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Question 1: Today's weather will be a _______of yesterday.

A. continuing B. continuation
C. continuity D. continual
Question 2: -Teacher: "Jon, you've written a much better essay this time."
- Jon: " _______"
A. Writing? Why?
B. Thank you. It's really encouraging.
C. You're welcome.
D. What did you say? I'm so shy.
Question 3. The hen has egg.
A. lain
B. laid
C. lied

D. lay

Question 4. Its nice I am now in London again. This is the second time I
A. will be
B. would be
C. was

D. have

Question 5 Im afraid that you will be .................responsible if anything goes wrong.

A taken
B held
C carried
D brought
Question 6: He kept his marriage for years, but eventually the truth ________
A. came out
B. went out
C. came through
D. fell out
Question 7. I wish with me now.
A. would be
B. will be
C. were

D. had been

Question 8: The question of late payment of the bills was ___again at the meeting
A. raised
B. risen
C. brought
D. taken
Question 9: Which of the two boys is a boy scout? ____ of them is .
A. Neither
B. None
C. All
D. Both
10. He answer all the questions within the time given.
A. that impossible . it impossible
C. it impossibly
D. that