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Spell for positive attraction and prosperity
Candle that represents abundance to you (for me, orange)
Sigils for attracting money, abundance, blessings
Citrine and quartz
Pennies or change
Jar/container with papers inside describing various blessings you ve received
Your hair or something representing you
Cinnamon or other associated herbs (basil, oregano, mint)
Surround candle with pennies or other money, citrine and quartz, or other signif
icant stones.
Write out the intention on a scrap of paper, I attract and draw in abundance of p
ositivity, blessings and money . Fold and place underneath the candle holder, on t
op of a magnet and with your hair.
Charge/annoint candle, then carve your sigil(s) into candle before lighting.
Abundance in positivity,
In blessings and prosperity
Come one, come three, come all to me
So be, so be it,
So mote it be