature will give you a nice body. When the living being. has a different mentality. and simply stuck in bodily consciousness. their intelligence and consciousness develop differently according to their circumstances and experience. don’t spoil it by simply behaving like cats and dogs. e materialists say. child body. erefore fight against this misunderstanding. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. and progressing in spiritual life. For example. utilize it for understanding further good. but nature’s work will go on according to these spiritual principles. according to the apartment or body a soul occupies. old man body.” Well. If you have developed the karmic qualifications required to occupy a first-class apartment. Another man. or the soul. And one’s intelligence and consciousness develop according to the apartment.

is is the law of nature. I existed. No land is originally America or Germany or France or England. “Please vacate. Actually. But actually it is not the same body. is based on false material designation.” you must leave the body immediately. If I were still in the — 77 — . erefore we think we remain in the same body throughout life. But as soon as the soul is not there. we existed in the past in a different body. but the false material designation was not there. If you have the understanding that “I am not this body. As long the soul is there. Where is the difficulty to understand? You did not create anything. you have to vacate. ey accept the illusion: “is land is America. the land does not belong to you or the government. people think: “I am a citizen of this country because I am born in this land. it is changing because the person. is is a different body. You cannot cross without a passport. e land was there.” So nationalism. Because as soon as Krishna orders you. People have falsely named it: “is is America. you voluntarily leave because it has become unlivable.” at is also illusion.Take this understanding and use it to think through everything. e proprietor of the body is also Krishna. “Why I am falsely identifying myself with this land?” Under the aegis of nationalism. the same change is happening at the time of death. Or if you have rented a house and the proprietor does not repair it. but now I cannot jump like that. e body of the youth is different from the baby body. Just like when the landlord asks you to vacate a rented property. at land is Mexico. Now I have to move much more carefully.” then you should also think. the soul. And how nicely it is explained in Bhagavad-gita. but it belongs to God. which is the cause of so much unnecessary fighting and suffering. I am spirit soul. a false concept. a dead body will not grow or change. the body will change. ese are just some of the terrible consequences of misunderstanding the science of the soul. is living within the body. say.” Five hundred years ago. e land was created by God. the law of God. As we have changed the body so many times even in this life. You did not create even your own body. en I was jumping and playing as a boy. en some Europeans colonized it and then named it. there was no America. So we understand that even in this lifetime. But we cannot see how this change of body is taking place. 40 years ago in a different body. so it is God’s property.

dhira means that one engages his intelligence to create favorable circumstances for spiritual growth. and that therefore Brahman and Parabrahman are one. and I am the knower of the Vedas. Indeed. are called dhira. So by thinking through the logic of this verse. Many people. I am the compiler of Vedanta. I am to be known.” [Bhagavad-gita 15. who understand the secrets of the soul and spiritual life according to the Esoteric Teaching. e circumstances most favorable for spiritual life are to be associated with a bona fide mystery school under the direction of a living self-realized Master Teacher. Certainly. us they attempt to draw an artificial distinction between the Vedas and Bhagavad-gita. the body is different. “By all the Vedas. and the spirit soul or individual soul are the same. the Supreme Lord. or dhira. so it is different body. or are we following some other understanding found in Bhagavad-gita? Is there really any difference or contradiction between the Vedas and Bhagavad-gita? Bhagavad-gita says. and the Vedas are the pure knowledge of Parabrahman. then does this mean that the tiny subatomic atma and the great Paramatma are identical? Some sectarian philosophers and religionists assert that the Bhagavad-gita is only a song of Lord Krishna. therefore the word dhira applies to those who can understand. Just as to create healthy body. such as this Esoteric Teaching. But now it is not possible. are under the mistaken impression that the Paramatma or Supreme Soul. try to understand: those who are intelligent and sober-minded.same body. both in India and the West. en there is every prospect for complete success in the perfection of yoga. the atma is the part and parcel of Paramatma. similarly. you have to eat and exercise properly so you will not fall sick. then I could still jump like a boy. erefore one has to become intelligent and sober. Intelligence means that to facilitate spiritual understanding we have to create favorable circumstances. but does this really mean that atma and Paramatma are one? If the atma is part and parcel of Paramatma. Does the Esoteric Teaching follow the philosophy of the original Vedas.15] — 78 — . Ordinary materialistic fools and rascals cannot understand the mysteries of the soul. Although it has changed imperceptibly over many years’ time.

and anta means ultimate. as the Vedas confirm.2. especially Vedanta. All the Vedic literatures agree that ultimate knowledge is to know God. the Supreme Personality of Godhead. If you cannot understand Krishna by your study of Vedas and Vedanta. us the ultimate conclusion of the Vedas is called Vedanta. simply useless labor. like RamanujMaster Teacher and MadhvMaster Teacher.” [Bhagavad-gita 13. one cannot come to the right path by which religious principles are understood. Simply by studying the Vedas. “One should approach a bona fide spiritual Master Teacher. but the Vedic literatures certainly do. yoga and so forth do not lead you to understanding Krishna. Mahabharata and many other Vedic scriptures were compiled by Vyasadeva. then it is srama. meditation. then it is certainly just useless labor. which are variegated. Vedanta and Bhagavad-gita. Upanisads. All the great Master Teachers in India.” [SrimadBhagavatam 1. You may not accept Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Veda means knowledge. one should accept whatever progressive path the — 79 — .8] So if your hard work and study of Vedas and Vedanta or other scriptures.8] “Dry arguments are inconclusive.e actual purpose of the Vedas and Vedanta is to help us understand Krishna. e solid truth of religious principles is hidden in the heart of an unadulterated self-realized person. So we have to follow the footprints of the great stalwart Master Teachers. Consequently. Many have written commentaries on Vedantasutra that accept Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. A great personality whose opinion does not differ from others is not considered a great sage. erefore there is no actual difference between the conclusions of the Vedas. who is also considered an incarnation of Krishna. accept Krishna. “e occupational activities a man performs according to his own position are only so much useless labor if they do not provoke attraction for the message of the Personality of Godhead. at is the relationship of Bhagavad-gita with all other Vedic literature. So all the great Master Teachers have accepted Krishna as the ultimate aim of the Vedic Esoteric Teaching. e four original Vedas.

” [Caitanya-caritamrta. by the time Sankara wrote Sariraka-bhasya. son of Vasudeva. “O my Lord.186]. Actually. Srimad-Bhagavatam is the original commentary on Vedanta. By Him even the great sages and demigods are placed into illusion. If we follow the footprints of the Master Teachers. I therefore meditate upon Him. Madhya-lila 17. I meditate upon Lord Sri Krishna because He is the Absolute Truth and the primeval cause of all causes of the creation. which is forever free from the illusory representations of the material world. temporarily manifested by the reactions of the three modes of nature. or land seen on water. Only because of Him do the material universes. I meditate upon Him. it would be Vyasadeva.Master Teachers advocate. He is directly and indirectly conscious of all manifestations. the original living being. as one is bewildered by the illusory representations of water seen in fire. When most people speak of Vedanta. although they are unreal. they are referring to the Vedanta-sutra commentary of SankarMaster Teacher. the author of Vedantasutra.1. sustenance and destruction of the manifested universes. Lord Sri Krishna.1] — 80 — . And he asserts throughout Srimad-Bhagavatam that Lord Sri Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead. and goes on to glorify the exalted position and qualities of Sri Krishna. O all-pervading Personality of Godhead. Sri Krishna. the original author. and He is independent because there is no other cause beyond Him. If anyone can understand the real meaning of Vedanta-sutra. for He is the Absolute Truth. the Sarirakabhasya. and they all disagree with and refute Sankara’s impersonal interpretation. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. appear factual. who is eternally existent in the transcendental abode. the great souls. But Sankara’s impersonalist commentary is a comparatively recent invention. written over 5.000 years ago by Srila Vyasadeva. It is He only who first imparted the Vedic knowledge unto the heart of Brahmaji.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1. Srimad-Bhagavatam begins with a quote from Vedanta-sutra. all the great Master Teachers had already written commentaries on Vedanta-sutra. then we find there is no distinction between the philosophy of Vedanta-sutra and Bhagavad-gita.

We will examine this point in detail in later posts in this series. Paramatma is very great. spirit soul? It is not very difficult to understand. but different in quantity. e children are not qualitatively different from the father. But Paramatma is a different individual person from the atma. you are very small. In other words. It requires transcendental logic to understand. and Paramatma is spirit. Certainly. simultaneous oneness and difference. the spirit soul is part and parcel of the Paramatma. but quantitatively different. infinite Spirit. But the Paramatma has created millions of gigantic planets and stars floating in unlimited space. bhakti-yoga or the Esoteric Teaching is the real study of Vedanta. Krishna. Similarly the spirit soul. but we cannot create like Paramatma. erefore we are qualitatively one with God. or individual soul. the father is superior or senior. what is the difference between Paramatma and spirit soul. but still. at is the difference. and the children are dependent. ordinary two-valued Western Aristotelian materialistic logic can never accommodate the actual transcendental situation. their ingredients and qualities are the same or very similar to his. and the Paramatma is the unlimited. Vedanta means to know God. the father is in a superior position. the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Just like a grown man is a father with a number of children at home. Because they are his children. e father and his children are qualitatively one. e question is really very simple. But the spirit soul is a tiny subatomic particle of spirit. and the answer is also very simple. and God has creative power. We have some creative power. and the children are inferior or junior. down through history to the present day. So. is is the conclusion of all the Vedic scriptures and Master Teachers. and also vastly superior both in quantity and position. but still. So we have got some very tiny quantity of creative power. is philosophy is inconceivable. We can create some tiny satellites and launch them into orbit around the earth. but qualitatively similar: spirit soul is spirit. and Paramatma the Supreme Soul are quantitatively different. e spirit soul and Paramatma are one in quality. — 81 — .Vedanta does not mean impersonal godlessness. from the original author of the Vedas and Vedanta.

Paramatma has supreme independence. But due to materially conditioned consciousness. — 82 — . us your misuse of your minute independence leads to the suffering experienced by all living entities in the material world. which include the mind. But the Vedic scriptures do not agree with that philosophy. We are completely dependent on Paramatma.” [Bhagavad-gita 15. then you’ll be happy. You are independent. but have a little independence also. they are struggling very hard with the six senses. also say that there is no difference between service to human beings and service to Paramatma. but then you have to accept the karma generated by your material activities.22]. to go against the purposes of Paramatma. we create havoc. enjoying the three modes of nature. does it mean the father is responsible? “e living entity in material nature thus follows the ways of life. You can associate with different qualities of material nature. “e living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal fragmental parts.66]. You’ll be happy. But when we misuse that little independence. e father loves his son and gives him good advice: “My dear boy. clear instructions of God in Bhagavad-gita and other Vedic scriptures.Because we are similar to Paramatma in quality. en who is responsible for the son’s travails. we have some independent will. us he meets with good and evil among various species.” [Bhagavad-gita 18. But you do not abide by that.” [Bhagavad-gita 13. complete and unlimited independence. and gets into trouble. at is the value proposition of the Esoteric Teaching. the father or the son? Our experienced advice is that if you work according to the simple. is is due to his association with that material nature. erefore Paramatma’s instruction is “Give up all different types of religion and just surrender to Me.7] Paramatma is certainly responsible for the creation of both the jivatmas and this material world.” But the son does whatever he likes. Many people who hold the impersonalist view that the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the individual soul are identical. Just like a father certainly creates his children. but He is not responsible for our misuse of our tiny independence. both individually and collectively. therefore you suffer. do like this. but if the child becomes a thief. You create your own independent path.

” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 4. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. and as supplying food to the stomach enlivens the senses and limbs of the body. You simply waste your time if you water the leaf. e best service is to worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the medium of transcendental sound vibration. in this body.25] erefore the Esoteric Teaching recommends to chant the Holy Names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead as one’s principal form of yoga and spiritual service. When we hold the relationship between spirit soul and Paramatma in the proper context of simultaneously one and different. We may help a few individuals by serving one person at a time. twigs and leaves flourish. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. from boyhood to youth to old age.” [Bhagavadgita 10. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. and of immovable things I am the Himalayas. If you water the leaf. who are parts of that Supreme Personality. our conception is properly aligned with the actual reality.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. the whole tree is nourished. “Of the great sages I am Bhrgu. Of sacrifices I am the chanting of the holy names. at will be most effective in reviving our original ecstatic spiritual consciousness. simply worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead through devotional service automatically satisfies the demigods. twigs and everything else. and will help us to attain the perfection of yoga very quickly. automatically the branches. because you cannot make the tree flourish and produce fruit that way.“As pouring water on the root of a tree energizes the trunk. of vibrations I am the transcendental om. you simply think that you are doing service. is transcendental ontological conception is the actual active ingredient in spiritual progress. but if you put water on the root. and everything becomes invigorated. en once we are in the normal healthy state of spiritual consciousness. but this is like pouring water on the leaves of the tree. it will gradually dry up. branches.14] If you water the leaves of a tree. we can really help other people.13] — 83 — . But if you water the root. but you are doing nothing.31.

e material energies are separated from Krishna. e ingredients of material nature are also described in Bhagavad-gita: “Earth. O mighty-armed Arjuna. mind. mind. sky.” [Bhagavad-gita 7. Krishna’s transcendental body is completely spiritual. there is another. What kind of energy particle has properties like consciousness? A fragmental particle of the Supreme Consciousness. intelligence and false ego—all together these eight constitute My separated material energies. superior energy of Mine. water. air.20] Krishna emanates two classes of energies. material nature and spiritual nature.” [Bhagavad-gita 10.4] ese eight types of material substances—earth.” [Bhagavad-gita 8. Arjuna. When Arjuna asked Krishna. and is never in contact with material nature. for all this detailed knowledge? With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe. It is supreme and is never annihilated.42] e whole material world is sustained by a partial manifestation of Krishna’s energies.” [Bhagavad-gita 7. ether. fire. Tthis temporary phenomenal material cosmos is only one fourth of God’s total energy. inferior nature. “Yet there is another unmanifest nature. When all in this world is annihilated. fire. they are of different quality. intelligence and false ego—comprise material nature. Your power and energies?” Krishna explained His energies to Arjuna in detail. “Besides these. e other three-fourths of His energy is the eternal noumenal spiritual world.e soul is a particle of conscious energy. but the spiritual nature is described as eternal and transcendental to this material nature. that part remains as it is. “How are You controlling the whole cosmos. e material manifestation is temporary. but finally He concluded: “But what need is there. which comprises the living entities who are exploiting the resources of this material. in other words. air. which is eternal and is transcendental to this manifested and unmanifested matter. water.5] — 84 — .

140] e dimension of the living entity is given as one tenthousandth of the tip of a hair. Similarly. is spiritual energy is composed of many individual small particles of the Supreme Lord. but actually the sunshine is composed of small individual particles. Similarly. we living entities. e human hair is about 100 microns in diameter. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. e sunshine appears homogeneous. particles of spirit. or 10 millionths of a meter. What is the sunshine? It is a flood of very small shining subatomic particles. are energies emanated by the Supreme Lord. superior nature. but is actually composed of tiny shining subatomic particles. “e living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal fragmental parts. just like the sunshine is the energy of the sun globe. and the tip of an uncut hair tapers to about 10 microns.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. Madhya-lila 19.ese material energies are inferior. So the living entity or soul is the spiritual energy of the Supreme Lord. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. It looks homogeneous. erefore we are similar to the Lord in quality. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. or soul. — 85 — . in this body. ey are all cit-kana.13] e living entity.7] We are a small particle of conscious living energy. just as in the example of the sun and the sunshine.” [Bhagavad-gita 15. photons. What is that? e living entity or spirit soul. from boyhood to youth to old age. and then divide one of these parts again into a hundred parts. Sunshine is the energy emanated by the sun globe. there is another. not matter. How small? e size of the spirit soul is also described in the confidential scriptures of the Esoteric Teaching: “If we divide the tip of a hair into a hundred parts.” [Caitanya-caritamrta. But beyond this inferior material nature. we spirit souls are also miniscule particles of the Supreme Lord. is an energy of the Supreme Lord. that very fine division is the size of the numberless living entities.

20] Spiritual realization or enlightenment means. Similarly. Nevertheless. even if it were visible to material vision. is self-realization is the perfection of all yoga practice. erefore the beginning of spiritual education is to understand one’s own self and the ontological position of the soul. the materialists cannot understand themselves because they are looking for the soul in the wrong way. But here is information from the Esoteric Teaching of the measurement of the living soul. Western science is very proud of creating sensitive measuring instruments. then you can understand the composition of the gold bar from which it came.erefore according to the Vedic scriptures. So this is really an ontological problem. if you test a little drop of water from the ocean. to understand the spirit soul. Because the spirit soul is a small particle of the Lord. the size of the particle of the spirit soul is about .1 nanometers. — 86 — .) So-called objective material empirical investigation can never reveal the real form or nature of the spirit soul. they say he is formless and impersonal. or measure it even with the most powerful microscope. (e transcendental ontology of the soul is discussed in detail on our site Transontology. So the spirit soul is an invisible particle of transcendental energy smaller than a material atom and beyond the resolution of any material Just like if you test a small particle of gold.2. Because the materialistic scientists cannot observe or measure the spirit soul. we can understand the quality of the Lord by understanding him. Now.” [Katha Upanisad 1. personal entities. then you can at least begin to understand the qualities and characteristics of God. you cannot perceive such a tiny particle with your eyes. first of all. If you analyze the characteristics of the living entity.0001 microns. you can analyze the chemical composition of the entire sea. or . Only one who has become free from all material desire and lamentation can understand the glories of the soul by the grace of the Supreme. we all experience ourselves subjectively as conscious. How then can we ascertain the existence and transcendental form of the Lord? “Both the Supersoul [Paramatma] and the atomic soul [spirit soul] are situated on the same tree of the body within the heart of the living being.

from boyhood to youth to old age. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. e self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth. You are the eternal. along with sincere inquiries and service. then you can understand the properties of a large mass of gold.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. Because each soul is a subatomic particle of the Lord.13] Here is the solution for all the problems of material life. To acquire actual transcendental knowledge. Just like if you test a small particle of gold. e suffering of material existence is due to the constant changing of the body. we must learn it from a qualified teacher. aer hearing Bhagavad-gita from Krishna. one should approach a qualified self-realized Master Teacher and patiently hear the Esoteric Teaching from him. then you can at least begin understand the characteristics of God. Similarly. the Absolute Truth. and does not die when the body dies. first of all. if you analyze the ontological characteristics of the living entity. including the problem of death. So spiritual education or enlightenment means. we must try to understand the spirit soul. How can we attain self-realization? We have to take transcendental knowledge from the Esoteric Teaching. speaking the Esoteric Teaching in Bhagavad-gita. in this body. the ultimate abode. also accepts Him as the Supreme Person: “Arjuna said: You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” [Bhagavad-gita 4. erefore the beginning of spiritual education is to understand one’s self. And if you test a little drop of water from the ocean. Realizing one’s eternal spiritual nature is called self-realization. Krishna. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.34] So here is the supreme teacher. the purest.“As the embodied soul continuously passes. And Arjuna. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person who knows this Esoteric Teaching perfectly is relieved from all the anxieties of material life. by that study we can also understand the spiritual qualities of the Lord to some extent. Yet the spirit soul is eternal and indestructible. beginning from conception up to death. “Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. erefore. you can analyze the chemical composition of the entire sea. — 87 — .

MadhvMaster Teacher.transcendental.” [SrimadBhagavatam 1. and Rupa and Sanatana Gosvamis of Vrndavana. Narada. Visnusvami and even SankarMaster Teacher. the unborn. and now You Yourself are declaring it to me.3. And in the modern age. He is accepted by great Master Teachers like Sri RamanujMaster Teacher. I totally accept as truth all that You have told me. All of them appear on planets whenever there is a disturbance created by the atheists. but Lord Sri Krishna is the original Personality of Godhead. So if you already have some taste for Indian Vedic spiritual culture. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Ramanada Roy. Devala. original person. O Lord. Neither the demigods nor the demons. and Vyasa confirm this truth about You. All these great sages and Master Teachers came from India. Bhaktivinod akur and our own spiritual Master Teacher. the greatest.” [Bhagavad-gita 10. Similarly. Suta and all other great sages. Visvanath Cakravarti akur and Narottama das akur. Asita. Lord Brahma also accepted Krishna: — 88 — . such as Sri Svarupa Damodara Gosvami. Sukadeva.28] at is the acceptance of Krishna as the Supreme in Srimad-Bhagavatam. are the architects and senior Master Teachers of this lineage of the Esoteric Teaching. His immediate followers and disciples. We have to follow the Master Teachers to attain perfect knowledge of transcendence. O Krishna. but also by great Vedic sages like Vyasadeva. you are fortunate because you have some contact with these great sages of the Esoteric Teaching. can understand Your personality. Abhay Caranaravindam akur. Our linage includes such great spiritual luminaries as Baladeva Vidyabhusana. also accepted that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. All the great sages such as Narada. the powerful devotional incarnation of the Supreme Lord who appeared only five hundred years ago. And all these Master Teachers accept Krishna as the Supreme Lord.12-14] Krishna is accepted as the supreme teacher not only by Arjuna. Asita. Devala. e Lord incarnates to protect the theists. “All of the above-mentioned incarnations are either plenary portions or portions of the plenary portions of the Lord. More recently.

