Syllabus for Secon Se!es"er Of

#Effec"%&e fro! "'e Sess%on( )*+,-+.$

POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT #PGDM$ S"u y an E&alua"%on Sc'e!e SEMESTER .II S No /o e Sub0ec"s L 1 PGDM-201 Organizational Behaviour 2 PGDM-202 Operations Management PGDM-20 " Operations Research 1 1 0 0 0 0 20 20 !0 !0 100 100 1!0 1!0 1 0 0 20 !0 100 1!0 T 1 P 0 Per%o s E&alua"%on Sc'e!e Sess%onal /T TA 0 20 TOT !0 P En Se!es"er T' P 100 1!0 To"al PGDM-20" Financial Management ! PGDM-20! Management Accounting & Control 2 1 0 20 10 0 - #0 - 100 $ PGDM-20$ Business Research Methods 2 1 0 20 10 0 - #0 - 100 # PGDM-20# Business Communication and Management Information System 2 1 0 20 10 0 - #0 - 100 % PGDM-20% erm !nd "iva 0 1 0 - - - !0 - !0 100 1% % 0 1000 L: Lecture T: Tutorial P: Practical/Project CT: Class Test Th: Theory TOT: Total TA &10 '! (or teacher assessment )lus ! (or atten*ance+ TA &20 '10 (or teacher assessment )lus 10 (or atten*ance+ TA: Teacher Assessment .

enneth 8 and 5ohnson 4e&ey !% . ata Mc 1ra& 8ill% =% Ro$$ins Stephen 2% .th edition/% <% Mc Shane +% Steven' 1lino& Mary Ann "on & Sharma Radha R% .Organizational Behaviour .POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT #PGDM$ SEMESTER-II PGDM -201 : ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: his paper see#s to develop interpersonal s#ills of the students $y giving them a $rief glimpse of various psychological and social dimensions of human $ehaviour% Apart from d&elling into the reasons and responses of individual $ehaviour' the paper e(plores the group dynamics that are crucial to the performance of an organization% UNIT -I Concept' )ature' Characteristics' Conceptual Foundations and Importance' Models of Organizational Behaviour' Organization as a Social *nit' Concept of +earning Organization' Roles & S#ills of Managers% . ata Mc 1ra& 8ill'9.Organizational Behaviour .2rentice 8all of India/% @% +aurie 5% Mullins' !ssentials of Organizational Behaviour' 2earson +earning% A% Ian Broo#s' Organizational Behaviour' 2earson +earning% .rait' Behavioural and Situational heories' +eadership styles in Indian Organisations% Analysis o f Interpersonal Relationship' 1roup 4ynamics0 4efinition' Stages of 1roup 4evelopment' 1roup Cohesiveness' Formal and Informal 1roups' 1roup 2rocesses and 4ecision Ma#ing' 4ysfunctional 1roups% UNIT -IV 1roup 4ynamics0 ypes of 1roup and their development stages' concept' status' norms size and cohesiveness% 1roup decision ma#ing techni6ues' 1roup hin# & 1roup Shift 7 ransactional Analysis7 Four +ife positions% Organisational 2o&er and 2olitics0 Concept' Sources of 2o&er' 4istinction Bet&een 2o&er' Authority and Influence' Approaches to 2o&er' 2olitical Implications of 2o&er0 4ysfunctional *ses of 2o&er% UNIT -V Conflict and Stress Management0 Conflict0 Concept' Sources' ypes' Functionality and 4ysfunctionality of Conflict' Classification of Conflict Intra' Individual' Interpersonal' Intergroup and Organisational' Resolution of Conflict' Meaning and ypes of 1rievance and 2rocess of 1rievance 8andling% Organisational Culture0 Concept' Characteristics' !lements of Culture' Implications of Organisation culture' 2rocess of Organisational Culture% Re(ere)!es: 9% )e&strom 5ohn 3% . ata Mc 1ra& 8ill% :% +uthans Fred .no&ing Behaviour.Management of Organsational Behavior% ?% 1reen$erg 5erald and Baron Ro$ert A% .2earson !ducation% >% 8ersey 2aul' Blanchard' .Organizational Behaviour' 8uman Behaviour at 3or# .Behavior In Organisations0 *nderstanding %nd Managing the 8uman Side of 3or# .Organizational Behaviour .approaches to understand it .Cognitive' Behaviouristic & Social Cognitive/ Field of OB0 Individual' 1roups & Systems as $uilding $loc#s' contri$uting disciplines' Challenges & Opportunities of OB UNIT -II 2erception and Attri$ution0 Concept' )ature' 2rocess' Importance% Management and Behavioural Applications of 2erception% Attitude0 Concept' 2rocess and Importance' Attitude Measurement% Attitudes and 3or#force 4iversity% 2ersonality0 Concept' )ature' ypes and heories of 2ersonality Shaping' 2ersonality Attitude and 5o$ Satisfaction% +earning0 Concept and heories of +earning% UNIT 'III Motivation0 heories of Motivation0 !arly and Contemporary vie&s' hree level 3or# Motivation Model' Motivating a 4iverse 3or#force% +eadership0 Style and heories of +eadership.

