Contrast and Compare Napoleon(Animal Farm) and Big Brother(1984) Characters in George Orwell's Masterpieces.

George Orwell talks about the contempt for and fear of totalitirian governments in the books Animal Farm and 1984.In both book,there is corrupted regimes and some people--Napoleon in Animal Farm and Big Brother in 1984-- claim that current situation can only change by shifting the regime immediately.They promise their nation a more comfortable and more fair lives.And they also claim that they become all equal with this new regime. In this article i am going to try to contrast and compare these characters changing the regimes and reigning over their nation. Both Big Borther and Napoleon show the qualities of a cruel leaders.They are unrelenting and cunning.Most critics say that Orwell explicitly build a similarity between Stalin and Big Brother-Napoleon.He critices the skewnesses of communism . They both take the lead by saying the current order must be changed.They advocate that the current orders have been exploiting the proletirat and it can be only changed by shifting the current regime.They come to power with the help of their nations but soon they subdue their nations and start to behave cruelly.They nourish the people with heroic feelings.They provide the permanency of system by fighting against rival forces.They empose their ideas to the people and kill dissidents without any hesitation. Similar to Napoleon,Big Brother is secretive plotter working behind scenes rather openly.However Big Brother,unlike Napoleon,periodically appears on the television screen.And he gives his people directions and demonishes them,either.But Napoleon takes the decisions in his office and make his men announce them to the public.Big Brother and Napoleon always work to weaken their rivals.For example,Napoleon tries to dismiss Snowball from the farm by saying he is a betrayer and plays along with the owner of the farm.As for Big Brother,he exiles Rutherford and he makes people think Rutherford is a Betrayer,too.Both Rutherford and Snowball are first on the side of Napoleon and Big Brother but they-Napoleon and Big Brother-send away them because they both secure their power.Snowball and Rutherford see the faults of leaders and they warn them. They both organize complicated ceremonies and parades to absent their people from thinking about their deeds.Napoleon's control over farm isn't as

powerful as Big Brother's control over the workers.Big Brother and Napoleon have both come to power with the promise of changing the current situation but later they started to treat people as the former officials had done.They finally have no difference from the others. In both books,the side who always faces persecution is society.They are made to work without reasoning.Working classes try to live in very bad conditions with low quality products given by officials and never receive a recompense for their services. Both leader direct his men to kill anyone who utters the faults and strings attached of the system or who comes into antagonism with state.Besides,they both have a feature that wanting to rewrite the history de vono for their interests like showing the unreal things as if they were real and vice versa to strengthen their power and to wash people's brains.For example ,they hoodwink people by manipulating and concealing the facts of government statictics and deeds but people have been made so insensitive that they accept all things without any reasoning.