” [Brahmasamhita 5. e mischief-makers also have merit. So there is no doubt about it. Mudha means ass. So. or no intelligence. whose knowledge is stolen by illusion.” [Bhagavad-gita 7. is the Supreme Godhead. Yet he is working so hard unnecessarily. because their intelligence is directed toward criminal activities. In other words. e more intelligent they are. Such misdirected people are called miscreants. who is known as Govinda. he requires intelligence to plan the heist. duskrtina means miscreants. how to become a smuggler. When a thief steals. those who are meritorious only for making mischief. and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me. is is the final verdict of the Esoteric Teaching.15] ose who do not accept Krishna are called duskrtina. the more mischief they perform. e ass works very hard all day carrying clothes for the washerman. Another class mentioned in this sloka is mudha.“Krishna. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. we can also have direct experience of Krishna. who are lowest among mankind. how to steal very tactfully. Criminals also require good intelligence. He is the origin of all. and He is the prime cause of all causes. how to be a great rogue tactfully. duskrtina. So we also accept Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Finally. And by practicing His instructions. but their intelligence is misused for mischievous activities. and dus means misusing. but they use their merit for making mischief. mayaya apahrta-jnanah means — 89 — . uncivilized aborigines and savages. and at the end of the day is satisfied with a little grass. Everyone has got some merit. But why is it that some people do not accept Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Why do so many important scholars and big scientists refuse to accept Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead? at is also stated in the Bhagavad-gita: “ose miscreants who are grossly foolish. So he’s applying his intelligence. He has no other origin. ey have less intelligence. Krti means meritorious. which is actually obtainable anywhere. And naradhama means the lowest of the mankind. they are rogues and thieves.1] ere is so much evidence in the Vedic scriptures that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

” [Bhagavad-gita 2. then Bhagavad-gita has no meaning. trying this kind of yoga and that kind of meditation.13] e Esoteric Teaching is a living mystery school meant to preach all over the world that “Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead” [SrimadBhagavatam 1. Your mind is full of doubt and uncertainty. But in spite of making so much effort. ey are cheated by false teachers and useless teachings. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. So the Esoteric Teaching is delivered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and passed down carefully through the lineage of great sages. erefore the perfection of yoga is found by attaining selfrealization by following the instructions of Krishna in Bhagavad-gita and other literatures of the Esoteric Teaching. sometimes you think that “ere is no God. illusion.” or “Everyone is God. ese are very strong terms.” or “God is dead. You are searching aer God. Master Teachers and incarnations. So those who are duskrtina. we are not making up these statements. ese words are there in the Bhagavad-gita. And He condemns those who do not surrender unto Him with very strong language. studying so many different — 90 — . mudha. And asuram bhavam asritah means those who take shelter of the atheistic nature of demons. and reading many different books. But our value proposition is: “Why you are taxing your brain? Why are you trying so hard. that is why you are reading this. mayaya apahrta-jnanah or asuram bhavam asritah do not recognize Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So.3. You are taxing your brain so much. If we study Bhagavad-gita sincerely. But we are not manufacturing these words. If Krishna is not the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” and so on. the soul similarly passes into another body at death.those whose knowledge has been stolen by maya. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. from boyhood to youth to old age. or the song that is sung by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. in this body. going to this teacher and that seminar. Bhagavad-gita means the speech that is delivered.28]. because the opinions of an ordinary man are full of imperfections. And then later on you change your mind and think something different. we have to accept the statements of Krishna as the supreme spiritual teacher. you are still unsure what is the truth.

3. He appeared in His four-handed Visnu form. You certainly have some powers that are similar to God’s because every one of us is a part and parcel of God. and by His unparalleled activities when He appeared on this planet 5. erefore we do have some godly qualities. A tiny spirit soul cannot become God. similarly. Krishna was God from the very beginning of His earthly pastimes. God is always God. It is not possible that one can become God by discovering some secret knowledge or attaining some arcane mystic power. No one can become God by any kind of meditation. and they have found that only Krishna displays all of the qualities of God to an unlimited extent. “All of the above-mentioned incarnations [listed in SrimadBhagavatam] are either plenary portions or portions of the plenary portions of the Lord. at is ontologically impossible. bhagavan svayam. But when His mother prayed to Him to become an ordinary child.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.” e proof is that He is accepted as the Supreme Personality of Godhead by great spiritual authorities. God cannot become a spirit soul. He assumed a human-like infant form with two hands. that is absolutely impossible. we can see that Krishna displays all the symptoms of God. e ontological positions and relationships of all the incarnations. and the spirit souls are always infinitesimal. He displays all the power and other symptoms of God from the very beginning. at is God. but Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the original Personality of Godhead. or Supreme Personality of Godhead.000 years ago.28] ere are many gods who are worshipable by ordinary human beings. Demigods are ordinary living entities who have been empowered to perform specific — 91 — . demigods and living entities have been analyzed by great Vedic scholars. As soon as Krishna took birth. God is not manufactured by some mystic power or speculated by some tricky word jugglery. Most of them are demigods. just like the sunshine can never become the sun.contradictory teachings? Here is God. Krishna. but demigods are not the one Supreme God. Visnu Purana and other authentic Vedic scriptures. but in minuscule quantity. by the Vedic scriptures. You can never become equal to God. from His very His birth. If we read the life of Krishna as described in Srimad-Bhagavatam.

but paramesvara means the Supreme Controller.” Krishna is not only the source of the demigods. is the Supreme Godhead.” [Brahma-samhita 5. “Krishna. is the original person and the Supreme Enjoyer. Paramesvara —are applicable to Krishna alone. and He is the prime cause of all causes. the ultimate abode. Similarly. Candra. e prefix param means the supreme.” [Brahmasamhita 5. the unborn. Siva or Mahesvara. the Supreme Brahman. He’s the origin of everything.” [Bhagavad-gita 10. or expansions of expansions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. “I am the origin of all the demigods.1] We are speaking of the isvarah paramah. We jivas are brahman or spirit. So Krishna says. Krishna. Isvara means controller. and lesser demigods like Indra. in every respect. erefore we who are initiated into the Brahma sampradaya follow his conclusion. Paramatma and Visnu) are either expansions. but paramatma means the Supreme Soul or Supersoul.12] at is the position of Krishna. — 92 — .2] Devanam refers to demigods like Brahma. the greatest. Arjuna declared: “Arjuna said: You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. and indicates God. but the Supreme Lord is Parabrahman. So all these names of the Supreme—Parabrahman. similarly atma means soul.duties of universal administration. Lord Brahma states: “Govinda. Varuna and many more. Aer hearing Bhagavad-gita. original person.” [Bhagavad-gita 10. He has no other origin. but only Krishna is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. He alone is worshipable. aham adir hi devanam. Krishna also says in Bhagavad-gita. Many other incarnations and aspects of God (such as Narayana. Paramatma. the purest. transcendental. or Paramesvara.29] Lord Brahma is the first Master Teacher in our line of the Esoteric Teaching. for. I am the source of the demigods and sages. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. who is known as Govinda. You are the eternal. “Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin or opulences. the Absolute Truth.

if he is intelligent. by spiritual authorities and Master Teachers. why work for some petty merchant? Let me take a position in the government service. not by others. So this is Krishna. at Lord Sri Krishna fits this definition perfectly definition is confirmed by Lord Brahma: “Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. by His unmatched power.5.“I am the source of all worlds. Krishna.” us Vedantasutra also confirms Krishna’s description of Himself in Bhagavad-gita. He must be the most beautiful. We are tiny controllers. Somebody controls a few factories.8] In Vedanta-sutra [1. So the jivas are limited controllers. how he can control? Every one of us jivas is a tiny controller. Unless one is powerful. We control in the office. because Bhagavan or God means that He is complete in six opulences. unprecedented beauty and uncommon pastimes—Bhagavan Sri Krishna is confirmed as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.2] Brahman. [Brahma-samhita 5. He must be the most famous. From all angles of vision—by Vedic scriptural evidence. making a personal connection and enjoying a service relationship with the Supreme Controller.” [Bhagavad-gita 10. we want to be controlled—but only by the supreme controller Krishna. the Supreme Personality of Godhead. he tries to get an appointment to the government service. He must be the strongest.” — 93 — . Everything emanates from Me. at is the meaning and the practice of the Esoteric Teaching. the Absolute Truth is defined as “[e Absolute Truth is] He from whom everything emanates. We do not wish to become the controller.” [Visnu Purana 6. at is our value proposition.1. is Esoteric Teaching means that we are linking up in yoga. Bhagavan. He must know everything. in family life. He must be the greatest renunciate. Because it is natural to feel that “If I have to serve somebody. But nobody can say. so we must be controlled by some bigger controller.47] is is the Vedic definition of God.” e only supreme controller is Krishna. What is Bhagavan? “He must be the richest. by His opulence. “I am the supreme controller. But we do not want to accept any control except directly from the Supreme Controller. Just like if one has no money and must work a job.1] Isvara means controller.

At that time we can understand the real situation: “O my Lord. a Master Teacher of the Esoteric Teaching.” the more we become bewildered by the sufferings and anxieties of material existence. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. I now refuse to obey the unwanted orders of these desires. recently.So that is our proposition. We cannot do anything but serve. why not become a servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead? at is our value proposition. from boyhood to youth to old age.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. by some causeless good fortune we come into association with a great soul. Kindly engage me in Your personal service and save me. but we are willing to surrender to the unconditional. Due to transcendental intelligence. there is no limit to the unwanted orders of material lusty desires. my intelligence has been awakened. Otherwise. however. and that is also the perfection of yoga and the conclusion of the Esoteric Teaching. they have not shown any mercy to me.2.13] e more we consider that “I am this material body. Aer many. and now I am giving them up. O my Lord. “As long as the conditioned soul accepts the material body and is not freed from the contamination of material enjoyment. I have not been ashamed to serve them. Every one of us is serving someone or something at every moment. and I now come to You to surrender myself at Your fearless lotus feet. O head of the Yadu dynasty. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. nor have I even desired to give them up. and as long as he does not conquer his six enemies and come to the platform of self-realization by awakening his spiritual knowledge.” [Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu 3. that we have to serve. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. — 94 — . many lifetimes of being kicked by the constantly shiing. Our proposition is that since you must be a servant of someone in any case. because that is our constitutional ontological status. illusory qualities of material nature. in this body. Although I have rendered these desires so much service. unlimited eternal loving service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. the Supreme Controller.35] So we do not wish to accept the control of the senses or the mind.

we are willing to do anything abominable in their service. — 95 — . at is the meaning of the Esoteric Teaching. en.” and trying to become the servant of the Supreme. that one is not a master but a servant. and thus we are afflicted by six enemies: lust. e consciousness that “I am master” is illusory. I am a servant—but I am trying to become master artificially. We jivas are all servants. dictated by our impure intelligence. Madhya-lila 20.15] In ordinary materially conditioned consciousness. at is why we have to struggle for existence in this material world. on a practical level. Everyone is saying. is spiritual service is our real eternal nature. pride and envy. Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu says. we are servants of our own limited mind and senses.” But our actual position is servant. and to give up being controlled by temporary material desires. We have to change this consciousness to attain liberation. false philosophies and material desires. One has to understand thoroughly. powerful form or many hands and legs. I shall become the Supreme. we are trying to become the master. greed. illusion. at is the cause of the competitive struggle for material supremacy. everyone without exception is serving someone or something at every moment. or liberation means giving up this wrong idea that “I am a master of the material world.11.he has to wander among different places and different species of life in this material world.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 5. anger. “I shall become the master. “It is the living entity’s constitutional position to be an eternal servant of Krishna because he is the marginal energy of Krishna and a manifestation simultaneously one with and different from the Lord. Krishna. Liberation does not mean that aer liberation we’ll have a gigantic. erefore. at ontological misconception is called illusion. And mukti.108-109] Our constitutional ontological condition is that we are eternal servants of God. like a fiery subatomic particle of sunshine. But in material conditioned consciousness. at is real liberation. I am not a master. Liberation means to become liberated from illusory materially conditioned consciousness.” [Caitanyacaritamrta.

