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Year 2 Maths

Hard work + fun = quality learning

Read and write numbers to 100
Accurately count and order objects to 100
Add and subtract numbers to 20
Add and subtract from a 2 digit number
Recall number doubles to 20
Recall number bonds to 10 (eg 8+2=10)
Count in 2s 5s and 10s
Recognise 2D shapes- pentagon hexagon and octagon
Recognise 3D shapes- cube cylinder sphere cuboid cone
Say and write ordinal numbers 1
first 2
second etc
Tell the time to o clock and half past
Sort objects using more than one criteria
Read information from a table and draw a simple bar

Read and write numbers to 1000
Accurately count and order objects to 100 by grouping them in 2s 5s
and 10s
Explain what each digit in a 2 digit number is worth-including 0 as a
place holder
Partition 2 digit number in different ways
Recall number doubles to 20
Add and subtract TU U or multiples of 10.
Write number sentences using correct signs.
Missing number sums eg: 12+___=20
Adding multiples of 10 to make 100, eg: 20+80
Multiplication facts for at least 2, 5, 10 (quick recall)
Use multiplication facts to answer division questions.
Recognise 2D and 3D shapes in different rotations and their properties.
Know the relationship between seconds, minutes and hours.
Read time to quarter past and quarter to the hour on a digital and
analogue clock.

Some children may already be achieving at
different levels.

In class we differentiate which means we always
provide a challenge and support for each child.

We teach the children many different methods for
calculating to enable them to choose their
preferred method.

All children learn in different ways.

Many children who are confident when
answering number problems find word
problems a challenge.

We try to teach the children to fully
understand the vocabulary to work out if
the word problem is an addition,
subtraction, multiplication or division


altogether plus
take away
subtract left

A number sentence is a sum. We teach the children
to write their own number sentences using numbers
and symbols in the correct places.

Many children make simple mistakes often mixing
the + and or writing the answer in the wrong

We teach the children that each side of the = there
should be a balance.

We encourage the children to check their own work
after each sum.
Number Sentences
5+8=13 10-4=6
13=10+3 6=12-6

Children are exposed to a range of methods.
Methods selected will depend upon the situation and
the numbers involved.
Children make decisions about methods and draw on a
range of strategies and approaches when applying
Maths is context.
Children in the same class could be using different
methods to others depending on their ability,
confidence and stage of mathematical development.
We ask the children to write down what methods they
Start at 8 and count on 7 more jumps. What do you
land on?
Start at 48. How many 10s do we need to add on? 3 tens
Jump down 3 numbers as you are adding on 30.
Now how many ones (units) do you need to add on? 6 ones
Now count on 6 more and what number do you land on?
Start at 48. How many do we need to add on to get to the next
multiple of 10? 2 more to get to 50
How many 10s do we need to add? 30
So 50+30 is 80. We have added 2 and 30 so far so that is 32.
We need to add 36 in total so how many more do we need to add?
4 more.
We need to add 4 more from 80. What do we get? 84
Start at 84 and how many do you have to take away
to get to the nearest multiple of 10? Minus 4 to get
to 80. How many 10s do you have to minus to get to
The closest 10 to 36? Minus 40 from 80 to get to 40.
From 40 how many do you take away to get to 36?
Take away 4.
Add all the numbers you have taken away. 4+40+4=48

From 86 how many do you need to add to the next multiple
of 10? Add 4 to get to 90
From 90 how many more to get to 100? 10 more
From 100 how many more to get to 700? 600 more
From 700 how many more to 754? 54 more
Add all the jumps you made 4+10+600+54=668
How many jumps did you make?
Each group needs 6 counters.
How many groups are there?
If I have 18 sweets and want to share it between
6 friends how many do they have each?
How many different ways
can you make 20?