Plant Experiment

Observations and data 1
Observations and data 2

By Keara Kierstead

Which plant out of these four will grow tallest in
2 weeks?

I think that the sunflower will grow tallest.

P Seeds
80 ml of water every other day


Place the seed in the soil. Water the same amount every
day. You should have only one variable. Everyone
should do the same except for that one variable. At the end, figure out your conclusion.

Observations and data 1
Keara Pea Seed 80 ml of water

Nov.17-Soil damp,seed starting to germinate, small root growing out of seed bottom.
Nov.18- Soil soaking wet, seed still germinating, roots growing bigger. Nov. 20- The pea
plant is growing. I can see the plant growing out of the pea. The tallest one is about a
centimeter tall nNov. 25- Plant is very tall. Soil is damp. 4 plants are growing. Dec. 2Plant has grown very tall. It is 365 mm tall. Dec. 4- tallest Plant is 39 cm tall. Dec 9- Tallest plant is about 40 centimeters. A

lot of them are breaking because they are thin and they are falling. So after this. the tallest might be smaller.
Misko corn seed 80 ml of water

Nov.17 wet soil seed still not growing. I think there is no roots.
Nov.18- still not growing. wet soil. No watering today Nov.20 THE PLANT IS STILL NOT GROWING!!!!! I HAVE NO
ROOTS!!!!!!! Nov. 25 THE PLANT IS STILL NOT GROWING!!!!!I HAVE NO ROOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec. 2 Finally My Plant is
growing. It is 2cm. Dec. 4
My plant is 2.5cm long. I am very happy. Dec.9 my plant is 4cm. It has two leaves. The ground is wet.
Jong Hyeon Yu:Sun Flower seeds 80 ml of water.
Nov.17- wet soil seeds are growing. But seeds is very small.
Nov.18 - wet soil seeds still not growing. I think the seeds will growing very slow.
Nov. 20- the sunflower seeds are growing accept one seeds.
Nov. 25- The plants are growing. They are growing very healthy.Dec. 2it’s 9cm tall. But very tallest one in my plants is broken……Dec. 4- It’s
growing very healthy. Dec. 9- I forgot to water the plants three days.
so they died. BUT just one plant hasn’t died yet.

Observations and data continued
Joy-80 ml of water every other day, radish seed. Nov.17-Most of the seed is germinated and some are still germinating. Damp
soil and some already have leaves. Green and tiny plants, very long white roots. Nov.18 No watering the plants today but the soil is
damp and the plants are growing taller. 90 percent of the plant have leaves. Probably
most of the seeds are germinated. The tallest one is 50 millimeters but some are very small. Nov. 20 The plants are still growing
taller, the tallest won is 90 millimeter tall. Most of them are the size of my thumb’s fingernail. The soil is demp. Nov.25 The plants
are growing taller. The tallest one is 135 millimeters tall. The soil is damp. Dec. 2 The plant is not getting any taller but most of
them is healthy and the tallest one is still 135 millimeters. The soil is damp. The roots are kind of coming out the bottom. Some of
the plants are dying. Dec.4
The soil is damp. There are black spots on the leaves. Its 135 mL so its not going to grow any taller. Most of them are healthy. Dec.
The soil is damp the tallest plant is still 135 millimeters tall. Most of my plants are healthy but some of the leaves are turning
brown and some of the plants are just dying.

The hypothesis, the sunflowers will grow tallest, is rejected. The data shows
that the pea plant grew tallest in two weeks. The runner up was the sunflower.
In third place was the radish plant. The plant that grew the least was the corn.
The results of the investigation are useful because now we know that the corn
plant needs to be watered about once every week. We know that because ,
when we didn’t water it for four days, the corn plant grew a little. We also know
that the pea seed, the radish and the sunflower seed should be watered exactly
how it was watered in this experiment. This experiment could be improved by
making sure that everyone watered when they were supposed to water. I think
this because the owner of the sunflower seed forgot to water for three days.