We are controlled by different types of desires dictated by maya. old age and disease. he surrenders to Krishna. How we can artificially become masters? We may be very scientifically advanced. and this illusory conception keeps us trapped in material consciousness. serving different concocted desires.” at is the whole purpose of Bhagavad-gita. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. we are subjected to the rules of maya: “e perception of the evil of birth. at is not — 96 — . Otherwise. we may manufacture very wonderful machines and powerfully destructive weapons.” [Bhagavadgita 18. or maya. I am God. e Esoteric Teaching is not manufactured by us. but aer all. Just surrender unto Me.” that is maya. surrenders to Krishna.” [Bhagavad-gita 13. If we do not surrender to the loving control of the Supreme Lord. we are not masters. erefore they are suffering in material illusion. knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Do not fear. erefore a dhira. a sane and sober man who is actually learned.” [Bhagavad-gita 7.9] You cannot get out of these four principles of maya’s machinery: birth. death. In any case we have to remain a servant. and we want to falsely become a master. the whole world is serving the senses. Actually. “I am as good as Krishna. then we have to become the servant of the material mind and senses.66] Krishna says that “You give up all these nonsense desires. Such a great soul is very rare. as recommended in the Esoteric Teaching. at is maya. old age and disease [I hereby declare to be knowledge]. he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me. If we reject the service of the Supreme Lord. Actually. then we have to surrender unto the harsh will of maya. We get it from Bhagavadgita: “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me.We are completely dependent on the supreme will of the Lord. if you think.19] When one actually becomes wise. is is called illusion. many births and deaths. “Aer many. death.

who always seek shelter at the Lord’s lotus feet. or get free from birth. they are not at all liberated. because they are in material consciousness and therefore are controlled by material nature. and helping this Teaching is the most glorious welfare activity for all kinds of people. Lord Brahma and the other demigods said:] “O lotus-eyed Lord. ey cannot get out of the clutches of illusion. erefore it is a very authentic spiritual school. consisting of the three modes of material nature. become Narayana. We don’t want to become Krishna. Who can get out of the trap of maya? Krishna says. ey fall down from their position of imagined superiority because they have no regard for Your lotus feet. there are those who are not devotees but who have accepted different processes for attaining salvation. from all backgrounds and from all parts of the world. is difficult to overcome. and attain liberation from all material suffering. we want to become the most obedient servants of Krishna. they are only thinking like that. although nondevotees who accept severe austerities and penances to achieve the highest position may think themselves liberated. old age and disease. or God. [Someone may say that aside from devotees. study the spiritual ontology and philosophy.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.” [Bhagavad-gita 7.14] is Esoteric Teaching is based on Krishna’s authority. Actually. at is our value proposition.actually knowledge. We request everyone to join this esoteric school. What happens to them? In answer to this question. to take up this wonderful Esoteric Teaching and get the benefit. “Anyone who surrenders unto Me.” “is divine energy of Mine. We invite everyone. their intelligence is impure. For this Esoteric Teaching of spiritual consciousness is the ultimate perfection of yoga. death.2. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.32] e impersonalists think that they have become liberated. We are spreading this Esoteric Teaching all over the world. Maninah. — 97 — . but our only ambition is to place Krishna in everyone’s heart as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. but the greatest ignorance. In the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is said.

In India. therefore you are ajnani. e so-called jnanis are so much proud of their knowledge. People generally do not understand that there is another aspect of existence—consciousness or spirit soul—beyond this material body. But what is their so-called jnana? ey think: “I am a Hindu. by virtue of true knowledge. a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste] with equal vision. an elephant. then you are ajnani. there are the so-called Mayavadis. or a low-caste sudra. a rich man or a poor man. is very common all over the world. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. if you think yourself as Hindu or Christian. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. I am an Indian. sees a learned and gentle brahmana. Jnani means pandita. but actually it is ajnana.“As the embodied soul continuously passes. You are not jnani. is bodily misconception of life. ey think of themselves as jnanisampradaya.” ey call this their jnana. Indian. and panditah sama-darsinah: “e humble sage. I am a sannyasi. from boyhood to youth to old age. if you think yourself as a high-caste brahmana. Generally.” Why should I think that I am American. is bodily identification is ignorance. in this body. a cow. or whatever. Indian. So one is a real jnani when he is freed from the material bodily misconception of life and understands his real spiritual nature. people are under the mistaken impression that “I am this body. simply based on the accidental country of birth. because you are identified with the temporary material body. Otherwise.18] — 98 — . or a material male or female. Real knowledge means that one knows he is not this body but a spirit soul. I am American. or practically having a monopoly on knowledge. or belonging to some other country? Am I supposed to think like that only because this body is born in a particular country? Should I think I’m an American because my body happens to be born in America? If so. he is ajnani or ignorant of the actual spiritual truth. and that the followers of the Esoteric Teaching are ignorant.” or “I am Indian. then I think I am American.” [Bhagavad-gita 5. If you think yourself that you are American or Indian.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.13] is verse of Bhagavad-gita gives the first criterion of understanding spiritual life.

ignorant. then you are ajnani. neither consider that “I am this dress. will not see: “He is an Indian.” or “Here is a cat. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. blood and stool. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. then are you not ajnani? Yes.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 10. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. because you do not know your real identity as a spirit soul.13] According to Ayurvedic medicine. his own kinsmen. from boyhood to youth to old age. flesh. So the Vedic sastra says that if anyone identifies himself with this bag of kapha-pitta-vayu. ajnana. is to be considered like an ass or a cow. in this body.13] is very important sloka of Bhagavad-gita teaches us the first step of real spiritual knowledge. You are ajnani because you do not know your real identity as a spirit soul. his wife and children. and air. ignorance. bile. ose who understand their eternal identity as spirit soul are truly situated in knowledge. jnana. who considers the by-products of the body to be his kinsmen. When an intelligent gentleman talks with another gentleman. you are ajnani.” Similarly. and I dress in dungarees and tshirt. who considers the land of birth worshipable. He is a Muslim.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. erefore the Esoteric Teaching says. If you consider your identity on the basis of this temporary bodily dress. He is a Hindu.” Instead he sees them as eternal spirit souls in various temporary stages of material identification.One who is actually jnani. If you think we are different simply on the external basis of dress. Just like if you dress in a white shirt and tie.84. because he does not consider the external superficial bodily identification. and goes to a place of religious pilgrimage but does not approach an — 99 — . But to consider one’s identity solely in terms of this material body is ignorant. if you consider your identity on the basis of this temporary bodily dress. then that is ajnana. who is actually pandita. worships the land of his birth. and who goes to the place of pilgrimage simply to take a bath rather than meet men of transcendental knowledge there. Here is a dog. “A human being who identifies this body made of three elements with his self. bones. He is an American. this body is a combination of kaphapitta-vayu: mucus. it does not mean that you are more intelligent than me.

us the Esoteric Teaching enjoins that our identification with the material body is simply animal consciousness. An animal. erefore he thought it wise to accept Krishna not as his friend. but as guru. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. In this condition I am asking You to — 100 — . erefore he surrendered to Krishna: “Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure because of miserly weakness. from boyhood to youth to old age.” erefore to help Arjuna become a true jnani. is whole sorry material world is going around on the basis of that wrong impression. one person and another.13] In the beginning of Bhagavad-gita. then how is he more advanced than an animal? He may have much so-called knowledge. My dear Arjuna. then sa eva go-kharah: such a person is no better than a cow or ass. erefore because of this misunderstanding there is fighting between one nation and another. nephews and others. but his consciousness is no better than the cats and dogs. you are declining to fight because you are infected with the bodily misconception of life. with so-called advanced intelligence.” When Arjuna was puzzled by the difficult situation on the battlefield of Kuruksetra. He became adhira.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. knows only that he is this material body. You are hesitating to do your duty as a responsible king because of your bodily. But that is a wrong conception because you are not this body. and so many unnecessary problems and useless suffering. So a jnani means one who is above the primitive animalistic bodily concept of life.actual Master Teacher for spiritual instruction. he lost his will to fight. like a dog. in this body. also thinks like that. the misidentification with the material body. He alone is a jnani who understands that “I am an eternal spirit soul. lost his composure. blood relationship with the Kurus. If a human being. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. although he was the greatest hero of his time. Arjuna was confronted with a problem he could not solve with his own intelligence and resources. Ultimately I have nothing to do with this temporary body. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. and was bewildered by the need to fight his close relatives. namely your cousin-brothers. “You are not this body. the first instruction Krishna gives to Arjuna is.

and a soul surrendered unto You.” [Bhagavad-gita 4. he accepted Him as his spiritual master. Sisyas te’ ham sadhi mam tvam prapannam: the duty of the disciple is to fully surrender unto the spiritual master. How? Prakrsta-rupena nipata: full surrender to the bona fide guru means accepting him as the representative of God. you have to understand it from a self-realized soul. Actual acceptance of spiritual master means that one should surrender unto him and follow his instructions. Unless you can surrender. According to the principles of the Esoteric Teaching. tad viddhi. and was bewildered by the need to fight his close relatives. Of course he remained Krishna’s friend.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. but at the same time. then you may inquire about all questions of spiritual life and get complete satisfaction. If you want the spiritual master to abide by your order. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. If you want to question a Master Teacher or selfrealized soul. falling flat at his beautiful lotus feet: “My dear Sir. you should not accept anyone as spiritual master. Now I am Your disciple.tell me for certain what is best for me. It is phony. Pranipatena: by approaching a bona fide self-realized spiritual Master Teacher. you must accept his answer and follow his instruction as your — 101 — .34] If you want to learn that transcendental science. then that acceptance of spiritual master is a farce. Please instruct me. lost his composure.” Pranipatena pariprasnena: aer offering complete surrender and sincere service. erefore he thought it wise to accept Krishna not as his friend. it is literally a matter of life and death. actually. e self-realized souls can impart knowledge unto you because they have seen the truth. but as guru.7] When Arjuna was puzzled by the difficult situation on the battlefield of Kuruksetra. Spiritual life is not just curiosity. although he was the greatest hero of his time. “Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. nobody has the right to question a Master Teacher unless he is accepted as a spiritual master. To ask out of simple curiosity is a waste of time. He became adhira. it is not acceptance but rejection. you will not get any benefit from such casual inquiry. I surrender completely unto you. he lost his will to fight.

who demonstrates the perfect example of how to accept a spiritual master. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. but not sufficient for transcendental realization.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. understood them — 102 — . we must perform the mysterious process of yoga. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. Spiritual knowledge is necessary. but ultimately he accepts Krishna’s answers without argument. we also must purify our hearts by spiritual service. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. Paramatma or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. What is the qualification of a bona fide spiritual Master Teacher? He has received the instructions of Krishna through the disciplic lineage.very life and soul.13] In the beginning of Bhagavad-gita. erefore he surrendered to Krishna and became His disciple. that is the greatest misfortune. Finally. Arjuna was confronted with a problem whose solution was beyond the range of his own intelligence and resources. e perfection of yoga practice is attainable through the study of this Esoteric Teaching. If due to ignorance of what a spiritual Master Teacher should be. Arjuna puts relevant inquiries before Krishna. from boyhood to youth to old age. e self-realized Master Teacher can initiate you into real spiritual consciousness. for the instructions of a spiritual Master Teacher to be effective. You cannot argue. or linking our limited individual consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness: Brahman. and the doorway to this mystery is opened within our own hearts by the spiritual influence of the Master Teacher. he must actually be a representative of God. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. one mistakenly accepts a bogus person as representative of God. although this study is only the beginning of the process of self-realization. How to actually attain the perfection of yoga is a great mystery. Bhagavadgita records the dialog as Krishna instructs Arjuna. Of course. because he has personally realized it. Of course. the original and most perfect spiritual Master Teacher. in this body. although you certainly can and should continue to submit sincere questions until you understand. But real acceptance of any spiritual Master Teacher means accepting him as a representative of God.

