March Activities “DOUBT” Answer the following questions about the Movie “Doubt”.

What was Father Flynn hiding? Give evidence to support your view point. What was the nature of the black child? Evidence Did Father Flynn molest the black child? What motivated Sister Aloysius? What occurred in her life that might explain her attitude. How might one describe her behavior? Is certainty possible? Which character in the movie stands for certainty and which for doubt? What caused Sister Aloysius to doubt? ROCKET Write the changes you made to the rocket to make it travel greater distances? NEWTON Explain Newton’s 5th rule of reason. RED WINE TO BLUE Explain in writing and demonstrate in class changing red wine to blue wine. “CREATION” Darwin said he was a scientist. What do you think he meant? What caused Darwin to change his mind about god? If evolution states species change over time, what does this indicate about the biblical creation myth? What kind of man was Charles Darin? TRAVELERS GUIDE TO THE PLANETS Select a planet and tell me about it. Complete and hand in Quiz 4.

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