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Art Curriculum

Uni Subject & Activity Terms & Goals

1 Pencil Sketching & Shape Crafts Recognize shapes, actions and
(individuals) movements and use it to describe
- Class 1: Actions/Movement people, place and things.
- Class 2: Shapes & Colors/Shading
Activities TERMS: bend/bent, curl, zig-zag,
- Shake Your Body – Students will balance, cross, shading, gradation,
take turns moving their body parts squares, circle, pentagons, triangle,
and others will say the motions rectangles, cones, spiral
they are doing. Students will act
out the directions other students
tell them to do. Students will draw Materials: pencils, sketch books, color
the images with pencil. paper, scissors, glue
- Shape-formers – Students will use
the number of shapes the teachers
tell them to use to create an
2 Markers Like Paint (partners) Student will use markers and draw
- Class 3: Animals & Habitats animals and other information they
- Class 4: Art Presentations collect from their handouts. They will
Activities learn to present in class.
- Markers Like Paint – Students will
use markers to draw their animals TERMS: bleeding colors, blend, mix,
and their habitants. They will forest, farm, wilderness, jungle, house,
include as many details from the sequential steps
handouts provided. The more
details, the better.
- Art Presentations – Students will Materials: markers, water, handouts,
display their “marker like paint” color pencils, paper
projects and answer questions from
the students regarding their
3 Perceptions Students will be able to name typical
- Class 5: City Images (Perception) images in the streets. They will be
- Class 6: Art Exhibition (Evaluations able to express their opinions about
& Review) art.
- What is this? – Students draw TERMS: buses, cars, trucks,
sketches of an item from different helicopters, buildings, streets, road,
perspectives trolleys, houses, names of major
- City Images – Students use water cities, compliments
colors to depict a city. They need
to be able to describe what is in Materials: watercolors, brushes, easels
the image and what makes the city (maybe), cups, paper, name cards (to
unique compared to other cities. place stickers for judging), judging
- Art Exhibition – Students will work sheet (criterions), star stickers
Art Curriculum
in teams to display one work for
each project and they need to be
able to describe what and how they
did it. Teachers & Students review.

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