such as the Rudra-sampradaya. is uncontaminated by the material modes of nature.2] e criterion of a bona fide spiritual Master Teacher is stated in Bhagavadgita. to receive real knowledge of the spiritual world. and he must teach the same principles to his students and disciples.3.20-21] Svayambhu means Lord Brahma. “is supreme science was thus received through the chain of disciplic succession. the four Kumaras. back to Godhead. the four Kumaras. ere are twelve principal Vedic authorities: “Lord Brahma. Prahlada Maharaja. the Esoteric Teaching. at sampradaya begins from Krishna. but if by chance one fortunately understands it.properly and realized them for himself. there are other bona fide lineages. Bali Maharaja. He must be properly initiated into the Esoteric Teaching of the parampara system of disciplic succession. “One who follows the disciplic succession of Master Teachers knows things as they are. Narada and many other expert Vedic authorities. he is immediately liberated.2. which is known as bhāgavata-dharma. Just as we have our sampradaya or lineage. and he is passing on the exact same teaching to his disciples. Lord Siva.12]. Sukadeva Gosvami and I [Yamaraja] know the real religious principle. his first son Narada Muni. “To understand the transcendental science. My dear servants. Sambhu or Lord Siva.2]. Krishna is the original spiritual master of Lord Brahma. Kapila Muni. also sons of Lord Brahma.14. Lord Kapila. and the saintly kings understood it in that way. Grandfather Bhisma. the lineage of the Esoteric Teaching passed down by disciplic succession. of Lord Siva.” [Mundaka Upanisad 1. So we have to accept the sampradaya. or surrender unto the Supreme Lord and love for Him. the — 103 — . or one who teaches by example.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 6. this transcendental religious principle. one must approach a bona fide spiritual master. is is called Master Teacher.” [Bhagavad-gita 4. Janaka Maharaja. and thus he returns home. Svayambhuva Manu. Kumarasampradaya and the Sri-sampradaya. It is very confidential and difficult for ordinary human beings to understand. Bhagavan Narada.” [Chandogya Upanisad 6.

in India it is used to cleanse the temples. “How can it be? We already know that animal stool is impure. Bhisma the grandsire of the Yadu Dynasty. And if you make an experiment. if we accept it. whatever injunctions the Vedic authorities give. the most sacred place in the temple. But if we argue. a conch shell is nothing but the bone of an animal. we find apparent contradictions. Similarly. e Vedas say the stool of an animal is impure. even human stool is impure. the science of God. Bali. How is it possible that cow dung. But actually. ose who follow the Vedic principles automatically accept cow dung as pure. the stool of an animal. So with ordinary human logic. that is the proper way of receiving Vedic spiritual instruction. we find contradiction in the Vedic instruction. If we analyze the Vedas with Western Aristotelian logic. you will find that it actually is pure. erefore if we accept it with trust and without argument. we get the benefit immediately. we find that the Vedic wisdom is perfect. But if we test and analyze these statements. Just like Arjuna in Bhagavad-gita. Cow dung contains powerful enzymes that digest bacteria. in one place it says that the bone of an animal is impure. the conch shell. the conch. Because in the Vedas. the progenitor of Humankind. For example. then you must seek out the instructions and follow in the footsteps of these great authorities of transcendental wisdom. is so pure that it is kept in the Deity room. we accept without any argument. King Janaka the ruler of Mithila. who was given mercy by Lord Vamanadeva. But because the followers of the Esoteric Teaching accept the — 104 — . Sukadeva. the son of Vyasa. the Vedas say cow dung is pure. But this particular animal bone. So the indication of the Esoteric Teaching is that if you want to understand the transcendental science.son of Devahuti—not the atheistic Kapila. are all perfect authorities of the Esoteric Teaching of Vedic knowledge. and Yama the Lord of Death. People in India sometimes argue: “Is it a Vedic injunction. but in another place it says that the stool of the cow is pure. that I have to accept it without argument?” Actually. Manu. in another place it says that the bone of a particular animal. we will find that they are all correct. at is the way of the Vedic parampara. According to Vedic wisdom. in fact. is pure. if you touch the bone of an animal you immediately become impure and have to take a bath to purify yourself. is pure?” e Vedic principle may seem contrary to our established knowledge and logic.

It is used in Sanskrit grammar when the meaning is.authority of the Vedas. parampara. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. Because we trust in the authority of the Vedas. at kind of argument is called vitanda. In the beginning. But friendly talking is not very helpful for solving difficult problems. the source of the Esoteric Teaching and all other bona fide knowledge leading to the perfection of yoga. “To understand these things properly. at sort of argument has no value. “You must do it.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. ese are the injunctions of the Vedas. — 105 — . we simply accept the Vedic statements and save so much time and effort. not touching the main point or establishing his own point.2. a spiritual master who is learned in the Vedas and firmly devoted to the Absolute Truth. in this body. you must approach a bona fide spiritual Master Teacher situated in the disciplic lineage. simply tries to refute the other person’s argument.” [Mundaka Upanisad 1. e word vitanda indicates that a debater.” at will not help you.13] Arjuna was bewildered by the necessity of fighting with his relatives. “I may choose to accept or not to accept. because friends are on an equal level. with firewood in hand.12] is is the injunction of the Vedas: if you are really interested in learning the transcendental science properly. one must humbly approach. they may discuss endlessly and never come to a firm conclusion. since they are the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You must accept the instructions of the Esoteric Teaching without argument. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” You cannot argue. they were talking like friends. as Arjuna accepted Krishna’s instruction and went on to be victorious in the Battle of Kuruksetra. you will be wasting your precious time. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. e word abhigacchet is in the vidhilin or imperative form of the verb. en you can get immediate benefit. so he accepted Krishna as his spiritual Master Teacher to help him solve his problem on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra. we get the benefit without the necessity of empirically testing every statement. from boyhood to youth to old age.

Guru-vakya.But when we discuss our problems with an authority. then the whole society becomes hellish. at is the Vedic system of parampara or disciplic succession. My question is very serious. you cannot deny or reject the words of the guru. Krishna said that “You are not pandita. sacred marriage is — 106 — . We have to accept his advice or decision. making me a coward in the face of my enemies. they will be exploited by unscrupulous men. Narakayate: if varna-sankara or the population of rogues and thieves is increased. erefore.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. or you may not understand it properly at first. Now You kindly protect this surrendered soul. but I find that you do not know when to lament and when to be joyful. and they will become prostitute and there will be varna-sankara.13. according to the Vedic system.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. a learned man. Actually. their wives will be widowed. you are speaking like a very learned man. First of all. If women are unprotected by their husbands or other male relatives. Arjuna’s doubts are very salient. And I fall down under Your lotus feet as Your disciple. ese unwanted children become a nuisance in society. as a representative of God. you are a fool. and I find that You alone can make a solution of this complex situation. erefore it is a very difficult position. the spiritual Master Teacher. My duty is to fight. accepting the guru’s determination as final. that is the condition of human society at the present moment. Krishna is instructing Arjuna about the nature of the spirit soul. Sadhu-sastra-guru-vakya: one has to ascertain the right path for his activities by following in the footsteps of great saintly persons and books of spiritual knowledge under the guidance of a spiritual Master Teacher.7] So here in Bhagavad-gita 2. In Bhagavad-gita. riddled with crime and exploitation. My affection for our family relationship is deterring me from fighting. then the resulting offspring will be varna-sankara. Arjuna has accepted Krishna as his spiritual master. Until now we were talking as friends. or unwanted children. Because you are arguing that ‘If I kill my cousin-brothers the Yadus. but this will not decide the case. unwanted population. He chastised Arjuna: “My dear Arjuna. Krishna. but you cannot deny it.” Sadhi mam prapannam: “I am surrendered. but I do not want to fight with my relatives. Sisyas te aham: “I become Your disciple.’” Actually.11] Indirectly. e guru’s advice or order may not be agreeable to you in the beginning. then we cannot argue. I therefore accept You as my spiritual master.

11] e general understanding of people is that. ey are thinking that hanyamane sarire.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. everything is finished—is superficial. and their understanding is polluted by false materialism. the increase of population results in varnasankara. [Bhagavad-gita 1. Once I was talking with a university professor. an educator responsible for the intellectual development of so many persons. or the difference between the soul and the body.42] Arjuna presented these arguments. His understanding—that aer this body is finished. but we have never seen any university or other department of education where this simple truth is presented: na hanyate hanyamane sarire: “e soul does not die when the body dies. who said: “Aer the destruction of this body. the person is also finished. a big professor.13] is sloka of Bhagavad-gita is the beginning of real spiritual education. and it is not a fact. even aer the destruction of this body [Bhagavad-gita 2. Just try to understand how people are being kept in ignorance in the name of education. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. your grandfather and your teacher will die.required. is sloka. even in the churches or the socalled yoga centers. simple fact are becoming leaders and educators.” But Krishna reveals that na hanyate hanyamane sarire: nobody dies. from boyhood to youth to old age.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. religion and yoga. “As the embodied soul continuously passes.20]. Everything is finished. “You are lamenting because you think that your cousin-brothers. composed primarily of his relatives. So Krishna in the beginning said. in this body. when the body is finished. is the beginning of Krishna’s Esoteric Teaching about the perfection of yoga. but they were not the central question.” So just see. because the soul is fundamentally different from this body. Now where is this knowledge of the soul being taught? We have traveled all over the world. So how will the — 107 — .20] ere is no actual spiritual instruction. His questions show that he was thinking very seriously. Without marriage.13. Bhagavad-gita 2. “I will die.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. are becoming so-called yoga teachers and spiritual masters. hanyate: aer the death of the body. has no knowledge about the soul. there is nothing more. So persons who do not know this basic. is is ignorance of the real self. e main case was whether Arjuna was to fight and to kill the opposing party. and you will die.

But our process of knowledge is the Vedic process of receiving knowledge from the guru through the parampara. — 108 — . or going up by the speculative method. initiated and self-realized spiritual Master Teacher. materially attached men led by another materially attached man are bound by the ropes of fruitive labor. cannot understand that the goal of life is to return home.2. who in his turn has received it from Vedic authorities through the parampara system. one must humbly approach. suffering the threefold miseries of materialistic life. spiritual knowledge should be taken only from a properly qualified. back to Godhead.” [SrimadBhagavatam 7. when their teachers and leaders are also in ignorance? “Persons who are strongly entrapped by the consciousness of enjoying material life.people in general gain this pure spiritual knowledge. As blind men guided by another blind man miss the right path and fall into the ditch. aroha-pantha or the deductive process.5. Big scientists and professors are trying to understand things by aroha-pantha. the inductive process.12] erefore. our process of accepting knowledge is the parampara system. and they take birth again and again. which are made of very strong cords. and whatever contradicts that instruction is certainly ignorance. with firewood in hand. Knowledge coming down through the parampara from qualified authorities is perfect. ere are two ways of acquiring knowledge. because we are imperfect. and avarohapantha or the inductive speculative process. erefore in the mystery school of the Esoteric Teaching. a spiritual master who is learned in the Vedas and firmly devoted to the Absolute Truth.31] So where is the education on the real nature of the spirit soul? is Esoteric Teaching spoken by Krishna in Bhagavad-gita is the beginning of real education. “To understand these things properly. And knowledge acquired by the empirical experimental process is not perfect. and who have therefore accepted as their leader or guru a similar blind man attached to external sense objects. and engage in the service of Lord Visnu. Whatever Krishna says must be accepted as real spiritual knowledge.” [Mundaka Upanisad 1.

