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Enid Blyton Ebooks

1) Barney Mysteries
i) The Ragamuffin Mystery
ii) The Rat A Tat mystery
iii) The Rilloby Fair Mystery
iv) The Ring O' Bells Mystery
v) The Rockingdown Mystery
vi) The Rubadub Mystery

2) Famous Five
i) Five Are Together Again
ii) Five Fall Into Adventure
iii) Five Get Into A Fix
iv) Five Get Into Trouble
v) Five Go Adventuring Again
vi) Five Go Down To The Sea
vii) Five Go Off In A Caravan
viii) Five Go Off To Camp
ix) Five Go To Billycock Hill
x) Five Go To Demon's Rock
xi) Five Go To Mystery Moor
xii) Five Go To Smugglers Top
xiii) Five Have A Mystery To Solve
xiv) Five Have A Wonderful Time
xv) Five Have Plenty Of Fun
xvi) Five On A Hike Together
xvii) Five On A Secret Trail
xviii) Five on a treasure island
xix) Five On Finniston Farm
xx) Five on Kirrin Island Again
xxi) Five Run Away Together

3) Malory Towers
i) First Term at Malory Towers
ii) In the Fifth at Malory Towers
iii) Last Term at Malory Towers
iv) Second Form at Malory Towers
v) Third Year at Malory Towers
vi) Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

4) Mystery Series
i) The Mystery of Banshee Towers
ii) The Mystery of Holly Lane
iii) The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage
iv) The Mystery of The Burnt Cottage
v) The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
vi) The Mystery of the Hidden House
vii) The Mystery of The Invisible Thief
viii) The Mystery of The Missing Man
ix) The Mystery of The Missing Necklace
x) The Mystery of The Pantomime Cat
xi) The Mystery of The Secret Room
xii) The Mystery of The Spiteful Letters
xiii) The Mystery of The Strange Bundle
xiv) The Mystery of The Strange Messages
xv) The Mystery of The Vanished Prince

5) Pamela Cox E-Books Based on Enid Blyton Characters
i) Fun & Games at Malory Towers
ii) Goodbye Malory Towers
iii) New Term at Malory Towers
iv) Secrets of Malory Towers
v) Summer Term at Malory Towers
vi) Winter Term at Malory Towers

6) Secret Series
i) The Secret Island,
ii) The Secret Mountain
iii) The Secret of Killimooin
iv) The Secret of Moon Castle
v) The Secret of Spiggy Holes

7) Secret Seven
i) Fun for the Secret Seven
ii) Go Ahead, Secret Seven
iii) Good old secret seven
iv) Good Work, Secret Seven
v) Look Out, Secret Seven
vi) Puzzle for the Secret Seven
vii) secret seven adventure
viii) Secret Seven Fireworks
ix) Secret Seven Mystery
x) Secret Seven on the Trail
xi) Secret Seven Win Through
xii) Shock for the Secret Seven
xiii) The Secret Seven
xiv) Three Cheers, Secret Seven
xv) Well Done, Secret Seven

8) St Clares
i) Claudine at St Clare's
ii) Fifth Formers Of St Clare's
iii) Summer Term at St Clare's
iv) The O'Sullivan Twins
v) The Second Form At St Clare's
vi) The Twins at St Clare's

9) The Naughtiest Girl
i) The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor
ii) The Naughtiest Girl Again
iii) The Naughtiest Girl in The School
10) The Adventure series
i) The Castle of Adventure
ii) The Circus of Adventure
iii) The Island of Adventure
iv) The Mountain of Adventure
v) The River of Adventure
vi) The Sea of Adventure
vii) The Ship of Adventure
viii) The Valley of Adventure