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Marine Composites

Marine Composites


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The following is a list of some promising material systems that have been introduced for
automotive applications:

• Porsche uses Du Pont's Bexoly V thermoplastic polyester elastomer for the
injection molded front and rear fascias on its new Carrera 4 model.

• Shell Chemical is introducing new styrenic-based Kraton elastomers, which
are extremely soft with “excellent” compression set and moldability. Its
applications in the transportation industry include window seals and weather
gasketing, where softness, better than average heat resistance, and low
compression set are important.

• A foam that debuted at the Spring 1989 Exposition is a cold curing flexible
PUR from Mobay, which is designed to reduce noise levels inside
automobiles. BMW now uses the foam system, called Bayfit SA, on all its

• General Electric Plastics has designed and developed a one-piece, structural
thermoplastic, advanced instrument panel module, called AIM, for
automobiles. The one-piece design sharply reduces production time. [1-46]

• Glass reinforced thermoplastic polyesters such as PBT (polybutylene
terephthalate) are used extensively in the automotive industry for exterior
body parts such as grilles, wheel covers and components for doors, windows
and mirrors. PBT is also in demand for underhood applications such as
distributor caps, rotors and ignition parts. Other uses include headlamp

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parts, windshield wiper assemblies, and water pump and brake system

• Du Pont's Bexloy K 550 RPET has been accepted by Chrysler for use on
fenders on some 1992 models. [1-64]

• The Polimotor/Lola T-616 is the world's first competition race car with a
plastic engine. The four cylinder Polimotor engine is


plastic and contains
dynamic parts of injection molded polymer supplied by Amoco Chemicals.
The race car weighs 1500 pounds and has a carbon fiber chassis and body.

• Torlon®

is a high performance polyamideimide thermoplastic made by

Amoco. Torlon®

has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which
nearly matches that of steel and is stronger than many other types of high
temperature polymers in its price range. It can be injection molded to
precise detail with low unit cost. Torlon®

thrust washers were incorporated

into Cummins' gear-driven diesel engines starting in 1982. [1-48]

Transportation Industry

Marine Composites


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