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Who Am I

In a Christian perspective, and being a follower of Jesus Christ people are amazed at
how detailed God could create a human being even before an individual takes their first gasp of
air on earth. Also of how God already knows what a person will be like, and how they are going
to live their life. In being human, we have to figure out who we are, why God created us, and put
us on this earth. We were brought here for a special purpose, and that is to glorify God’s holy
name. And we can do that by how God created us, and can be based on our own personal way
that we live life. My life now is like a storybook, each chapter represents who I am, struggles,
achievements, people showing me of how great life is,future plans in life and most importantly
how I acknowledge, and respect what God has blessed me with in my life.
My name is Arlynna Mitchell, and I was born on February 10, 1997. I grew up, and live in
Window Rock, Arizona which is located on the beautiful, heartfelt , and inspiring Navajo Nation
reservation. My parents have played a very important role in my life. They influenced me to
become a greater person, and teaching me to set high goals for myself; with continuing my
education, have a good well-paid job, and enjoy living my life through their teachings, and
advice they have given me. The general atmosphere of where I grew up in, and living at would
have to be a very loving, and calm environment.
The ethnicity that I come from plays an important role in my life, not only am I Navajo,
and participating in the traditional culture but I am also a Christian. I strongly believe that I can
be both traditional, and a Christian because those two practices is what I can rely on to help me
go the right direction in life. I do not believe in the stereotypes, when a new believer of Christ is
saved, and becomes a Christian. And yet that person’s traditional believes fades away, after
being a follower of Christ Jesus. For me, I tend to still be traditional, and a Christian because it
is who I am, God created me as a Navajo individual which would mean that I would have to
have knowledge my traditional values as a young Navajo woman. And continue knowing that

God will always be here for me when I need it ,and was the powerful spirit who gave me life.
Being a Christian, and believing in my Native American tradition, and culture is an important
practice for me to continue learning, and is an influence in my life.
Going the right direction in life, and wanting to achieve greatness ,there has to be an
influencer behind it. For me their are many people who inspire me to become who I am even
through my trials, and great achievements. My friends at school inspire me to not only through
my academics but they also inspire me by how much they are involved in their faith in God, and
Jesus Christ. My mom also inspires me because of how independent she is in handling certain
situations, also at how kind, and loving she is towards people also of the faith she has in God.
The number one person who has influenced me the most, is my grandma Regina. My grandma
Regina was a strong, loving, and caring woman.That was how she lived her life, my grandma
brought greatness, and kindness into the world. She was also a firm believer in her faith in
Jesus Christ, and was an active Christian in her church. In being a follower of Christ, my
grandma Regina showed the respect she had towards God, and Jesus Christ by how her
personality was.And gleaming in light to people that God is real, and he can do miraculous
things if a person can just believe in his holy name. I hope to become like my mom, and
grandma and who they are in their positive aspect of life.
Highpoints, and achievements have brought me great happiness in my life.
Accomplishments that have brought me fulfillment and special recognition would be learning
how to play musical instruments in middle school. I played the piano and guitar, when I played
both of these instruments I was shocked that I could be able to play. And it made me realize that
I had a gift that God had blessed me with, and being able to showcase my musical talent to a
crowd of people at Chapels or musical programs. Another high point that particularly made me
feel good about life is becoming a Christian, and accepting God to be in my life. I became a
Christian at a young age, my age of when I was reborn as a new Christian would have been in
Third Grade. When I was younger I went to preschool that taught me in a Christian perspective,

and continued learning in a Christian school but when I was in preschool to Third grade I didn’t
really get into detailed about who God really was maybe because I was really young. But during
my third grade year, I began to know more about God, and Jesus Christ through many Chapels
my former school had, going to church services, and maturing, and growing up. This specific
event is important to me because it had me take a big step in life, and having knowledge that
God will be apart of my life through thick, and thin.
There were many hard times that I had to go through but two hard times that I greatly
struggling with would have to be losing two people who I cherished , and adored. My grandma
Regina was, and is an important person that I had in my life. After she passed away in 2008
battling cancer, it was a tough process for me to go through because I knew that with her
fighting this deadly disease she was not going to be here much longer. But through her strength
she had, and shown my grandma knew that she could be able to beat cancer . The cancer that
my grandma had was almost gone, she was almost becoming known for being a cancer
survivor but she started to get sick and, being in the hospital for no longer than a week my
grandma passed away leaving people who truly loved her. It was an emotional event for me to
experience because I was close with my grandma, and was hard to know that she was not
going to physically be in my life. Through this time of sorrow, and grieving I knew that my
grandma is in a wonderful, and joyful place now because she was rewarded by God to be there
because of the love she had towards her heavenly father, and being a follower of Jesus Christ.
Just knowing that my grandma Regina is in heaven now, it brings tears of joy to me, and
happiness. The second person that I have lost in my life was my nephew Owen Curley, he was
just 2 years old when he descended out of this earth. His death was accidental, and was hard
for me, and the rest of my family to accept, and understand because of how young he was, and
how he was just starting to experience what life is. This was a hard thing for me to understand,
and saying to God:why didn’t perform a miracle on this innocent little boy, or heal the wounds he
had. I was questioning God on why this happened, and began losing my faith a little bit. But

when I started thinking about my nephew Owen, I knew that his death was not going to be a sad
moment, it was going to be a happy, and loving moment because that was how he lived, and
experienced on his two years here on earth. And knowing that he is now in the hands of our
most powerful,and exalting Jesus Christ made my faith feel stronger. I may have lost two
important people in my life, but it had me gain them to being my guardian angels.
Having faith in God is a powerful thing to have in life because it can be able to help a
person live life in a positive way through God’s holy name, and his son Jesus Christ. For me
having spiritual faith in God has impacted my life a lot. It has taught me that Jesus Christ did not
only die my sins but gave me another chance at life after being saved, and accepting him as my
savior. I believe that my faith is getting stronger every day, and learning more about my faith by
going to school, reading my bible, and going to church. But also getting to have a personal
relationship with God through prayer, praying to God is the second most powerful relationship to
have when being a Christian. The number one thing to have after accepting God into your life is
having faith, and knowing that you do have faith in God . And wanting to see what God can be
able to do in your life.
Seeing what my life is like now is different to what I will see in the future, right now I am
finishing my last year of high school at Rehoboth Christian School. I had an enjoyable four years
of high school so far, and being at Rehoboth Christian School helped me learn, and continue
learning my personal faith in God so that it can be a helpful tool for me to use for the rest of my
life. My future that I have planned for myself would be to graduate high school, go to college at
Fort Lewis, and pursue a degree in Journalism and Communications. And make that degree
useful for me writing for a magazine. Through that I want to be able to travel to places that I
always wanted to visit (New York, Italy, Japan, Paris). Later on in life after I get my college
degree, and work in the career I studied in, I want to hopefully get married, and have kids.But It
is all in God’s hands to what my life is going to be like, I just have to listen to God through
prayer, and the faith I have to him.

Arlynna Mitchell
Sept 4, 2014