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Ashley Mojica

Mrs. Thomas
UWRT 1102-058
April 7th, 2015
While writing my Inquiry Paper I came across struggles as to what exactly I wanted and needed
to add in order to reach the goals of this assignment. I like my topic and chose to do research on
it because I know there would be various views on this and I can do a lot of research to add
multiple views in my paper. Did these voices make sense and connect to my paper? What other
details or sources can I add to improve my paper and go above and beyond?
Chaotic Peace
As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a
fighter for truth and justice. Adolf Hitler, the center of Nazi Germany, World War II in Europe,
and last but not least, the Holocaust. The Book Thief took place during this time, a young girls
life during the boom of World War II, where survival was hoped for day by day. The Holocaust
was a specific event which aimed to create the perfect race, blonde hair and blue eyes, and get rid
of those who were said to be affecting the lives of Germans harmfully. This was an extreme form
of genocide to get rid of those certain ethic, national, and racial groups that didnt fit Hitlers
future goals. I joined the party because I was a revolutionary, not because of any ideological
nonsense. Hermann Goering. Goering was a German politician, military leader, and leading
member of the Nazi Party. He wanted to overthrow the government in favor of a new system and
was responsible for much of the functioning of the German economy in the build-up to World
War II. (Hermann) Many people, like Goering, did not support these extreme behaviors and ideas
of Hitler and but did nothing. Why? Because they feared for their lives.

Fear was the main cause for the Holocaust. Those who did not support these ideas of the
Nazis and acted were known as resisters, and resisters lost their lives. Death was the easy way
out; most of them were tortured and put into these horrible concentration camps too. The very
act of survival became an act of defiance What if we all thought like those known as resisters?
What if all humanity feared less and found no reason to think of tragedy and wasted no time
trying to find protection against harm that is caused by humans? We would find no reason to
fight, no reason to argue, no reason to act in violence against each other.
These ideas while reading this book lead me to the question, why exactly do we fight for
peace? Some people say its not peace we fight for, but in fact freedom. Others say its only an
act of violence towards one another and serves no purpose. Many voices and views rise towards
this question and no one knows the exact answer in to why exactly we fight if we are trying to
reach peace. Peace is the freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. War is not a
characteristic of this so why do we respond this way?
Even though violence isnt seen as freedom from disturbance, some say war is needed
and beneficial. Many people believe you cannot fight for peace but some believe that peace has
to actually be worked on and toward, not just handed over. Humans are Weird blog discusses
how exactly fighting can be used in gaining world peace and equal rights:
Peace is like a portrait that we need to paint. Like any other portrait, painting takes effort.
It takes a few tools; it requires a brush, a canvass, and some colours or, a collection of
weapons, a State and its people. It takes a lot of trial and error; sometimes a stroke might
go astray, and you need to start over or, sometimes a city, or a country, might be
incorrectly blown up. Its okay. Mistakes happen. But most of all, it requires a solid
understanding of what you want to paint; you need to start from the end, and work

backwards or, in terms of attaining a state of universal peace, you need to know exactly
what it is that youre fighting over, so that you can quash what doesnt fit into your
picture of what peace is. (Humans Are Weird)
Although some are pro war, others are against it and think it is only destroying world
peace. You Cannot Fight for Peace to Experience Peace is an online article on Collective
Evolution. It states how you cannot fight for peace and is against the idea how violence can show
world improvement as a whole. Fighting is a negative word, a word that is shared with
displeasing thoughts and unloving. It brings fear to others and fear is key to war. Weve put
ourselves in a very limiting box being wrapped up in that energy, disconnected and forget of
who we are. Lets move forward from here, remember that we are all connected, all one energy
of the same source experiencing itself in unique and individual fragments and forms.
(Christodoulou) We are all different, from different parts of the world, speak different languages,
wear different clothes, etc. But, together we all make one inside this box known as the Earth
Although some think fighting is needed, others, like Christodoulou, believe fighting for
peace is in fact a paradox. Is it right for one to kill someone else so they can live? Does this
really bring peace or does it just build tension against each other to later lead to revenge and an
everlasting battle? These individuals see fighting useless and never reach the end goal, never
gaining peace. Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. - George Carlin, an American
comedian, social critic, actor, and author.
In addition to Christodoulou and Carlins views, others of all ages could agree that war is
not needed in order to improve world peace, even those from a younger audience. A single rose
can make a garden; A man for peace can change the world. Jenny Leopold (Free Favicons) this

