Natural Law CX: What is the standard by which we determine what is right according to natural law? So by intuition? And by intuition is essentially what we feel is right? (opt'l) Natural is basically looking to our feelings to determine what is right? Is what we feel like doing always right? Do all people believe in natural law? If no, Why not? If yes, How do you know? If opponent says that a lot of people have to agree with something for to be right: Is something right just because a group of people say so? How do you know there aren’t more people who disagree with them? Is the majority necessarily better?

1. Natural Law is no standard at all, because when you base it on intuition, it is essentially based on nothing but feelings. There is no written natural law for people to follow. Feelings are very inaccurate as a way of determining morality. “A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.” ~Socrates 2. Natural law is basic at best, and provides no actual framework for guiding actions. While it may be argued that not killing and stealing are basic intuitions, the more intricate details of morality are not intuitive, such as questions like, is it right to lie to save someone’s life? Is the sacrifice of one life justified to save more lives? The scope of natural law is extremely limited and cannot be used to judge morality in general. 3. It is impossible to prove natural law. [There are two reasons why/Here’s why]: First, to prove that something is a universal principle, my opponent would have to prove that without a doubt, every person in the world intuitively believes in natural law, but he can’t because he hasn't interviewed each person, and he cannot read their minds. Second, natural law is something that cannot be confirmed because it can be corrupted, [as my opponent said in cross-ex]. If it can be corrupted, then we can’t confirm its existence.

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