petition to transfer case to another county

nINSERT "fam-1 caption.


The nClient's party designationo, nClient's nameo, and the nOpposing party's party designationo, nOpposing party's nameo, requests an Order from this court transferring this cause from nCounty where court iso County to nNew Countyo County on the following grounds: 1. nClient's party designationo has custody of the children for which a child support order was entered nType of actiono. 2. nClient's party designationo now lives in nNew Countyo County. 3. The nOpposing party's party designationo, nOpposing party's nameo, nWhere is the opposing party?o in nCounty where court iso County. 4. It will ease the enforcement of the child support order by the nClient's party designationo if this cause is transferred to nNew Countyo County. WHEREFORE, the nClient's party designationo and the nOpposing party's party designationo requests an Order transferring this action to nNew Countyo County. I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that the foregoing representations are true.

___________________________________________ nClient's nameo, nClient's party designationo .

___________________________________________ nOpposing party's nameo, nOpposing party's party designationo

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