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Business plan to open a Handicraft work

Business plan to open a Handicraft work


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Published by Amit
it's about handicraft work , how to open handicraft work
it's about handicraft work , how to open handicraft work

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Published by: Amit on Nov 21, 2009
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It has been a good learning experience to do the detailed project report on setting up of the
Handicraft industry in the RIICO industrial area, Jhunjhunu as a part of my MBA program.
The study has been made an attempt to gain better understanding about how actually the
manufacturing plant is set up.

Under this, at first I generated the product idea of handicraft, matching with my profile. The
main objective of the project is to the study the feasibility analysis of the handicraft
manufacturing plant. After the idea generation, the industry analysis at both the global and
domestic level was done to understand the market trends and other factors.

Then the market analysis was done through the survey in form of questionnaires and
interviews of the manufacturers. After this using the statistical techniques did the demand
analysis. With this the demand estimation, the technical analysis was done.

After completing the technical analysis, the financial analysis was done to check the financial
feasibility of the project. It involved the preparation of cash flow statements, working capital
requirement schedules, profitability statements and the balance sheets of 3 years. This
provided the data for using the performance indicators and other capital budgeting
techniques. Lastly, the risk analysis was done to estimate the risk involved in the project.

On the whole it was a wonderful experience & a great learning opportunity. The complete
project was an eye opener which added to my theoretical knowledge. There were times when
I was disheartened & disappointed, but there were times when things went right & made me
feel proud.

Success does not come at once; one has to start right from the scratch & struggle his way
through all hardships with courage & determination.


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