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Caibohyuiates aie the piimaiy fuel souice foi exeicise, especially foi enuuiance
(aeiobic) exeicise. Stuuies have founu that uuiing enuuiance events such as the
Iionman tiiathlon anu maiathon, fastei finish times weie coiielateu with high
caibohyuiate intake iates. Bespite this, many athletes aie not consuming auequate caibohyuiates to satisfy the uemanus of
theii exeicise iegimens.

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Recommenueu uaily caibohyuiate intake ianges fiom S to 12 gkg bouy weight. Caibohyuiate intake shoulu be spieau ovei
the uay to piomote fuel availability foi key tiaining sessions - befoie, uuiing, oi aftei exeicise.

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veiy light tiaining (low-intensity oi skill-baseu exeicise) S-S
Noueiate-intensity tiaining, 6u min.uay S-7
Noueiate to high-intensity enuuiance exeicise, 1-S houiuay 6-1u
Noueiate to high-intensity exeicise, 4-S houiuay 8-12

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If unable to eat bieakfast piioi to eaily moining exeicise, consuming ~Su giams of easily uigesteu caibohyuiate (e.g., banana,
caibohyuiate gel, oi spoit uiink) S minutes befoie exeicise may impiove peifoimance.

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Consuming caibohyuiate uuiing exeicise lasting at least 1 houi can uelay the onset of fatigue anu impiove enuuiance capacity.

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Exeicise lasting less than 4S minutes Not necessaiy oi piactical
Bigh-intensity exeicise lasting 4S-7S minutes Small amounts of spoits uiinks oi foous
Enuuiance anu inteimittent, high-intensity exeicise
lasting 1-2.S houis
Enuuiance anu ultia-enuuiance exeicise lasting 2.S-S
houis anu longei
> 8u-9ughoui

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Buiing long peiious of iecoveiy (24 his), it uoes not mattei how caib intake is spaceu thioughout the uay as long as the
athlete consumes auequate caib anu eneigy. When exeicise sessions aie less than 8 houis apait, stait consuming caib
immeuiately aftei exeicise to maximize iecoveiy time. Consume 1 to 1.2 gkghi foi the fiist 4 houis aftei exeicise.

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anu Bietetics.

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