clauses' coverage% Si( Sigma' otal 2roductive Maintenance . BM/' 5ust-in.!+S/ Models' 2erpectual Inventory Systems' 2eriodic Inventory Systems' UNIT -III 2roduction 2lanning techni6ues' Routing 4ecisions' +ine of Balance' Scheduling types & principles' master production schedule' Arro* D#+.!OD/ Models B Batch 4elivery' !conomic +ot Size .8ill' )e& 4elhi% 9..OC/ curves% otal Duality Management .M2S/' Materials Re6uirement 2lanning .@DC tools and @ ne& DC tools' ISO G.MR2 II/' !merging 2o&er of !R27 +oading' Se6uencing' Routing' Scheduling' 4ispatching and !(pediting' +ine $alancing% Cycle.' Modern 2roduction E Operations Management' 5ohn 3iley & Sons' Singapore% =% Adam !verett ! & !$ert Ronald 5'2roduction & Operations Management0 Concepts' Models & Behavior' 28I' )e& 4elhi% >% 8ill' ' Operations Management' 2algrave Macmillan' !ngland% ?% +evin' Mc+aughlin' et al' 2roductionEOperations Management' Contemporary 2olicy for Managing Operating Systems' Mc1ra&-8ill Boo# Company' )e& Hor#% @% Mon#s 5oseph 1' Operations Management0 heory and 2ro$lems' Mc1ra&-8ill Boo# Company' )e& Hor#% @% 2lossl ' 1 3 & 3ight O 3' 2roduction & Inventory Control% 28I' !ngle&ood Cliffs' )5% A% Riggs 5ames' +0 2roduction Systems0 2lanning' Analysis & Control' 3iley' )e& Hor#% G% 5uran' 5 M & 1ryna F M' Duality 2lanning & Analysis' ata Mc1ra&.-:.% )ahmias S ' 2roduction & Operations Analysis' !ngle&ood Cliffs' ) 5' Mc1ra&-8ilInt% !dition% 99% 8olt C C' et al' 2lanning' 2roduction' Inventories & 3or#force' 28I' !ngle&ood Cliffs' )5% 9:% Meredith' 5% R% & Mantel' S' 5' 2roCect Management0 A Managerial Approach' 5ohn 3iley & Sons' )e& Hor#% 9<% 3aters 4onald' Inventory Control & Management' 5ohn 3iley & Sons' !ngland% 9=% Chary' S )0 2roduction & Operations Management' ata Mc1ra&-8ill% . DM/' Mapping Duality Systems% Re(ere)!es: 9% Chase Richard B' et al ' 2roduction and Operations Management0 Manufacturing and Services' ata Mc1ra&-8ill 2u$% Co%' )e& 4elhi% :% Mahadevan B' Operations Management' heory and 2ractices' 2earson !ducation'% <% Buffa !l&ood S & Sarin Ra#esh ..C M/' ime-Based Management .5en#ins Method% 2roductivity and 3or# study' Method study' 3or# Measurement% Inventory Management B O$Cectives' Factors' 2rocess' Inventory control techni6ues.MR2/' Capacity Re6uirements 2lanning .ABC' "!4' !OD' S!4'FS) analysis' ypes of Inventory Situations' Costs of Inventory' Order 2oint 2olicies .. A)+/0s#s.r+&&#)..Co)"ro/: Aggregate 2roduction 2lanning' Master 2roduction Scheduling .Ne"*or.ime Management .ime 4elivery .5I /' 5I II' 2ush "s 2ull B 2rocess 4iscipline% UNIT -V 2u+/#"0 Co)"ro/: Basic concepts of 6uality' dimensions of 6uality' 5uranFs 6uality trilogy' 4emingFs 9= principles' 24CA cycle' Duality circles' Duality improvement and cost reduction. 2M/' O$Cectives of SDC' 2rocess Control charts for "aria$les and Attri$utes' Operating Characteristic . clauses' coverage DS G. +).4R2/' 3ea#nesses of MR2' Manufacturing Resource 2lanning .O22/' !conomic Order Duantity ..PGDM -202 : OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: his paper familiarizes the students &ith the concepts' classifications and constraints of production and operations management and its relevance for the overall $usiness strategy% he paper deals &ith issues such as forecasting' operations and production planning and control' 6uality control' etc% UNIT -I 2roduction and Operations ManagementB An overvie&' 4efinition of production and operations management' 2roduction Cycle' Classification of operations' Responsi$ilities of Operations Manager' )e& 2roduct 4evelopment' 2roduct 4esign' 2lant +ocation' +ayout 2lanning% Concept and definitions' Factors contri$uting to productivity improvement' echni6ues for productivity improvement% UNIT 'II Forecasting as a planning tool' Forecasting types and methods' !