I graduated from Ferris State University in 2005 with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

professional nursing career started at Saint Mary’s Health Care on an orthopedic unit. I stayed in this
position for three years. This position granted a lot of opportunity for future learning and leadership.
During my first year as a registered nurse, I trained in the position as charge nurse and started
in this role shortly after. After a year in nursing, I transitioned to a day position and continued as a
charge nurse. The day position brought on many new opportunities including functioning as a
preceptor for newly hired employees and also working with nursing students. I also was a member of
unit based council and organized the scheduling for staff in my department. The opportunity I
enjoyed most was teaching a pre-surgical total joint class for upcoming patients. This opportunity, as
well as precepting new employees unveiled my love for teaching.
My first three years of nursing in orthopedics at a large hospital provided a strong clinical
background and many opportunities. However, I wanted to expand my knowledge base and
experience a different specialty of nursing. The following years from 2008 until middle of 2012, I
worked as a homecare nurse for about a year and in outpatient surgery for three years. Homecare
nursing provided additional experience in patient education and chronic illness. Working in
outpatient surgery provided the experience of working in pre- and post-anesthesia care.

In July 2013, I accepted a position teaching in a practical nursing program. This position
granted me the opportunity to teach in the clinical setting, as well as theory in the classroom. My
focus was medical-surgical in both the clinical and classroom arena. This opportunity was
enriching and provided me the first opportunity to teach in nursing education.
In August 2014, I was offered a position at a career technical center in a secondary
education setting teaching exploration of health professions. This position has had a more global
focus over healthcare, with an emphasis on anatomy and physiology and medical terminology.
Over the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to strengthen and enhance my nursing
knowledge, skills, and expertise. This position in secondary education has allowed me the
chance to enhance my teaching skills and knowledge. Professional development in the realm of

education has been a significant concentration during this time. Please refer to my curriculum
vitae for further information on my previous career experiences.
My journey to further my education in nursing began in 2010. I enrolled in the RN to
BSN program at Ferris State University. While nearing the completion of the BSN program, I
applied for the MSN program and was accepted. My prospective graduation date is December
2015 with a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education.
I hope to be able to continue to pair my passion for both nursing and education and
function as a nursing instructor in academia. Within the next five years, it is my goal to begin
teaching in an accredited associate’s degree nursing program in the clinical setting, as well as
theory. I plan to continue to participate in professional development in both nursing and
education and work towards becoming a proficient nursing educator. This can be done by
seeking a mentor who is an experienced academic nurse educator to guide my growth and
development as an educator. In addition, I will seek opportunities such as attending seminars
and conferences related to nursing education, maintaining networks in the healthcare community
to maintain awareness of their needs, as well as seek opportunities to fulfill my commitment to
scholarship and service.
By 2025, I plan to have met the goal of attaining a doctorate degree in nursing practice.
This will afford me the opportunity to further develop my knowledge and expertise to provide
exceptional quality education to nursing students. I hope to be part of a nursing faculty at a local
university teaching, producing research and making an impact in the nursing profession.