Progress CX: Is progress absolute? How long does progress have to last in order to be considered progress? What is the rate of success needed to say that progress is achieved? Is all progress good? Will idealism possibly lead to bad progress in addition to bad progress? --------------------Some the following arguments are similar but are still separate. 1. Progress is not an intrinsic value. In other words, progress depends on other values to gain its value. We only value progress when it gives us certain things. 2. Progress is relative, to each individual, just as truth or justice is. Some may consider something so be progress, some may not. 3. Not all progress is good 4. Progress may defeat important values • Guns have defeated the value of life. 5. Good progress often doesn’t last • example: peace treaties in gaza strip • economic growth doesn’t last 6. No way to determine whether progress is reached 7. What seems to be good progress may not be good • The tariffs set in place after World War one seemed to be progress towards reconstructing the nation’s economy, but later we would find that these tariffs actually caused, in large part, the Great Depression. • Many technological advances such as chemical manufacturing have created large amounts of environmental pollution and toxic waste. Progress has so many flaws as a value that we simply cannot use it as a standard for anything in this round.

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