(ponential smoothening' Measurement of errors' Monitoring and Controlling forecasting models' Bo(. +).2!R Model' 4etermination of Critical 2ath' 4istri$ution of 2roCect Completion time' C2M Model' imeECost Relation' Crashing of a 2roCect% Multiple 2roCect Management% UNIT -IV O1er+"#o)s P/+))#).CR2/' 4istri$ution Resource 2lanning ..

PGDM -203 : OPERATIONS RESEARCH Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: he present paper see#s to disseminate #no&ledge a$out scope' techni6ues and applications of operations research in managerial decision ma#ing% It covers linear programming' game' se6uencing pro$lems and other advanced operations research models% UNIT -I Managerial 4ecision Ma#ing and' 4ifferent Models of Operation Research0 2rinciples and ypes' )ature and Scope of Related to other Functional Area of Business' 4uties and Responsi$ilities of 2ersonnel' *ses' Scope and Applications of Operation Research in managerial decision-ma#ing UNIT -II Formulation of +inear 2rogramming 2ro$lems 1raphical Solution to &o "aria$le 2ro$lems' Simple( Method and Its Applications' 4uality in linear programming' 2rimal and dual +2 pro$lems UNIT -III Introduction' Initial Basic Feasi$le Solution0 )orth 3est corner rule' +east Cost method' "ogelFs Appro(imation method% Optimality test' Modified 4istri$ution .%' Operations Research for management .F?>/ =% 8iller F% S% & +ie$erman 1% 5%'Introduction to Operations Research >% aha 8% A%' Operations Research an Introduction' 2rentice 8all of India 2vt% +ts%' )e& 4elhi ?% Sharma 5 .9G?@/ :% +evin R% I%' Ru$in 4% S% & Stinson 5%2%' Duantitative approaches to management' Mcgra&' 8ill <% Bierman 8%' Bonini C% 2% & 8ouseman 3% 8%'Duantitative analysis for $usiness 4ecision' Richard 4% Ir&in Inc .Machines 2ro$lems UNIT -V Characteristics of MEMEI Dueue model7 Application of 2oisson and !(ponential distri$ution in estimating arrival rate and service rate7 Applications of Dueue model for $etter service to the customers% Re1/+!e&e)" Prob/e&0 Replacement of assets that deteriorate &ith time' replacement of assets &hich fail suddenly% Project Management0 Rules for dra&ing the net&or# diagram' Applications of C2M and 2!R techni6ues in 2roCect planning and control7 Crashing of operations% Re(ere)!es: 9% hompson 3%3%' Operations Research echni6ue' Coloum$us' Ohio' C% !% Merrill Boo#s .2earson @% 1upta 2. and 8ira 4S' Operations Research' S%C% Chand A% Shenoy 1 "' Sherma S% C% & Srivastava *% .MO4I/ Method and Stepping Stone Method' Ass#. .)&e)" Prob/e&-Introduction to the Assignment Model' 8ungarian Assignment Algorithm' Solution to the Assignment 2ro$lem0 Ma(imization and Minimization Cases% UNIT -IV Concept of game7 &o-person zero-sum game7 2ure and Mi(ed Strategy 1ames7 Saddle 2oint7 Odds Method7 4ominance Method and 1raphical Method for solving Mi(ed Strategy 1ame% Se4ue)!#).Operations Research . Prob/e&0 5ohnsons Algorithm for n 5o$s and &o machines' n 5o$s and hree Machines' &o Co$s and m .

