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Internet - A computer network which is linking smaller computer networks worldwide. Sentence: A professional worker went on the Internet to update the work status. WWW World Wide Web Sentence: WWW is used in the address for locating things on the web. HTML - A set of standards, used to tag the elements of a hypertext document. It is the standard protocol for formatting and displaying documents on the World Wide Web. Sentence: !"# is used to tag elements of a hypertext document in the internet. URL - $niform %esource #ocator: A protocol for specifying addresses on the Internet. Sentence: you inserted the $%# to go on the website. Website - A connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single unit, usually maintained by one person or organi&ation and de'oted to a single topic or se'eral closely related topics. Sentence: I created a website on (ython (rograming for my class pro)ect. Hyperlink - A link from a hypertext document to another location, acti'ated by clicking on a highlighted word or image. Sentence: you opened a lengthily hyperlinked document on my computer. Vacuum Tube - An electron tube from which almost all air or gas has been e'acuated. Sentence: !he 'acuum tube sucked all of the air out of the radio. Transistor - A semiconductor de'ice that amplifies, or switches the flow of current between two terminals by 'arying the current or 'oltage between one of the terminals and a third. Sentence: !he store produces single electron transistors for high speed, low noise applications. Inte rate! "ircuit - A circuit of transistors, resistors, and capacitors constructed on a single semiconductor wafer or chip, in which the components are interconnected to perform a gi'en function. Sentence: you like to build an integrated circuit with molecular )unctions.

Microprocessor - An integrated computer circuit that performs all the functions of a *($. Sentence: you use a microprocessor controller. I!entity T#e$t - !he fraudulent appropriation and use of someone+s identifying or personal data or documents, as a credit card. Sentence: Identity theft has and still is affecting a lot of people, but mainly in the $,. "ybermall % It is a 'irtual shopping mall on the Internet. Sentence& !he cybermall has new shipments of clothes. 'scro( Account ) An account where a third party holds money until goods are deli'ered. Sentence& ')security ) -lectronic security on the internet. Sentence& 'ncryption Tec#nolo y ) .crambles data tra'elling o'er the internet to pre'ent unauthorised access. Sentence& I used the -ncryption !echnology, to protect my personal information. Import *uty ) !ax on an imported good. Sentence& I want to buy a product, but it is has import duty.