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Packages: J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB,Struts,Hibernate Frameworks J2ee Chapter 1: Programming in Java Introduction to java About Objects Primitives and References Flow Controls, Operations Using Java Library Abstract Classes & Interfaces Constructors and Memory management Math, Formatting, Wrappers and Statics Exception Handling Introduction to GUI, Event Handling and Inner Classes Java Swing, Layout Managers and Components Serialization and I/O Collections and Generics Packaging and Deployment Distributed Computing – RMI, Servlets and Jini Chapter 2: JSP and Servlets JSP and Servlets an Introduction Web Application Architecture – High level Overview MVC – Architecture Request & Response Attributes & Listeners Session Management Using JSP Script Free Pages JSP Custom tags Web Application Deployment Enterprise Design Patterns

Chapter 3: EJB EJB - An Introduction EJB - Architectural Overview EJB – A Client View Session Bean Lifecycle Introduction to Entity Bean Message Driven Beans Exceptions in EJB EJB Deployment Chapter 4: Generating an XML Document Java Servlet JavaServer Pages Chapter 5: Parsing XML Document Object Model (DOM) Simple API for XML (SAX) Java Message Service Java Naming and Directory Interface Java Mail Chapter 6: Application Server JBOss, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat

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