young child believes that a single simple act of kindness can make a huge difference and impact
the world immensely. So if young children can look at gaining world peace from this strategy
why cant those in higher power making these decisions? Children are effected everyday by war
and fighting in many countries all over the world that all they know is death and fear. This is
effecting generation after generation to come. If we want a better future we must start now, by
one taking a small step towards change. Dont we want the best for our children?
Leah Rabin, the widow of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, is one who wants best
for her children and generations to come. As a mother and as a widow, I know that peace is
made for the future. In so many families the unyielding fight for peace passes from generation to
generation. (Rabin ) She knows people now and the younger age group must change their views
on world peace in order to achieve it in the future and the next generations to come. She knows
that war brings pain and not accepted by everyone. This is why she was following the footsteps
of her husband who wanted a change, to break down the barriers of mistrust and fear. If we were
to change and reshape peoples dreams we can fight for peace if everyone works together as one,
not against one another, sharing the same thoughts of Christodoulou. She hopes to change the
views of those in power to help those who are greatly affected. War is the worst injustice;
innocent people have to suffer for others actions of fighting, showing a lack of fairness.
Although some agree that stopping war and violence will better the future and our
childrens lives, others cannot accept the overall idea that everyone is good at heart and will not
attack against one another, that in fact fighting will actually improve our future for generations to
come. Some in reality believe that being cautious against their surroundings is key to survival
and needed to avoid any outbreak. This is the reason for keeping troops in other countries like
Iraqi. the latest BBC/ABC News poll reported that the proportion of Iraqis who want

America to leave at once had risen from 35% to 47% since February. More than two out of three
think the surge has made things worse.. (The Economist) statistics show how there is no
advantage to keeping troops there and only causing more issues and is leading to violence to
occur. But, the unknown author of this article states that we actually cannot bring the troops
home to soon. The ambassador explains how if America gave up now and left that consequences
would be massive human suffering and would result in disaster. They believe we must wait till
conditions improve, but how can you improve another country when sharing different views on
this topic?
According to these points of views, there are many sides to take when asking the question
should we fight for peace. Hamid Rahimi, an Hazara boxer from Afghanisan, theory of bringing
awareness to the world is extremely useful because it sheds insight on the difficult problem of
how exactly do we gain world peace. His dream was for Afghanistan to take back and establish
peace in his homeland. He took two years of campaigning through his Fight 4 Peace project
and succeeded in convincing the WBO, which is the Afghan government and the International
Security Assistance Force, to host the event in Kabul. He wanted to bring peace in his hometown
by rising awareness by having such a huge audience watching. How ironic, against fighting for
peace but still bringing awareness through violence. Why is he against violence but acts violently
for a good cause? Maybe to show how there is only one winner at the end of a fight, one wins
and gains power while the other loses and is in great pain and fear. Leading to endless battles to
see who is more powerful, survival of the fittest.
I agree with Rahimis views and how he plans to gain world peace. Violence is still
shown but not unfair by putting the lives of others in danger, showing justice towards those who
are innocent. I try to do everything for my country, I think it's possible to establish peace but

there has to be the desire, the will to do it, if not.. Then even if there are thousands of military
forces there, they will not be able to create peace. (Euronews Interview ) Peace cannot be
figured through war and force, but by realization of right and wrong.
There is no right answer for this inquiry question, there is just one goal. This goal is to
reach world peace. But how? By acting in violence and killing others for survival, fighting for
freedom? Or is the only way to gain this is to stop violence all together. To come together as a
whole for we are all on this plant together and are all human beings. Who is one to take
something like peace from another one, for those to have power over others? This shows
injustice and isnt fair. But, others dont believe so; they trust that a food pyramid is needed so
this world would run smoothly. So, why exactly do we fight for peace? Where do you stand?

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