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Eisa Almazouei
Professor Corri Ditch
English 113B
23 March 2015

Gender Performance
In the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society written by Mary Ann
Shaffer and It can be see that Juliet Ashton is the main character who lost everything. It was a
time that had made her think about a lot of things that would help her in order to make her a
better person. She searches about something that she could write about as it relates it to her own
experiences and things like that it would help her to make it better. The writings that she writes,
makes her get replies from various islanders that allow her to see the work that she has doing and
the responses that she has been getting from them. The thing that she being a women realized the
fact that her literary work and the different islanders that have written to her made it a peaceful
place, irrespective of the gender aspect it was her effort that led to making a mark in war. The
characters try to construct gender norms to the believes that they want to achieve something that
they are capable of irrespective of their gender, the characters go for their dreams thinking about
it as fact that can help them to get to that specified level.
Elizabeth McKenna started to think of writing about the first meeting that they had with
the club, it was seen that the first meeting was something about the literary club. It was then that
the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society people met much more often and became
close to one another. It could be seen that Juliets decisions had made her to think about the
literature work and at the same time she was an orphan, it was a challenge that she had

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overcome. Being belonged to the female sex it was seen that she was dominant and feminine.
The gender did play a role in her life. But she made it look much more positive when compared
to the others.
As mentioned in the letters of the book, Juliet talks about They want to address the
practical, moral, and philosophical value of reading-spread out over three issues and by three
different authors.(32) It can be seen that there she was actually making progress in order to get
the upper hand in the culture driven society that was based on the genders ability to perform
according to the role. It is very important to see that, there were different issues that had arose,
but at the same time it made her understand the value of things that were coming in her way.
Whether it is something that a person can look forward or can easily look behind, she stood there
with a certainty, which was to make her self believe in something that she could actually get. She
could also have left hope like others thinking about the challenges that an independent women
would perhaps face. It was also mentioned in the book I dont want to be married just to be
married. I cant think of anything lonelier than spending the rest of my life with someone I cant
talk to, or worse, someone I cant be silent with. It is seen that the quotes clearly justify the need
of marriage and the thing that makes it interesting is the need of having a partner that would be a
shoulder to the sorrow that one leads. But this is not something that Juliet worried about and
thought that it was something that helped them gain control over life and made her to think
broader, it is also explained Men are more interesting in books than they are in real life, which
makes one think about the gender stereotypes who think that men have much more to offer and
they are a superior gender over the women. She wanted to be completely independent and not
marry someone who would control her, even if he was rich and extremely good looking it would
come in between her achieving the goals.

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At the same time even if the future is uncertain it would be the experiences and the
uniqueness of having to fight the situations that would lead her to think accordingly and go for
achieving her goals. It made her think about the necessity of focusing towards becoming a writer
and at the same time taking care of her loved ones. It was a crucial decision as one would
definitely marry a perfect person who is capable of taking care of them. But at the same time the
gender plays an important role as it effects people in every possible way. The stand that Juliet
took by not marrying, was to completely believe that she was capable of becoming a person that
no one could stop, that is to stay focused and achieve the goal that she had to become a writer.
Even though during the world war, the womens image was completely different, it still made
her understand and overcome the challenges that came in her way for her to become completely
The. "Beyonc's Feminist VMAs Performance Got People Talking About Gender
Equality." Talks about the generation that is being grown and at the same time how the gender
has become equal. It was considered before, that there was gender inequality, but at this time it is
considered much of a thing that tells us about how one can justify their needs completely if they
would like to become successful. Like the characters in the book, they try not to get the gender in
between and try making it specify the needs that are required. This connects with the novel that a
person does not actually need another person with a labeled logo that is called as marriage which
would make them think that without the companion they are not capable of doing anything. But
if a person, irrespective of the gender, tries to rethink the fact that they could achieve whatever
the obstacles that come in the way. It is definitely a challenging thing to do as the society thinks
the other way around. It is highly possible for a person to lose hope, but if one stands by their
own side, they would definitely achieve whatever they want to.

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As mentioned in the article, "Talking about Gender." it can be seen that the world has
changed and at the same time there is equality for the gender. Many people argue over the fact
that gender performativity is about something that tells people that a particular person can do a
kind of job and the job is completely based on the gender that he belongs to. Just as the end goal
of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the
economic class distinction itself by this it can be seen that there has been a distinction which
was made due to the different aspects of the gender that a human being belonged to, but as the
time has changed and the generation has grown it had led to the advancement of thinking of the
people in a broader way and make their thoughts to think about a particular subject much
differently. "Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and
Feminist Theory." Even this article talks about the gender difference being a social sign and can
be seen that one plays a role in life to become something rather than born something, it relates to
the performance of the people who know how to think about a certain identity. It is about the
achievements one likes to get rather than repent for belonging to a particular gender. It shows
that women are capable of achieving a few things that they never would thought would happen.
It made them rethink over the relations. In terms of sexuality or homo sexuality, it can be seen
that during world war times, it was like many people underestimated women as they thought of
them just as an object that could be acquired for personal benefits. They did not at all think about
them as people who could do something in life apart from just treated as a sexual object. The
gender did play a role but rather the conformity is about how far and what can a certain type of
gender be capable of doing.
When talking about feminism and the things that were related with it comes about
bisexuality. This was a strong message that was conveyed by the women. The message was that

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a person was no longer depended on the other gender. As when the bisexuality arose, it was like
they did not need a person of the opposite gender to control them and to tell them what to do and
what not to. It is something that is very important especially when conveying a sense of thought
about relationships and marriage. But as soon as people started becoming bisexual and started
marrying and moving out with the people of the same gender it made them realize the fact that
they did not need anyone to control. They were capable of doing things by themselves and made
them believe that they are actually capable of doing things.
I think that it is important for one to not underestimate ourselves depending on the gender
that one belongs to. At the same time it is the need for one to accept the fact that they are capable
of accomplishing certain goals without thinking much of the future and where it might take us
towards the end. Just like the character of Juliet, she was completely focused towards getting to
success and not being disheartened with the problems throughout the life that she had. It made
her believe in every possible way that a challenge that comes needs to be taken happily and not
just regret about it. It also made her realize the fact that marriage is something that can be done
later on, it is not like someone has to get married because the right person is there and he might
vanish after a certain period of time. This is an important thing that is being conveyed about
gender, that one can also at the same time be sexually attracted to the person of the same gender
if one believes that, the person who they like is of the same sex and do not have any restrictions
or any rule being imposed on them. Being independent is one thing that everyone eyes in this
world. Even being independent is a challenge that one needs to accept, but at the same time it
allows a person to understand and relate to the morals that one has been taught, this would allow
everyone to achieve the career that they are looking for.

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