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How to build a

Radionics Device

That works by Mind Power

First layer made of copperfoil

second layer: mirror (try to get the best quality)

Connectors; use two to connect to the dials, two to connect to an antenna (or witness coil), two to connect to the rubbing plate and two to connect to the headband.

Third layer made of Orgonite

Magnets; 4 magnets with North up and 4 magnets with North down

Place a CLEAN DTcrystal on the third (orgon) layer, use tape to connect, but NEVER use glue!!

this is the heart of the device, see next page to find more instructions
Kees de Jonge

Radionic Heart

this is a mirror. 2nd layer

made of orgonite 1 cm thick . 3rd layer.

this shape is made of copperfoil. 1st layer

view from above S


eight magnets connect to the copperfoil N=North S=South


double terminated quartz crystal

side view

Kees de Jonge

if you use more then 3

to the heart to the heart

to witness coil or Antena

How to connect the dials

to the heart

if you use 3 dials (dont use less!!)

The dials are potentiometers: 10KW, Wattage 1/2W,. Tolerance 20%, 6mm shaft.for knob, Mount in a 5/16"-diameter hole.

to witness coil or Antena

to the heart

Kees de Jonge

Use this shape

or this one

or this one

connect to headband and rubbingplate

Witness coil

Kees de Jonge


Connect to the antenna or witness coil

Connect to the heart Plastic layer, to be placed OVER the copperfoil

Connect to the heart

Rubbing plate

( I use this triangle shape, but you can use any shape you want)

Kees de Jonge

Connect to the antenna or witness coil Connect to the heart of the Device



Make a hole, so the pyrite can be in touch with the skin of your forehead or your 3rd eye

Leather, or other skinfriendly material


use skinfriendly material like leather

Kees de Jonge

a or use an antenna instead of the coil

Kees de Jonge