also committed so many mistakes. is is the correct and practical method for attaining the perfection of yoga. For instance Mahatma Gandhi. in this body.” Human beings must commit mistakes. even though he was such a great personality. Lord Krishna is the greatest authority of spiritual knowledge because He is God Himself. he was warned not to go to the meeting.” and another identical spirit soul thinks.” But we are identified with this temporary material body. One man thinks. Human beings. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. “I am a woman.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.13] We students of the Esoteric Teaching do not speculate or manufacture spiritual knowledge. “I am a man. therefore we study His Bhagavad-gita very carefully. must commit mistakes. So human beings are always committing some mistake: “To err is human. and we have a propensity to cheat.” someone else thinks. from boyhood to youth to old age. “I am American. Knowledge of spiritual life has to be accepted and understood from the explanations of great authorities. “I am a brahmana. because it is human nature to commit mistakes. It is said.One should approach him offering service and relvant inquiries. Our senses are imperfect by nature. We are also in illusion. and be willing to abide by his order without argument.” but his brother thinks. ese four defects are human nature. but he went there anyway and was killed. On the day of his death. “As the embodied soul continuously passes.” another is convinced. even great human beings.” is is illusion. Illusion means that. Aham brahmasmi: “I am eternal spirit. “To err is human. How can any human being manufacture perfect knowledge of spiritual life? We are imperfect in four crucial ways. — 109 — . Also. at would be bogus. “I am Indian. Anyone who is not mukta-purusa—a liberated soul—must have these four defects. “I am a sudra.” one soul thinks. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. because this body is only our temporary home. we think that we are these material bodies. His friends foresaw danger. although we are actually spirit souls. we must be in illusion because of our materially conditioned consciousness.” at is not our fault.

to become a worldfamous expert in the field. sustenance and destruction of the manifested universes. “Perhaps. we will quickly die of exposure to the elements. We cannot see even what is on the other side of a piece of paper. But it is all just their opinion. Any scientific theory is actually just a hypothesis. But Vedic knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. no clear epistemological understanding. Big important scholars. I meditate upon Lord Sri Krishna because He is the Absolute Truth and the primeval cause of all causes of the creation. He gave the Esoteric Teaching to Arjuna and all other great spiritual Master Teachers. We cannot hear what dogs and cats can hear. maybe”? e whole field of material science is like that. e cheating propensity means that even though we have no perfect knowledge. O all-pervading Personality of Godhead. ere is no cheating. with no real proof. and we have a cheating propensity. we want to give knowledge. we write big books on philosophy and religion. imperfection. What is the value of knowledge based on a hypothetical theory: “Perhaps. To commit mistakes. Our senses are not even as good as those of ordinary animals. or God Himself. still write books to educate people on spiritual life. What is the value of writing books if you have no perfect knowledge? But we do that because we have a propensity for cheating. with no clear ontological thought process. Our senses are imperfect. Actually. and He is independent because there is no other cause beyond Him. it may be like that. to be in illusion and to have imperfect senses are intrinsic parts of our human nature.” and writing big books on anthropology. still. is not like human knowledge. and we also have a propensity for cheating. Sri Krishna. the Esoteric Teaching. we commit mistakes. astronomy and physics. because Vedic knowledge comes from sources higher than ordinary human knowledge. If we are le outside without clothing or other protective covering. ey propose. It is He only who first — 110 — .And our senses are imperfect. He is directly and indirectly conscious of all manifestations. we do not know things as they are. still. and people are taking knowledge from that book as if it is the truth. illusion or error. son of Vasudeva. we are in illusion. It is stated in the beginning of Srimad-Bhagavatam: “O my Lord. or smell what they can smell clearly. e original author of Vedic knowledge is Krishna.

e epistemological standard of the Esoteric Teaching is that. But actually the knowledge we accept is not originally from Brahma. I therefore meditate upon Him.1.imparted the Vedic knowledge unto the heart of Brahma. Krishna can give us perfect knowledge of spiritual life directly through this book. Bhagavad-gita is not very difficult to — 111 — . If we do not accept Bhagavad-gita in terms of the statements given by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. that is something else. Even Brahma. for He is the Absolute Truth. or land seen on water. considering the intrinsic faults of human knowledge. en it is perfect. from Krishna directly.1] Lord Sri Krishna imparted the knowledge of the Esoteric Teaching. If you want to study Bhagavad-gita. the original living being. We cannot interpret Bhagavadgita in our own way. then you should study it as it is originally spoken by Krishna. One cannot make any meaningful commentary on Bhagavad-gita based on fallible human knowledge. appear factual. in the form of this Bhagavad-gita. temporarily manifested by the reactions of the three modes of nature. which is forever free from the illusory representations of the material world. Not even he can perceive the spiritual realm directly. Brahma got the knowledge from Krishna: tene brahma. unto the heart of Lord Brahma. I meditate upon Him. By Him even the great sages and demigods are placed into illusion. Lord Brahma is the first Master Teacher in our Esoteric Teaching lineage. although they are unreal. because we are defective in so many ways. But that is not Bhagavad-gita. Only because of Him do the material universes. is not self-sufficient. As long as we keep it the same and do not superimpose our imperfect human misunderstanding. ey take the Bhagavad-gita and add their own conclusion to it. So we have to accept Bhagavad-gita as it is. Instead we receive transcendental knowledge. we should not receive any spiritual knowledge from human sources. Actually all knowledge is coming from Krishna. then it is simply a useless waste of time. who is eternally existent in the transcendental abode. Lord Sri Krishna.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1. as one is bewildered by the illusory representations of water seen in fire. at would not be the same Bhagavad-gita. otherwise we have to take so-called spiritual knowledge from some defective human being. sabdabrahma or pure transcendental knowledge. the greatest demigod.

Bhagavad-gita is not very difficult to understand.14] So these are the authoritative statements of Lord Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita. there is enough light to see the sun and everything else very clearly.” [Bhagavad-gita 10.13] In the Bhagavad-gita it is said in many places that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. ere is no question of needing a flashlight to see the sunlight. in every respect. “Now I shall show — 112 — . “As the embodied soul continuously passes.2] “I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. the soul similarly passes into another body at death.8] “is divine energy of Mine. is difficult to overcome. and the philosophy is very clear—as clear as sunlight in the clear sky. and the philosophy is very clear—as clear as sunlight in the clear sky. When the sun is out. we should surrender completely unto Him alone. And the conclusion is that to solve all the problems of life. in this body.66] If we do not accept Bhagavad-gita in terms of the statements given by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. then it is simply a useless waste of time.” [Bhagavadgita 18. I am the source of the demigods and sages. It is written in very simple Sanskrit language.” [Bhagavad-gita 7. One cannot make any meaningful commentary on Bhagavad-gita based on fallible human knowledge.” [Bhagavad-gita 10. from boyhood to youth to old age. consisting of the three modes of material nature. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.understand. e wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. Everything emanates from Me. for. Do not fear. “Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. It is written in very simple Sanskrit language. “Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin or opulences. en if somebody brings a flashlight and says. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions.

Why associate with merely human-level intelligence. Yuyutsavah: the same word as Japanese jujitsu. this is Bhagavad-gita. And Vedas state that kuruksetre dharmam acaret: One should go to Kuruksetra and perform religious rituals there. It is a fact: Kuruksetra is a dharma-ksetra. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. Otherwise. Kuruksetra is a place where religious rituals are performed. desiring to fight. the Pandavas and the Kauravas. and it is still a dharma-ksetra—people go there on pilgrimage and to perform Vedic sacrifices. without your or anyone else’s bogus misinterpretation. from boyhood to youth to old age. so direct. But our value proposition is that if you really want to be benefited by reading Bhagavad-gita. Bhagavad-gita is perfectly clear all by itself. aer my sons and the sons of Pandu assembled in the place of pilgrimage at Kuruksetra. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. Similarly. what did they do?” [Bhagavad-gita 1. we will be misled.” We would like to know in which Vedic dictionary they found that meaning. namely. Study Bhagavad-gita as it is. without any false interpretation. fighting. It is there still. in this body. wanted to fight. Kuru-ksetre dharma-ksetre [Bhagavad-gita 1. “As the embodied soul continuously the sun. at kind of speculative misinterpretation of Bhagavad-gita is very widespread. and by practical example: dharma-ksetre kuru-ksetre [Bhagavad-gita 1. To get the full benefit. So simple.13] — 113 — .” it is ludicrous. then you will be benefited. “O Sanjaya. we must try to understand Bhagavad-gita as it is. Samaveta yuyutsavah: and the persons assembled there. when you can get the original knowledge from the greatest intelligence? us the Esoteric Teaching of Bhagavad-gita is the gateway to the highest perfection of yoga. Bhagavad-gita does not require any human interpretation to explain Krishna or the Esoteric Teaching.1]. So it is dharma-ksetra both by Vedic injunction. But some interpreters insist that “Kuruksetra means this body.1] It is perfectly clear.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. then you should avoid such malinterpretation. Just like in the beginning of the Bhagavad-gita King Dhrtarastra said.1].

1]. then you will be benefited. Kuru-ksetre dharma-ksetre [Bhagavad-gita 1. if things are clear. there should be no interpretation. at is the Vedic system. Samaveta yuyutsavah: and the persons assembled there. So there is no question of interpretation. Our lineage presents Krishna’s words in Bhagavad-gita as the message of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. namely. and intelligent people accepted it because there is no adulteration. In each and every verse of Bhagavad-gita. — 114 — . We stress this because there are at least 640 different editions of Bhagavad-gita. erefore the only edition of Bhagavad-gita that we can recommend is Bhagavad-gita As It Is. like “e Pandavas are the five senses and Kuruksetra means this body”? ere is no necessity of allegorical interpretation of Bhagavad-gita. Even then.C. because the Vedic ksatriyas’ duty is to fight to establish religious principles in human society. Interpretation is required when the meaning is not clear. Most authors present Bhagavad-gita in their own way. Where is the need for any interpretation? It is history. Why there should be any interpretation. and almost every one of them puts forth a different interpretation. without your or anyone else’s bogus misinterpretation. wanted to fight. at is the system going on now. ey selected a nice place. and there they fought to settle the family feud over the succession. Amongst Vedic scholars. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. a dharma-ksetra or place of religious pilgrimage and sacrifice. Even the editions of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is printed later than 1972 contain unauthorized editorial changes that distort the meaning. So the meaning is perfectly clear. Yuyutsavah: the same word as Japanese jujitsu. there are rules of interpretation according to subject and context. at’s all right. but not a single person became a self-realized devotee of Krishna by reading all those books. It is a fact: Kuruksetra is a dharma-ksetra. there is no need for interpretation.Study Bhagavad-gita as it is. thousands of people are becoming devotees of Krishna. But when the meaning is clear. in the original 1972 Macmillan edition by His Divine Grace A. fighting. the Pandavas and the Kauravas. very clear— as clear as sunshine. the meaning is very. Now since the Esoteric Teaching of Bhagavad-gita is being presented as it is. Kuruksetra.

