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Tuscaloosa Titans (softball edition) Dream Team

To: Mrs. Cottrel
From: Leslie Brogden
Date: February 5, 2014
Subject: Dream Team Approval

As you are aware, I am in the process of completing The Dream Team
simulation. In order to continue with this stimulation, I am required to
create a professional sports team. Please review this proposed team
provided below and indicate if I have your approval to use the proposed
team by completing the bottom portion of this memo and returning it
to me.
Proposed Team:
The name of my team is Tuscaloosa Titans. The type of sport this team
plays is Softball. The teams hometown is Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Team Reasoning:
The reason for me creating The Dream Team softball edition is to allow
the world to see what softball is really about. The players I will select for
my team with be the best of the best so I will have the best opportunity
I can have to further the worlds view of softball. I know the team I will
put together will be very successful not only in softball but in showing
the love and passion for the sport.

I approve this team for the use in The Dream Team stimulation.

Team Logo