PGDM -205 : 6INANCIAL MANAGEMENT Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: he primary o$Cective of this paper is to educate the students a$out the $asic principles' tools and techni6ues of financial management &hich are re6uired to ta#e an informed $usiness decision and thus' can affect the profita$ility aspects of a firm% UNIT -I Concept of Finance' scope and o$Cectives of finance' 2rofit ma(imization vs% 3ealth ma(imization' Functions of Finance Manager in Modern Age' Financial decision areas' ime "alue of Money' Ris# and Return Analysis% UNIT -II E6uity share' preference shares' de$entures' $onds' &arrants' Commercial 2aper' Certificate of 4eposit' reasury Bills' Appraisal of proCect7 Concept' 2rocess & echni6ues of Capital Budgeting and its applications7 Ris# and *ncertainty in Capital Budgeting7 +everage Analysis B financial' operating and com$ined leverage along&ith implications7 !BI -!2S Analysis & Indifference 2oints% UNIT -III +ong-term sources of finance' potentiality of e6uity shares' preference shares' de$entures and $onds as sources of long-term finance7 Concept and Approaches of capital structure decision 0 )I' )OI' raditional and Modigliani Miller Approach7 Cost of Capital 0 Cost of e6uity' preference shares' de$entures and retained earnings' &eighted average cost of capital and implications% UNIT -IV Concept of retained earnings' Relevance and Irrelevance' 2loughing $ac# of profits' forms of dividends' factors affecting dividend policy' dividend payout decisions% heories of dividend decision 0 3alterFs Model' 1ordonFs Model and Modigliani Miller Model7 Factors affecting dividend decision% UNIT -V Concept' components' factors affecting &or#ing capital re6uirement' 3or#ing Capital Management0 Management of cash' inventory and receiva$les7 Introduction to 3or#ing Capital Financing% Re(ere)!es: 9% 5 Fred 3eston & !ugene F% Brigham ' Managerial Finance' IJKLM 2u$lications% :% Fran#lin R% !d&ards & Cindy 3% Ma ' Futures and Options' Mc1ra&-8ill' Inc% <% 5ames "an 8orne' !ssentials of Financial Management' 2rentice 8all% =% 3al#er !% 3%' !ssentials of Financial Management' 2rentice 8all% >% Srivastava' R% M%' Financial Management' Sterling 2u$lishers 2rivate +imited% ?% 2rasanna Chandra' Financial Management' ata Mc1ra&-8ill% @% 2andey' I% M%' Financial Management' Macmillan India% .

Material' +a$our and Overhead% .=' <rd !d%/% 9.Management Accounting ."i#as' 9GA@' Ath !d%/% ...% Bhattacharyya S .han M%H% and 5ain2%.%' Management Accounting ata Mc1ra&-8ill 2u$lishing Co% +td% ' )e& 4elhi% @% 8orngren et al .Materials' +a$our and overheads and their Allocation and Apportionment' preparation of Cost Sheet' Methods of Costing' Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounting% UNIT -II Marginal Costing versus A$sorption Costing' Cost-"olume-2rofit Analysis and 2E" Ratio' Analysis and their implications' Concept and uses of Contri$ution & Brea#even 2oint and their analysis for various types of decision-ma#ing li#e single product pricing' multi product pricing' replacement' sales etc% 4ifferential Costing and Incremental Costing0 Concept' uses and applications' Methods of calculation of these costs and their role in management decision ma#ing li#e sales' replacement' $uying etc% UNIT -III Concept of Budget' Budgeting and Budgetary Control' ypes of Budget' Static and Fle(i$le Budgeting' 2reparation of Cash Budget' Sales Budget' 2roduction Budget' Materials Budget' Capital !(penditure Budget and Master Budget' Advantages and +imitations of Budgetary Control% UNIT -IV Meaning and Concept of standard costs' esta$lishing various cost standards' ypes of Standard and their revision' 4ifference $et&een $udgeting and standard costing% heir use in ma#ing appraisal and fi(ing responsi$ility' 2rocedure of setting standard cost .Introduction to Management Accounting .inds of "ariances' calculation of Material "ariance' +a$our "ariance' and Overhead "ariance' and its applications and implications% UNIT -V Responsi$ility Accounting & ransfer 2ricing0 Concept and various approaches to Responsi$ility Accounting' concept of investment centre' cost centre' profit centre and responsi$ility center and its managerial implications' ransfer 2ricing 0 concept' types & importance 7 )eo concepts for 4ecision Ma#ing0 Activity Based Costing' Cost Management' "alue Chain Analysis' arget Costing & +ife Cycle Costing 0 concept' strategies and applications of each% Re(ere)!es: 9% Anthony Ro$ert )% & Reece 5ames S ' Management Accounting' Ir&in% :% Anthony Ro$ert ) & 3elsch 1lenn A' Fundamentals of Management Accounting' R%4% Ir&in% <% 8ongren Charles % ' Introduction to Management Accounting' 2earson !ducation India% =% Bhattacharya S%.