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Bianca Yager

Senior Block

How can reading help childrens development?/Thesis
A. “I never feel lonely if I've got a book - they're like old friends.
Even if you're not reading them over and over again, you know they are there.
And they're part of your history. They sort of tell a story about your journey





through life.” Emilia Fox
B. people read for different reasons
1. for information
2. for entertainment
C. Being exposed to reading and literature early in life will enhance
child development.
History about literature
A. american history started around 17th century
B. had a lot of influence from england
C. started breaking away from english literature with mark twain
Preparing your child to be more literate in school
A. talking to baby’s helps them learn about working conversion
B. read to your child
C. listening to music and singing
D. reading out loud while you're pregnant
1. child can hear from 16 months on
E. kids will start applying what they know about speaking and
listening to writing and reading
1. writing and reading go hand and hand, once you
master one skill the other come very easily
Children learn many skills when learning how to read
A. learn variety of different skills when you learn how to read
1. memory
B. comprehension, language, numeracy, and analyses skills
C. gives you access to other skills
1. listening skills
2. thinking skills
3. motor skills
a) turning pages
b) holding a book
signs your child may struggle learning literature or how to read
A. low income
B. if they use baby talk at inappropriate ages






C. if they have health disorders
Benefits of reading to your child
A. strengthen a bond between child and parent
1. cuddling when reading with parent helps the child
feel safe
B. using different noise and funny sounds so it connects reading with
C. when they hear emotion and expression it leads to better social and
emotional development
D. the more they hear words the better they read
1. doesn’t matter if you read the same book 100
times, just hearing the words helps
E. parents are sometimes the best teachers a child can have
1. parents don’t have to replace the teacher, but
showing interest in child's learning is important
How much a parent reads to there child depends
A. reading to children has gone up
B. hispanic children are less likely to be read to while chinese child is
more likely to be read to
C. Income of parent might determine how much child gets read to
Reading during school helps
A. writing and reading to hand in hand
B. summer slide takes a toll on children when they stop reading in the
Summer put a hold on reading development
A. 20 minutes a day is all it takes to prevent the “summer slide”
1. summer slide what happens when a child doesn't
read over their 2 or 3 month break
2. libraries and schools often offer summer reading
activities to keep children’s brains active over the summer
B. some student lose 3-4 months
1. low income kids often lose more
a) normally they don’t have the
resources to read over the summer
C. after just four weeks they start to lose what they have learned
D. 66% of teachers say that they spend 3-4 weeks relearning material
1. when spending time reviewing you lose class time
to learn new things
E. by time they get to 6 grade they could be 2 years behind
1. summer slide is cummulative, so every summer a
child will lose more and more information
Trying to stop the summer slide
A. combined reading with activities
B. going to the library
1. they have plenty of summer reading programs




Reading helps you later in life
A. an experiment was conducted and they found you if you read more
at 5 years of age then you would do better on a standardized test at 16
1. also found that you would do better on test if your
parent is literate
B. helps you in math vocabulary and spelling
Ways reading helps you when you're older
A. people should always keep reading because it helps your brain
function and grow
B. it helps prevent alzheimer's
C. it will help advance in your career
Conclusion/ Restated Thesis
A. Knowing how to read at a young age will benefit you for the rest
of your life.
1. you learn skills other than reading
2. a parent reading to a child helps child development
a lot
3. preparing a child to learn reading skills will help
them learn how to read when the child starts school
4. reading during the summer will help a child not fall
behind in school
5. reading at a young age can help a person advance in
their adult life