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Name: Kerri Horvath


Subject: Reading and Writing


I Lesson Focus and Explanation of Context/Rationale

To have students write a story from a different point of view based on a

text they have previously been exposed to.

For students to be exposed to different points of view from the same

text by creating a T-chart.


II Objectives

Students will analyze text and interpret different points of view by

creating a T-chart for comparison.

Students will create their own story from a different point of view of a
character from the story.

III Resources and Instructional Aids:

Readers Notebook

Easel with Anchor Chart


The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

IV Procedure:


Introduction to the lesson (Anticipatory set or hook)

I will invite the students to come down to the carpet along with their
readers notebook for a read aloud.
o Boys and girls, please meet me down on the carpet with your
readers notebook.

I will have the students recall the story The Invisible Boy from the
read aloud that was conducted the day before.
o Boys and girls, the past few days we have been working with
the book The Invisible Boy. Who can remind me what happens
in this story?

After discussing the main ideas of the text, I will talk about the
objective with the students and the goal for the day.


Development of the Lesson

The students will then be instructed to open their readers notebook to

a blank page. I will instruct the students to copy down the top chart I
have made.
o Today, we will be working with The Invisible Boy again, but this
time, we will be looking through different glasses. Today, you will
put on your glasses as if youre in the same class as Brian.

I will show the students the main parts that Brian had from his point of
view and turn to those pages to discuss what happened. Together, we
will come up with what another students perspective would be.
o The Anchor chart beginning:

Brians Side
Nathan and Sophie always
create a ruckus in class, but I

Mrs. Carlotti dealt with Nathan

do not.

and Sophies commotion.

Everyone was picked for

J.T. picked me to be on his

kickball team, but Brian wasnt.

I wasnt invited to Madisons

He didnt get to play at all.

Madisons party: student


Everyone picked on Justin,

except for me.


kickball, except me.


My Side
Brian and I kept quiet while

Justin: student partnerships

Closure to the lesson

Once Brians sides are compared to the My side part, I will go to

another part of the text and ask the students to fill out both Brians
side and My side independently. After 3-4 minutes of working, I will
regroup the students to have an open discussion of the two different
points of view.

Afterwards, students will be asked to return to their seats and create a

short story from the point of view of a student in the same class as


How will you assess the students learning?

Summative: Students learning will be assessed through the stories they
create on their own. The story they create must follow the similar events
that happen in The Invisible Boy, but has a twist and different viewpoint.

Formative: Student assessment will be based on the discussion from the

different points of view. While circulating, I will have mini-talks with the
students for parts they picked out as important as well as what they
wanted to say from their point of view.
VI Follow/Up Reinforcement/ Extension
The following days, the students will be exposed to two different texts
about the same story to reinforce the idea of different viewpoints.