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The "Last W o r d in Color-Changing Packet Effects! Brilliant routine with FIVE changes:; Four BLUE back cards are +, s h o w n face up. Now . . . One card is turned down-then ALL TURN DOWN! , One BLUE card is discarded & a RED back added- NOW ALL cards have RED BACKS! One is discarded & a PLAID BACK added-ALL are now 1 --PLAID BACKS! One discarded & PICTURE design added-ALL are now PICTURE BACKS! -NOW THE SURPRISING FINISHCards are dealt & EACH HAS A DIFFERENT-COLORED BACK-and may be examined! Easv-to-do moves Resets immediately Complete with quality cards. instructions & wallet.

red-back cards are used .. ROUTINE: Open wallet & lay it on table so 3-Card Packet is to your-LEFT. reverse order of face-down packet. When you count a i e e L 1 p j l * . lift packet & show back again. because if you turn one face down . "if the gambler is in a game where-. Also needed are 2 double-back cards . turn it face up & hold it in left hand. plaid/red (plaid side up). Lay card face up on packet.then Elmsley Count showing 4 face-down BLUE back cards! Lift off top card. Hold 5 cards squared in left hand at center of left long edge. Count "One. CL:-$S ?sr @ h t + g w tt'lat card in left hand. 3 plaid backs will appear. " you say as you perform the "Thru-The-Fist" Move again. Fan off top cards. blue. *- -- Ask for Nick Trost's other Professional Card Ejfects! . flash face. Slip 3-Card Packet FACE UP in one side of wallet & 5-Card Packet FACE DOWN in other side. & lay aside. tabled cards & drop them face down on scoop up discards. Snap packet for effect. Elmsley Count showing 4 RED-backed cards! Lift off top card (double-back red/blue) & deal aside on top of tabled blue-back card. . He switches them into a game to improve his hands. 1st & 2nd fingers underneath (Fig. slip them face down in one side of wallet and face up in other side. TO RESET: ' - MODIFIED ELMSLEY COUNT: This count is used to show 5 cards as 4 without exposing surfaces of 3rd & 4th cards from top. . 2). . Double-lift & turn over top 2 as 1.. Place packet in left hand. at same time get a break under top card with left little finger." Right hand returns as last card is counted "Four" & placed on top of righthand packet. lift it displaying the back (Fig. then turn it face down in same manner as previous Double-lifts. 5-Card Packet: blue. then lay it face down on top of packet. scribed below) to show 4 face-up cards. Turn over face-up card showing another plaid back. "A gambler always carries a few extra cards like these. 1 red back. picture. Remove last card from wallet (picture back) & flash its back as you say. 4). he'd simply change his cards from blue to red!" you say as you Double-lift & turn over top 2 cards as 1. 7). .. Count "Two." Right hand moves back to left & right thumb draws off next TOP card onto those in right hand counting "Three. plaid. 1. 2 plaid backs & 1 picture back. Continue by showing back' again & drawing off another card. "But the BEST cards for the gambler to carry would be a set like this! . With right hand lift off 2 cards as 1 above break & lay them aside on 1st 2 discards.. Remove 5-Card Packet. At an opportune moment. then count 4th card on top (Fig. Remove face-up packet with right hand & lay it face up in left. rotate hand palm down & with left thumb pull off top card into left hand (Fig. plaid. Flash red back & lay it face up on left hand's packet. the back may look something like this." you say as you flash back showing plaid back." you explain.1 red/blue & 1 plaid back /red. red/blue (red side up). Show back on last card & drop it on top. face down. the rest jollow suit!" Double-lift & turn over top 2 cards as 1. . With right hand remove BOTTOM card from 3-card packet in wallet. 5). 3).REQUIRED: 6 Ace of Clubs (or whatever cards are in your set): 2 blue backs. Elmsiey Count. Thumb is on top. Show cards as 4 PICTURE BACKS using Hindu Count: Grip packet with right hand from above (Fig. 6). left thumb squeezes off next top 3 . "Or. With right hand lift & slide out face-up card.. card. See Fig." As right hand moves back to packet. Elmsley Count (de. rotate hand palm down & pull off next top card into left hand. injog it about one-half inch. Right thumb & fingertips grip center of right long edge in similar grip & draw off top card to right. With right hand remove bottom card of 2 in wallet. as right thumb pulls off top 3 cards as a block to right. sometimes in a game ojBridge. Perform the "Thru-The-Fist" Move by turning left hand palm down & pushing packet through fist with left thumb (Fig. "These are not ordinary cards. "At times the gambler may need a back like this. Deal cards face down in an overlapping row to show 4 DIFFERENT BACKS for climax!! Cards may be examined. SET-UP: Arrange 2 face-down packets so backs read from TOP TO BOTTOM: 3-Card Packet: red. " Lay card face up on top of left hand's packet.

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