% & 4earden 5ohn ' Accounting for Management' ata Mc1ra&-8ill 2u$%Co%+td%' )4% >% 8ingorani )%+%' Ramanathan A%R% & 1re&al %S%' Management Accounting' Sultan Chand & Sons% ?% .PGDM -207 : MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND CONTROL Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: he present paper aims at familiarizing the students &ith the application aspect of accounting and various techni6ues that are used to o$tain accounting information used for decision ma#ing% he paper e(plains the concepts of management accounting and elucidates the methods of accounting and control &hich intends to help the future managers in understanding and utilizing the accounting information effectively% UNIT -I Accounting for Management' Role of Cost in decision ma#ing' Comparison of Management' Accounting and Cost Accounting' types of cost' cost concepts' !lements of cost .Accounting for Management . ata Mc1ra&-8ill' :.Management Accounting .han and 5ain .2earson' :."i#as' :.:' 9:th edition/% A% . and 4earden 5 ...' <rd !d%/% G% 2andey I M .

) De"er&#)+"#o)-Formulation and 4efinition of Business Research 2ro$lem7 Formulation of Research 8ypotheses' Business Research 4esign B Meaning and Formulation7 Research 4esign Classification B !(ploratory Research 4esign .Rese+r!9 Des#.Secondary 4ata & Dualitative Research/' 4escriptive Research 4esign .Me+sure&e)" Te!9)#4ues.D+"+ Pro!ess#). Des#.-Duestionnaires and O$servation Forms7 Duestionnaire 4esign 2rocess7 Collecting 2rimary 4ata through B O$servations' Semi.%' Mar#eting Research B An Applied Orientation' 2earson !ducation' )e& 4elhi 3illiam 1% Ni#mund' Business Research Methods' Cengage +earning' )e& 4elhi Saunders' +e&is & hornhill0 Research Methods for Business Students' 2earson !ducation' )e& 4elhi 2anneer Selvam' Research Methodology' 2rentice 8all of India'4elhi Beri 1%C ' Mar#eting Research' ata Mc1ra& 8ill' )e& 4elhi .structured Intervie&s' In-depth Intervie&s and Duestionnaire7 2rocessing of Research 4ata B !diting' Coding' Classification and a$ulation UNIT-V A)+/0s#s o( D+"+-!(ploring' 4isplaying and !(amining 4ata7 Basic 4ata Analysis B 4escriptive Statistics7 *nivariate Statistics B 8ypotheses esting7 Bivariate Analysis B est of 4ifferences and Measures of Association7 Multivariate Analysis% Bus#)ess Rese+r!9 Re1or"-Importance of the Report & 2resentation7 Business Report Format7 Report 3riting7 Oral 2resentation7 Research Follo&-up Re(ere)!es 9% :% <% =% >% ?% @% A% G% Cooper and Schindler' Business Research Methods' ata Mc1ra& 8ill' )e& 4elhi Malhotra )%.PGDM -208 : BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: he present paper intends to provide comprehensive #no&ledge a$out the research methods that are employed to investigate the $usiness pro$lems% he paper discusses various steps in $usiness research and introduces the concepts' tools and techni6ues that are used at each of these steps there$y' honing the research s#ills of future managers% UNIT -I I)"ro-u!"#o) "o Bus#)ess Rese+r!9-Meaning and Significance of Research in Business7 4ifferent Approaches to Research B Scientific Methods and )on-scientific Methods7 ypes of Business Research7 he Research 2rocess7 !thics in Business Research% UNIT -II Rese+r!9 Prob/e& I-e)"#(#!+"#o) +).Survey & O$servation/ and Causal Research 4esign .!(perimentation/7 2otential Sources of !rrors in Research UNIT -III S+&1/#).arlinger' Fred )%' Foundations of Behavioural Research% Mohsin' S%M% ' Research Methods in Behavioural Research% ull & 8a&#ins' Mar#eting Research' 2rentice 8all of India'4elhi .he Sampling 4esign 2rocess7 ypes of Sample 4esign B 2ro$a$ility and )on-pro$a$ility Sampling 4esigns7 Size of Sample7 Sampling !rrors7 Concept of Measurement and Scaling7 Important Scaling echni6ues B Comparative and )on-comparative7 Relia$ility and "alidity of Measurement% UNIT -IV D+"+ Co//e!"#o) Too/s +).) +).

