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Lesson Plan Title: Parachute Switcheroo
Teacher Name: Allyson Corravo
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Class/Course: Physical Education, Hand-eye coordination
School: Northwest
Objective/s (student outcome) the students will be able to:

Students will know how to run.

Students will know how to stay in their own space.

Benchmark/Content Standards (state or district):


Demonstrate selected elements of mature form of locomotor skills of
walk and run in isolated settings.


Demonstrate selected elements of space awareness movement
concepts for extensions (e.g., large/small) in isolated settings.

Student’s Prior Knowledge:

Students should know how to maneuver their parachutes.

They should know how to run.

Cross-curricular relationships:

Math: How many colors are on each parachute?

Math: How many times can we fold the parachute?


Three, six inch parachutes.

Four cones.

CD player with music.


TOTAL Time for Lesson: 30 minutes

Minutes: 5 Warm-Up &/or Stretch (anticipatory set)

Have students run a lap.

Have students do 10 jumping jacks.

Have them walk 1 lap to cool down.

Minutes: 5 Lesson Introduction (state actual words you will be saying)

How many of you have played with the parachute before in gym class?

What did you guys enjoy about it?

Well today we are going to get into groups and do an activity with the

Minutes: 5 INSTRUCTION - Explanation of the activity/s to the students (list in

Split the students into groups of six to eight.

Give each group their own parachute.

Once they get into their groups and have a parachute, tell them to leave the
parachute on the ground until I finish giving the instructions.

Tell them I am going to play some music, when the music is on I want them to
move the parachute up and down and all around.

When I stop the have the students to freeze.

Once they have all frozen call out a color.

When I say the color the students who are on that color to run and go to a
different parachute that has that color open.

Continue to do this over and over again until each student has had a chance
to run and switch parachutes. If there is time left over continue to do this
activity until time has run out.

The activity the students will be participating in will be: Switching parachutes
Minutes: 15 Class Activity (see above)
I will know if the students are learning the skill/ knowledge if:

When the music is playing they are moving the parachute in different

When the music stops they freeze.

They run when I call their color.

Teachable Moments & Potential Challenges:

Students will not have the motor skills to move the parachute.

Students will not know their color.

Students will not have the hand-eye coordination to move the parachute

Diagram of the Activity and/or Set-Up:

Cones to mark where the students should stay in side of.

Parachute, with six to eight
students at each one.

Minutes: 2 Wrap Up/Points to Review with Students:

How did your group move the parachute when the music was playing?

How many times did you get to run to a different parachute?

Did you all enjoy this activity?

Minutes: 5 Put away materials