About Calvary Community Church

In 1982, Pastor J. Mark Martin felt the call to teach the good news about
God’s love and salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. Armed with a compelling
and dynamic commitment to the word of God, Pastor J. Mark Martin
established Calvary Community Church with a humble congregation of 11
souls. Today, he serves the spiritual goals of more than 12,000 faithful
Christians attending services and other events at two campuses in
Phoenix, Arizona.

Founded with a tri-fold vision to exalt Jesus Christ, equip His saints, and
evangelize Christ’s earth, Calvary Community Church serves as a spiritual
home to congregants who gather to worship on Saturday evenings and
Sunday mornings. Worship services consist of lively songs that praise
Jesus Christ and an exploration of the word of God for its profound lessons
of Christ’s love.

Calvary Community Church fellowship focuses on the Bible as God’s
authoritative word. On Wednesday evenings, members gather to immerse
themselves in each chapter and verse of the Bible.

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