Similarly. the person is the spirit soul within the body. Who lives in this body? e embodied spirit soul is considered the owner of the body. to another. modern scientists and philosophers may be very highly materially educated. from infancy to youth to adulthood to old age. Deha means this body. when the house needs some repair.000 different forms or species of material bodies. — 115 — . or the soul. Try to understand Bhagavad-gita as it is originally presented by Krishna. without any bogus human interpretation.13] Here in Bhagavad-gita. but they are due to the fact that the soul is transmigrating through different types of bodies. from boyhood to youth to old age. en.000 different forms of material bodies in material existence. and 1. As it is stated in the Padma Purana: asatims caturams caiva laksams tan jiva-jatisu. the soul transmigrates to a different body at death. and one has to pass through all of them from the beginning. en you will get real knowledge of spiritual life. for it leads naturally to the perfection of yoga. Just like if you live in a house. Krishna says dehino ’smin yatha dehe. and dehi means the owner or occupant of the body. Now. in this body. Jalaja nava-laksani: 900. external bodily shell. the soul similarly passes into another body at death. and the eternal spiritual living entity transmigrates from one body to another. Asmin dehe: within this body.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. there is the proprietor of the body.Our value proposition is to understand Bhagavad-gita without adulteration. Jalaja nava-laksani sthavara laksa-vimsati: there are 8.000.000 species of aquatics.400. Krmayo rudra-sankhyakah paksinam dasa-laksanam: there are 1. Even if the house is demolished.000. kaumaram yauvanam jara: the changes that take place in the body do not affect the owner of the body. but they do not know that this body is not the person. and 2.400. before reading Bhagavad-gita and aer reading Bhagavad-gita. you will remain in the same ignorance. the changes of the body do not affect the soul.000 kinds of plant life. Jiva-jati: there are 8.000 species of insects and reptiles.100.000 species of birds. Similarly. to another. but transform only the outward. Otherwise. the owner of the house is not affected. it does not mean that you are becoming ill or need an operation. is is the value proposition of the mystery school of the Esoteric Teaching. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.

and 400. I am spirit soul. trimsal-laksani pasavah catur-laksani manusah: there are 3. the living entity is changing his body constantly. Even a slight amount of sincere devotional service can give one complete perfection.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.13] Krishna says in this sloka that the soul. from childhood to boyhood. he gets a small body. it should be properly utilized for devotional service pursuant to the instructions of the Esoteric Teaching. giving up all other engagements. dehi. in this body. en again the body changes from babyhood to childhood. [Prahlada Maharaja said:] “One who is sufficiently intelligent should use the human form of body from the very beginning of life —in other words. then develops through many other forms resembling more primitive reptiles and animals. culminating in death.Finally.000 human species. a fetus within the womb of the mother. from boyhood to youth to old age. the human form of body is very rarely obtained. It starts out as a simple blastocyte. from vastly intelligent and powerful demigods like Lord Brahma down to the most primitive aborigines and apes. from the tender age of childhood—to practice the activities of devotional service.” [SrimadBhagavatam 7.000.1] Manusam durlabham janma: this human form is very rarely obtained. it is meaningful because in human life one can perform devotional service. he is simply changing the body in different ways. e human body is most rarely achieved. is passing or transmigrating through different types of bodies. Because of this. even within this life. erefore.000. and although temporary like other bodies.000 varieties of beasts. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. When the human form is complete.000 different forms of material bodies before we can come to the human form of life. part and parcel of God. In this way.6. ese changes continue throughout life. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. boyhood to youth. In the human form of life one should try to understand that “I am Brahman. First of all. So we must pass through 8. e living entity is not changing. — 116 — . the soul similarly passes into another body at death.” is is the beginning of the Esoteric Teaching of Bhagavadgita. the body comes out of the womb as an infant.

” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 4. But the actual point we should take away from this. spirit soul—then he attains the exalted state of brahma-bhuta: “One who is thus transcendentally situated at once realizes the Supreme Brahman and becomes fully joyful. He is equally disposed toward every living entity. we are suffering. is is known as Brahman realization by the advocates of the Absolute Truth.” [Bhagavad-gita 18.” at was Krishna’s argument to Arjuna. the Supersoul within the heart of the devotee.54] When one becomes brahma-bhuta or self-realized. new body.30] — 117 — .” Otherwise there is no advancement of spiritual education. e allknower. even if your grandfather is killed. and lamenting for what one has lost. “Do not lament because your grandfather will change the body. In that state he attains pure devotional service unto Me. e brahma-bhuta stage is complete spiritual happiness. prasannatma. In such a liberated stage [brahma-bhuta]. Rather you should become joyful that your old grandfather is going to have a new body. one is never bewildered. because of being identified with this body. is is due to the brahma-bhuta situation. We should understand that “I am Brahman. understanding that “I am not this body. without the disturbance of desiring what one does not have. self-realization or enlightenment.” So He was presenting the argument logically: “Now. I am an eternal spirit soul.13.20. another youthful body. e joy of brahma-bhuta is described in the Esoteric Teaching: “Always engaging in the activities of devotional service.at is explained in this sloka. Bhagavad-gita 2. at bodily identification is ignorance. e point was to convince Arjuna. is that we should not identify our self with this body. different from this temporary material body. makes everything increasingly fresh.” immediately one becomes jubilant. Nor does one lament or become unnecessarily jubilant. He never laments or desires to have anything. erefore. Actually. why should you lament? He’ll get a fresh. in Bhagavad-gita you’ll find that as soon as one realizes that he is not this body—that he’s Brahman. devotees feel ever-increasingly fresh and new in all their activities. because it is not a fact.

we are thinking. e next sloka describes the internal state of non-identification with the body and senses. O scion of Bharata.13] is sloka gives the situation of the soul in relation to the material body. All our troubles and suffering are simply due to identification with the material body and its imperfect senses. “We are right.” and we have demarcated: “is is my country.” and there is an unnecessary fight. we are thinking.” “I am an Englishman. the soul similarly passes into another body at death.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. but because we have identified with this body. “O son of Kunti. ey should understand that all people are children of God. and that is your country.” or “Russian. “I am American. Actually.” or “Russian.is spiritual realization is the perfection of yoga attainable by the Esoteric Teaching.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. because it is created by the Complete. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” “I am Indian. are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons.” and we have demarcated: “is is my country. based on the misconception that the body is the self.” is is ignorance. because it is created by the Complete. and you are wrong. and the country or land of birth is the homeland.” “I am an Englishman. in this body. and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. erefore. e world is complete. ey both artificially declare.” “We are German. the nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress. both the Christians and Muslims are religious people.” “I am Indian. and their disappearance in due course. and the country or land of birth is the homeland.” “We are German. ey arise from sense perception. “I am American. For example. Why should they fight? But because of this — 118 — . e world is complete.14] All our troubles and suffering are simply due to identification with the material body and its imperfect senses. from boyhood to youth to old age.” is is ignorance. but because we have identified with this body. and that is your country. based on the misconception that the body is the self. there is so much unnecessary division and fighting all over the world. now there is a worldwide war being fought between the Christians and Muslims.

54] You have to become brahma-bhuta. He never laments or desires to have anything. that is the result of practicing the Esoteric Teaching. you cannot become happy or peaceful at any time. Otherwise. the soul similarly passes into another body at death.13 is Esoteric Teaching is very important. and subscribe to the materialistic ontology. from boyhood to youth to old age.nonsense bodily identification. they are — 119 — . One who is in material consciousness cannot know actually what is good for him. national consciousness. and come to understand Lord Krishna’s Esoteric Teaching. they do not know what is their real self-interest.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. Without coming to the Esoteric Teaching. you will continue to have only useless competition and fighting. because your whole life is based on the false premise that you are the body. back to Godhead. eternal perfect happiness. in this body. So if you want actually peace and prosperity in the world. “One who is thus transcendentally situated at once realizes the Supreme Brahman and becomes fully joyful. then you must advance beyond the false bodily identification. Without coming to the stage of spiritual identification. you cannot be happy.” [Bhagavad-gita 18. Brahma-bhutah prasannatma. and others will be happy. In the stage of bodily consciousness. there is no possibility of either peace or prosperity. Our real self-interest is to go back to home. or at least to understand clearly that they are not this body. Because they are in the bodily conception of life. his interest becomes dictated by the imperfect senses of this body. In that state he attains pure devotional service unto Me. you’ll be happy. He is equally disposed toward every living entity. and unnecessarily destroying so much property and losing so many lives. religious or community consciousness. they are fighting. at is our eternal self-interest. Identifying with this body is ignorance because when one is under the bodily concept of life. because of a lack of spiritual knowledge. But people do not know. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. We are trying to educate people to feel. ese false identifications are the cause of all the conflict and suffering in the world.

back to Godhead. which are made of very strong cords. whose knowledge is stolen by illusion. One who is in material consciousness cannot know actually what is good for him. Why? “ose miscreants who are grossly foolish. and they continue again and again in materialistic life. Our real self-interest is to go back to home. But at the present moment. but that cannot ever be successful. at is our eternal self-interest. Otherwise. his interest becomes dictated by the imperfect senses of this body.15] Identifying with this body is ignorance because when one is under the bodily concept of life. simply changing the leaders every few years will not yield any improvement. and subscribe to the materialistic ontology. And then. back to Godhead. they remain in the same pitiable condition.31] Because they are in the bodily conception of life. at is called ignorance.” [Bhagavad-gita 7. “Persons who are strongly entrapped by the consciousness of enjoying material life. Yet despite so much effort expended in material plans and work. who are lowest among mankind. cannot understand that the goal of life is to return home. the — 120 — . and engage in the service of Lord Visnu.spirit souls. erefore.5. ey are trying to adjust things on the external bodily concept of life. But people do not know.” Everything based on that incorrect ontological assumption is intrinsically doomed to failure. all our activities are going on in the bodily concept of life. because our mistaken point is that “I am this body. they do not know what is their real self-interest. suffering the threefold miseries. and the so-called leaders are leading in that way. Instead we must change our consciousness. materially attached men led by another materially attached man are bound by the ropes of fruitive labor. because of a lack of spiritual knowledge.” [SrimadBhagavatam 7. and who have therefore accepted as their leader or guru a similar blind man attached to external sense objects. e actual fact is that we are trying to be happy by political adjustment. and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me. eternal perfect happiness. As blind men guided by another blind man miss the right path and fall into a ditch.

though they have materialistic so-called education. Where is the unity of the so-called United Nations? So much political talking and fighting. in this body. from boyhood to youth to old age. ey have been discussing politics for generations. barking and fighting like dogs and cats. but we cannot see that we are one family. Dhira — 121 — .” ey are thinking in terms of the spiritual wisdom of the Esoteric Teaching. e peace and prosperity we seek is not possible on the platform of bodily consciousness. really intelligent—and the opposite is called adhira. Dhira means a sober. the soul similarly passes into another body at death.same fighting. but even so-called educated people cannot understand. It is such a simple point. all God’s children. the only result of all this talking is simply increasing the number of national and political groups. Canada. Adhira means low-class intelligence.” or anything based on the bodily misconception. erefore it is mentioned here. generally. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. ose who are not gentlemen—uncultured. or Australian. Dhira means sober. England. “As the embodied soul continuously passes. will continue all over the world.” is is the Esoteric Teaching of Bhagavad-gita. Australia and India. cool-headed man. But they’re not thinking that “He’s Indian. or rascal. Why? Because everything the political leaders are doing is based on the same mistaken. “We are all servants of Krishna. because that always leads to unnecessary competition and fighting. American.’ dhira. false bodily concept of life. but is there any real improvement in the quality of human life? We see.13] is is the very beginning of Krishna’s Esoteric Teaching in Bhagavad-gita. dhiras tatra na muhyati. and this is also the perfection of yoga. at is possible only by advancement of consciousness through this Esoteric Teaching. Africa. but even so-called educated people cannot understand. e educated first-class men of all countries assemble in the United Nations in New York. the same propaganda. the same antagonism. erefore it is mentioned here. rascals—cannot understand. the exact translation is ‘gentleman. It is such a simple point.” [Bhagavad-gita 2. dhiras tatra na muhyati. In the Esoteric Teaching there are students from all over the world: America. Every sincere student of the Esoteric Teaching thinks.