2S/' 2rocess Control System.MIS/' 4ecision Support System.2CS/' !nterprise Colla$oration System.STEM Course Ob e!"#$e % Ou"!o&e: he present paper see#s to improve the communication s#ills of student $y offering them an understanding of the essentials of $usiness communication% +atter part of the paper deals &ith dynamics of management information system and its role in $usiness decision ma#ing along &ith the contemporary issues and practices related to MIS% UNIT -I Meaning and importance of Communication in $usiness' the process of Communication' models of Communication' types of information order' advise' suggestion' motivation' persuasion' &arning and education% Channels of communication-their effectiveness and limitations' media of communication' $arriers of communication' approaches to effective communication' and tools of communication0 diction' sentence' paragraph' punctuation and report &riting% UNIT -II Specific of $usiness Communication-essentials of effective $usiness Communication structure of $usiness correspondence0 in6uires and replies' orders and their e(ecutions' complaints and adCustments' credit and status in6uires' agency letters and sales letters' Conference Seminar' Symposia and Other Formal Communication UNIT -III Concept of 4ata and Information' Information Systems' Classification' Operations Support System .!IS/' Cross Functional Information Systems UNIT -IV Strategic advantage &ith MIS7 Systems approach to pro$lem solving7 Business 2rocess Reengineering .MSS/' ransaction 2rocessing System.!S/' !(ecutive Information System. C & +audon 5 2 ' Management Information Systems0 Managing the 4igital Firm' 2rentice-8all% A% OFBrien 5' Management Information Systems' ata Mc1ra&-8ill' 1algotia% G% 5a&ed#ar 3 S' Management Information Systems' ata Mc1ra&-8ill% 9.% Mudric# R 1' An information system for modern management' 2earson% .B2R/7 Internet &or#ed enterprise in MIS7 Internet' Intranet' !(tranet7 !nterprise communication and Colla$oration% UNIT -V MIS support for decision ma#ing7 4ecision Support Systems7 ools of $usiness support systems7 &hat if analysis' sensitivity analysis7 goal see# analysis' optimization analysis' data mining for decision support% 4eveloping MIS Systems-System 4evelopment +ife Cycle7 Investigation 2hase7 System Analysis7 System 4esign .OSS/' Management Support System.4F4 and !R diagrams/7 System Implementation% Applications-Cross-functional MIS7 !R27 CRM7 SCM7 ransaction processing7 Contemporary Issues in MIS Re(ere)!es: 9% +esi#ar' 2etit & Flately' +esi#earFs Basic Business Communication' ata Mc1ra& 8ill% :% 2oe & Fruchling ' Basic Communication7 AI BS% <% aylor ' !nglish Conversion 2ractice7 ata Mc1ra& 8ill% =% 4i&an & Aggar&al ' Business Communication7 !(cel% >% Baugh' Frrayer & homas' 8o& to &rite first class Business Correspondence7 "iva Boo#s% ?% C%S%" Murthy ' Management Information Systems' 8imalaya 2u$lishing 8ouse' )e& 4elhi% @% +audon .!CS/' Management Information System.PGDM-20: : BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND MANAGEMENT IN6ORMATION S.AI/ ' Applications Of Artificial Intelligence 0 )eural )et&or#s' Fuzzy +ogical Control System' "irtual Reality ' !(pert System.4SS/' Artificial Intelligence.

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