Kanban Planning

Kanbans represent replenishment signals that are usually manual and highly visible, such as a color –coded card that moves with the material, a light that goes on when replenishment is required, or an empty bin that is moved to the supply location to trigger replenishment. The four types of Kanbans available in the system trigger transactions that pull material from different replenishment sources. Inter Org Creates internal requisitions Intra Org Triggers material movement from a subinventory in the same organization Production Creates or releases a production job (discrete job, repetitive schedule, or flow schedule) Supplier Creates a purchase requisition One of the most important tasks of a Kanban planning system is determining the optimal number of Kanban cards. The Kanban planning software takes care of this calculation provided you enter correct values for Kanban size, average daily demand for the Kanban item, and the lead time to replenish one Kanban. By default, the standard calculation is:

(C – 1) * S = D * A * (L + SSD)
Where: • C is the number of Kanban cards • S is the Kanban size • D is the average daily demand • A is the allocation percent • L is the lead time (in days) to replenish one Kanban • SSD is the Safety Stock Days

Defining/Generating/Printing Kanban Cards:
First create an item and assign the item to the organization. Then we need to create Kanban cards for this Item.
Defining Kanban Cards: Navigation: INV-----Kanban-----Kanban Cards We can automatically generate Kanban cards with the Generate Kanban Cards process. Click on Kanban cards and select new.

System will generate the Kanban card number as 3006. Sub Inventory and Size of the Kanban. . And save it.Give the Item Name in the Item Field. Now click on Replenish then the supply status will be changed to Empty from New.

Now run a Requisition Import program. After the PO has been approved we need receive the material. .Switch responsibility in to Purchasing. Go to Requisitions Summary and Track down the requisition. Now we need to check the on hand quantity. Take down that requisition number and prepare standard purchase order by auto create.

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