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Building our

Community Through
Torah, Tefillah
and Kehilla
Building and Capital

Center for Jewish Life

To create meaningful avenues
of connection to God, the Jewish people
and our fellow man through Torah (learning),
Tefillah (prayer), and Kehilla (community).

Our new center will feature:
Shul/Main Sanctuary
A beautiful and modern Sanctuary to
accommodate present and future growth.

Beis Midrash
For daily prayer, study and group learning.

Educational Wing
Classrooms for youth groups, teen minyan, youth
programming and adult education.

Social Hall
Spacious and elegant hall with seating for
up to 350 with dance floor (current seating
capacity 250).


Organizational Pillars:
Torah | vru,

Learning & Growing


Tefillah | vkhp,

Torah is the very soul of our people. It is through Torah learning that we gain an
understanding of our rich heritage and an appreciation of our unique destiny.
We offer a variety of different shiurim and classes from early in the morning into the evening.
Through the Institute for Jewish Continuity ( the Torah taught within the
walls of our sacred space has spread across the world. We strive to make Torah meaningful
and accessible to all.

Prayer is our opportunity to forge a dialogical connection with God.

Dialogue through

We strive to foster an inspirational, warm and accepting atmosphere for Tefillah and
introspection. With both proper decorum and h
​ eartfelt singing we aim to create an uplifting
prayer experience. ​

Kehilla | vkhve

We strive to be more than a Shul – we are a family.

Building Community

We recognize that each person contributes something special and unique to the fabric of
our Kehilla. Throughout the year we host numerous events intended to create a feeling of
achdus (unity) and togetherness. These events give our members an opportunity to meet new
people, broaden their social circles and create fertile soil in which friendships can blossom.
New Member Melaveh Malka, Motzai Shabbos learning series, Comedy Night, Motzai Shabbos
Wine & Cheese, Young Couple Luncheons, Lag BaOmer Carnival, Simchas Beis HaShoeyva and
Summer BBQ are some examples of how we foster this unity in a fun and enjoyable fashion.

Olam Chessed Yibaneh,
the World is built through kindness.

Our Kehilla extends
beyond our membership.
We believe in taking care of one another in times of happiness
and pain. Our Sisterhood and Chessed Committee arrange
meals for new mothers, families affected by illness, and shiva
homes. In addition, the Shabbos Mevorchim flower deliveries
and chessed caravans bring a smile to so many. But our
chessed is not limited to those within the congregation.
Where there is a need in the greater community, Israel, or
beyond, we are ready to help in any way we can. ​
We feel a sense of connection to the greater Jewish
people. Through events like Shabbat Across America
and Passover Across America we connect with Jews from
our greater community. These events allow us to build a
sense of unity and achdus with Jews of all affiliations. We
look to find common ground with our Jewish brethren and
focus on what unites rather than what divides.
We endeavor to be attentive to the needs of our youth.
Through Shabbos/Yom Tov groups, Teen Minyan, Junior
Congregation, Motzai Shabbos learning and a variety of other
programs we seek to instill a sense of commitment and love
of Torah within our children. They are the next generation and
we must nourish and nurture their precious souls.
Our sense of community extends to our beloved, ancestral
homeland, Israel. We believe that the State of Israel represents
a significant step in the process of Messianic redemption. We
support the State, her citizens and the brave soldiers of the Israel
Defense Forces. We support Israel through various initiatives in
times of peace and conflict. We are proud that many of our members
have made aliyah, have spent a year (or longer) learning in Yeshivos
and Seminaries, and have served in the IDF.


Building and Capital Campaign
Dedication Opportunities
n Education Wing Dedication
n Main Sanctuary
n Social Hall


n Men’s Section
n Women’s Section
n Bais Midrash
n Main Sanctuary Aron Kodesh
n Main Lobby
n Kitchen Dedication
n Adult Education Room
n Judaica Library
n Bais Midrash Aron Kodesh
n Sukkah Terrace
n Dedication Wall
n Memorial Wall
n Main Sanctuary Bimah
n Main Sanctuary Mechitza
n Administrative Office Suite

n Main Sanctuary Ner Tamid
n Main Sanctuary All Year Paroches
n Main Sanctuary Rabbi’s Chair
n Main Sanctuary Rabbi’s Shtender
n Main Sanctuary Daily Shulchan Cover
n Bridal Room
n Bais Medrash Bema
n Bais Medrash Daily Paroches Set
n Playground
n Bais Medrash Ner Tamid
n Main Washing Area
n Main Coat Room
n Main Sanctuary

Yomim Noraim Paroches
n Main Sanctuary

Yomim Noraim Shulchan Cover
n Front Garden / Landscaping
n Bais Medrash Yom Tov Paroches Set
n Bais Medrash Ba’al Tefillah Amud
n n Youth Group Classrooms

(9 available)
n Main Sanctuary Mezuzos
n Bais Medrash Rabbi’s Chair
n Bais Medrash Rabbi’s Shtender
n Lobby Mezuzos
n Bais Medrash Mechitza
n Bais Medrash Mezuzos
n Main Sanctuary Guest Rabbi Chair
n Main Sanctuary Guest Rabbi’s Shtender
n Washing Area for Kohanim


n Youth Bulletin Board
n Community Bulletin Board
n Satellite Hookup for Online Shiurim
n Menorah


n Main Sanctuary Chumash/Siddur/

Machzor Bookcases
n n Sound System for Shul
n Sound System for Social Hall
n Shul Chuppah
n Loading Dock
n Holiday Flower Stands
n Main Restroom
n Lobby Monitor Display
n Stroller Park Area
n Social Hall Mezuzos
n Rabbi’s Parking Spot
n Bais Medrash Clock
n Water Fountain
n Tzedakah Boxes
n Outside Benches
n n n Mezuzos
n n n Bookcases
n n n Tables
n n n Chairs
*Master plaque for donations under $10,000


n Torah
n Tefillah
n Kehilla


n Building Dedication







Help us make this
important and necessary
dream a reality.
Please call with
any questions (410)484-6114.




Please partner with us in this beautiful and holy endeavor.
We have a truly historic opportunity to build and create
a magnificent Mikdash Mi’at.

Center for Jewish Life

AUTOGRAPH • 410-585-1513

Multi-year pledges are welcome and payment plans are available to suit
your payment needs. Help us make this important and necessary dream a reality.
For questions or additional information please email or call our office at (410)484-6114.