means a sober, cool-headed man, really intelligent—and the opposite is called adhira. Adhira means low-class intelligence, or rascal. Dhira means sober; the exact translation is ‘gentleman,’ dhira. ose who are not gentlemen—uncultured, rascals—cannot understand, though they have materialistic so-called education. eir problem is an insufficient ontology. Otherwise what is the difficulty? How plainly, how clearly and easily Krishna explains that kaumaram yauvanam jara: there are three stages of life. From birth to the fieenth year is called kaumara; from the sixteenth year, begins yauvanam, youthful life up to the fortieth year. en aer fiy, one becomes jara, old man. erefore it is advised in the Vedas that pancas ordhvam vanam vrajet. Pancas means fiy. So aer fiy years of age, one should retire from family life and go to the forest (vana), or dedicate one’s life to spiritual realization. Prahlada Maharaja replied: “O best of the asuras, King of the demons, as far as I have learned from my spiritual master, any person who has accepted a temporary body and temporary household life is certainly embarrassed by anxiety because of having fallen in a dark well where there is no water but only suffering. One should give up this position and go to the forest [vana]. More clearly, one should go to Vrndavana, where only Krishna consciousness is prevalent, and should thus take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” [Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.5.5] So those who are dhira—gentlemen, sober-minded, cool-headed—can understand that “I have changed my body. I remember how I was playing when I was a boy, wasting my time in all nonsense up to the fieenth year. en I became a young man; how I was enjoying life with my friends, wife and family members. Now I am an old man, and it is time to leave this dark well of family life and attain self-realization before it is too late.” To remain attached in family life and career, entangled in material affairs and possessions aer the age of fiy, is considered spiritual suicide. One who dies in such a state of material identification and attachment is considered most unfortunate. We attained the age of fiy in 1997. Since then, we have dedicated our remaining time in this world to deepening our realization of the Esoteric Teaching and helping others attain self-realization to the best of our ability. is lifestyle of Vedic spiritual culture is the best solution to all the — 122 —

problems of life, especially repeated birth, old age, disease and death within the material world. e Esoteric Teaching is therefore the best prescription for overcoming all difficulties, attaining lasting happiness and reaching the final perfection of yoga. “As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.13] In the previous verse [Bhagavad-gita 2.12] Krishna said, “All of us—you, me, and all these soldiers and kings who are present here—existed eternally in the past, are existing now, and shall continue to exist eternally in the future.” In other words, the spirit soul is immortal. But people who subscribe to the materialistic ontology, who are identified with their material bodies, object: “How can you say I was existing eternally in the past? I was born only a few years ago. Before that, I did not exist. At present I exist; so that’s all right. But as soon as I die, again I will not exist. So how can Krishna say that all of us existed, and shall continue to exist, eternally?” Is Krishna’s statement contradictory? No, it is not. But Krishna’s statement in Bhagavad-gita 2.12 rests on the fact that the spirit soul is different from the material body. e soul inhabits the body, but the body is temporary. erefore we existed eternally in the past, but in a different body; and we shall continue to exist in the future in different bodies. Tatha dehantara-praptih: this must be understood clearly. Deha-antara means, ‘of transference of the body’; and praptih means ‘achievement’. “I am” means my bodily identification. Dehi means the proprietor of the body, the owner or occupant of the body, and deha means the material body itself. Krishna gives the example, kaumaram yauvanam jara, dehantara praptih: formerly I was a boy; then I became a young man; now I am an old man. e body changed, but I am still existing as dehi, the proprietor of the body. I remain the same person, but the body has changed. So where is the difficulty to understand? Dehinah means ‘of the proprietor of the body.’ e body is changing; I can understand that my body has changed. Similarly, in the next life the body will change again.

— 123 —

e body will change. I may not remember; but that is another thing. Just like I do not remember what was my body in my last life. Forgetfulness is our nature, because we are so easily overwhelmed by the material energy. But just because I forget something, that does not mean that it did not take place. For example, in my early childhood I did so many things. I do not remember; but my parents remember. So my forgetfulness does not mean that those things did not take place. Similarly, death means I have forgotten what my body was in the past life. Otherwise, as spirit soul I have no death. Suppose I change my mode of dress. In my boyhood, I wore a different style of dress. In my youth, I wore another kind of dress. In my old age, or as a sannyasi, I wear a different dress. My style of dress may change, but that does not mean that I have changed, or that I am dead or gone. No, the wearer of the dress is different from the dress itself. en why is it so difficult to understand that the spirit soul is different from the material body that he wears like a suit of clothes? “As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.13] is simple concept—transmigration of the soul—is explained very clearly in Bhagavad-gita. And all living entities are also eternal individuals. ere is no question of our mixing together or merging into the Supreme. Everyone of us is an individual by our spiritual constitutional nature. God is an individual, and we are also individuals: “e Supreme eternal conscious spiritual individual, the Personality of Godhead is the maintainer of innumerable eternal conscious spiritual living entities, in terms of their different situations according to individual work and reactions of work. at Supreme Personality of Godhead is also, by His plenary portions, alive in the heart of every individual living entity. Only saintly persons who can see, within and without, the same Supreme Lord can actually attain to perfect and eternal peace.” [Katha Upanisad 2.2.13] All spiritual beings are eternal and individual. e difference between the living entities and God, is that God does not change His body. But even

— 124 —

When we go to the spiritual world. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes.”[Brahmasamhita 5. back to Godhead. when we go back to home.that is only in this material world. is the Supreme Godhead. the Infallible One. We are controlled by the material energy. there is no more change of body. the spiritual energy. But we are controlled by maya. When Krishna comes to this world.1] at is the difference. As Krishna has His eternal body—a purely spiritual form that is eternal. He is the origin of all. He does not change His body. — 125 — . because He is the controller of maya. but Krishna is the controller of the material energy. erefore Arjuna mentions His name Acyuta. “Krishna. maya. blissful and full of knowledge and pleasure—similarly. He never changes or falls down under the control of the material energy. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. and all other energies. erefore offering devotional service to Krishna according to the instructions of the Esoteric Teaching is the clear path to the perfection of yoga. we also get a spiritual body similar to His. Krishna. e soul’s existence is eternal. who is known as Govinda. at is the difference between ourselves and God.

etc. emotion. Rather. no activity. the Supreme Soul or original conscious entity. but vastly inferior in quantity. the material must come from a conscious entity.” Not that we are supreme. individuality. erefore the conscious soul is fundamental to all existence. nothing. just different in size. intelligence. must come from God. We are similar in quality to God. as well as the universal laws of nature. us the original creative impulse. activity. there is no life. desire. for example. is is what is meant by “Man is made in the image of God. or the original cause or creator of anything. and we are tiny insignificant persons. e difference is that He is the Supreme Person. personality. because God is a person. initiative. no existence. Matter is inert and has no ability to move or organize itself. energy. mind.—derive from consciousness. and we are very tiny in comparison. but that we are similar in our transcendental qualities. Without consciousness. identity. — 126 — . It is not possible that consciousness comes from some combination of matter.Soul is Consciousness e soul or self is both conscious and consciousness. God is unlimited. We are persons. All the symptoms of life—perception.

Material — 127 — .Spiritual vs.

Laws of Karma — 128 — .

Transcendental Knowledge — 129 — .

Part 4—Spiritual Practices So far we have talked about the philosophy of spiritual life. — 130 — . now we present and discuss the various practices.

ese benefits are both material and spiritual. e benefits of all other spiritual practices are derived from the chanting process.Chanting Chanting mantras containing the Holy Names of God is the most powerful and effective spiritual practice. — 131 — .

ere are two main reasons for this: you cannot make spiritual advancement as long as you are killing animals. you must be a vegetarian. the vegetarian diet also offers tremendous health benefits.Vegetarian Diet If you really want to benefit from spiritual practices. — 132 — . and food resulting from killing animals is not suitable for offering to God. Incidentally. but those are secondary to its spiritual benefits. directly or indirectly.

sex life is considered to be the highest enjoyment. And the more we contemplate spiritual philosophy and meditate on actual spiritual objects. However as soon as our consciousness is in touch with a genuine spiritual object. Once we realize this unending spiritual pleasure. so in the beginning it is difficult to realize that it is there. therefore like all truly spiritual things it is eternal and unconditional. satisfying and ever-increasing. Aer some time of daily spiritual practice. — 133 — . we immediately feel spiritual pleasure. family life is based on the bodily concept of life. you will find that spiritual life is actually much more enjoyable than materialistic pleasure.Celibacy Anyone who is serious about spiritual life should become celibate. is is because spiritual pleasure is not based on the temporary body. it becomes tangible. artificial material pleasures. the more this pleasure grows. In material consciousness. Spiritual pleasure is very subtle. and spiritual life is based on the concept of the soul. and unlike material pleasure it is steady. we have no more need for temporary. But holy men and women down through the ages have always opted for the life of celibacy. Celibacy may seem difficult at first. Aer all. but once you get used to the practice. erefore the greatest spiritual personalities are generally celibate. whether or not they are formal renunciants or monks. because it frees us from the distractions of family life. ere is a great difference between them.

plus we have decreased our intelligence by using intoxicating substances. even foods like coffee. Intoxication completely negates the results of all this hard work. And when they come back to their senses.Intoxication Intoxication—alcohol. caffeinated tea. onions and garlic—makes you stupid. truly creative thinking. drugs. such as surviving the Singularity. difficult things become impossible. remembering the past accurately. Don’t waste your time. No one ever solved an important problem by taking intoxication. the problem is still there—only it has grown because problems only increase with time. You become preoccupied with the contents of your min and the objects of the senses. tobacco. e problem is. Intoxication simply removes a whole range of activities from the realm of possibility. e aim of all our methods is to increase your intelligence and enhance your consciousness. spiritual realization. Simple things seem difficult to do. learning new things. If you have ever gone out and got drunk the night before a big exam. — 134 — . you have experienced this. the most rewarding and important of all human skills and activities fall within that range: meditation. and you are not yourself. or any activity that demands great skill or energy. they just helped themselves forget about it for a while. Your mind gets taken over by the effects or aereffects of the substance.

drugs. is just gambling with your life. or within yourself. therefore it is best to stay far away from such dens of sinful life. lying. prostitution. searchable archive of the Vedic literature available to readers of this book. Get it. So don’t waste your time and money gambling. the odds are always rigged in favor of the house. Similarly. use it to educate yourself and stop the guesswork. What makes you so special that you think you can beat them? Answer: nothing.Gambling and Speculation ere is no such thing as a fair casino. You will not find spiritually-minded people in a gambling establishment. meat-eating. organized crime. look it up in the Vedas. violence and other types of crime. etc. Gambling always creates a nasty mood. there is also cheating. money laundering. If that easy money is burning a hole in your pocket. fine: just send us a donation. It’s tax-deductible and will help a worthy cause instead of lining some Mafiosi’s bank account. Wherever there is gambling. it attracts all kinds of illicit and criminal activity: drinking. — 135 — . speculating about what is going on in the world. We have a downloadable. Instead of guessing about the truth.

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