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Growth Assessment
Valerie Lopez
Azusa Pacific University


Fall 1
EDTC 511 Foundations in Educational
Dr. Kathleen Bacer
Key Learning:
*The many advantages of Adobe and using

EDTC 571 Curriculum Foundations

Prof. Valerie Suffern
Key Learning:
*Learned about different learning styles and
how all students learn differently

Fall 2
EDTC 527 Special Topics in Educational
Barry Bettger
Key Learning:
*How to use web based resources in lessons

EDTC 517 Digital Communications

Joe Bruzzese
Key Learning:
*Learned how to create a website using

Spring 1
EDTC 518 Global Learning/Cross-Cultural
Barbara McMillan
Key Learning:
*Learned how to incorporate Global Learning

EDTC 524 Instructional Design and

Kathryn Price
Key Learning:
*Learned about backwards lesson design based
on the UbD

Spring 2
EDTC 523 Educational Applications of
Informational Design and Hypermedia
Laura Silva
Key Learning:
*Learned how to put my Global Learning
Project together

EDTC 521 Digital Imagery for Learning

Doyle Potter
Key Learning:
*Learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and
Preimere Elements

Summer 1
EDTC 515 Emerging Trends in Technology
James Brown
Key Learning:
*Learned about MOOCs and creating a TED

EDTC 520 Managing Tech-Supported

Curricular Tools
Elisabeth Silver
Key Learning:
*Learned how to analyze my schools
technology plan and create rubrics

Fall 1
EDTC 526 Practicum in Educational

Applications of Technology
Dr. Kathleen Bacer
Key Learning:
*Created a Growth Assessment based on the
whole program

EDTC 527 Advanced Educational

James Brown
Key Learning:
*Learned about the true meaning of the 10
Commandments and how the brain works


Personal Growth

This program has had a significant impact on my life. The organized way
in which the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (EDTC) at Azusa Pacific
University (Bacer, K., Bettger, B., Brown, J., Bruzzese, J., McMillian, B., Potter,
D., Price, K., Silva, L., Silver, E., Suffern, V., 2015) broke up the bible into
focused areas helped me to tackle it in a more efficient way, and enabled me to
find peace in my life. The program also provided me with a way to relate to my
students in a spiritual way, even though it was in a public school setting. Finally,
this program has allowed me to be more at peace and has led me to be more
trusting of Him in ALL things.
I love to read, but I have always found it difficult to sit down and read the
bible. I see how thick it is and easily get discouraged when I start to read it. The
way the program broke up the bible with our spiritual focuses made reading the
bible more enjoyable. The spiritual focuses surprised me every week because
they were relevant in my life at that exact moment. The spiritual focuses fit
perfectly and helped ease my anger, sadness or frustration. The spiritual focuses
also helped me clear my mind and not let anything bug me too much.
I have always been open about my religion and talking about God. I grew
up in a household where it was always a good thing when God was brought into
our hearts. Most of my students are the same religion as myself. However, since
I worked in a public school, I was not allowed to bring up anything about God or
religion, and it broke my heart that I was not allowed too. My students would like
to talk about it, but I tell them I am not allowed to because I will get in trouble.


This program has opened my heart to God and I now speak to him
everyday, even if it is to thank him for something as simple as waking up. He has
given me everything that I have needed in my life. For I know the plans I have
for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give
you hope and a future (Muck, 2005, p. 1249). This program has made me a
better person because I know God is always with me.
Professional Growth
Bill Gates once said, Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids
working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important (n.d,
para. 1). This quote is true for me because the EDTCs program has propelled
me forward and stretched me in ways I did not think possible for a young teacher
like myself. The technology aspect of the program has not only expanded my
teaching ability in my classroom, it has also enabled me to expand my learning,
as well as my students learning in a more global way. More importantly, the skills
learned in this program have given me the opportunity to be in a leadership role
at my school even though I am a young teacher.
My Global Learning eNotebook required my class and I to participate in
two different global learning projects. We participated in a Lucky Charms project
(Wagner, 2015) and a Quilt Making project (Wagner, 2015). My students were
very excited to learn that they would be working with students who lived outside
of their community. I now incorporate some of these projects into my classroom
more often. I see the many opportunities they bring my students. I feel these
types of projects have enhanced my curriculum because they are very engaging


and the students get to reach out to others just like them. My students see the
similarities and how there are other students just like them.
When my principal found out I was getting a Master of Arts in Educational
Technology, he was very excited for me. He immediately signed me up to attend
the districts technology meetings. Recently, my principal put me in charge of the
schools website as well as the schools Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
I feel honored to have been given such a big responsibility. I have been
with my district for four years and am the youngest at my school. I never thought
I would be trusted with something like this so soon in my career. Adding Global
Learning Projects has helped me achieve these goals because my principal has
seen how I have broadened my teaching skills. I know this is just the first step in
broadening my technology career with my district.
Technical Growth
As a product of the technological age, I had knowledge about many
modern devices such as iPhones, iPads, and basic computer needs.
Technology is helping teachers to expand beyond linear, text-based learning
and to engage students who learn best in other ways (Kessler, 2010, para. 4).
However, the program has improved my knowledge even more by providing new
and innovative ways to present things to my students such as using Emaze
(, as well as how to create, save, and share files using
Google Docs (


Before I started this program, I only created Powerpoints because that is

the only type of presentation tool I knew. During EDTC 515, taught by Dr. Brown
(Brown, 2015), I learned about Emaze. Since learning about this program, I have
been able to make some of my presentations come to life and they are so much
more engaging.
I was a big fan of USB drives. I had heard a little about Google Docs but
didnt know how beneficial it would be. As part of the personalized learning
project in EDTC 520, taught by Prof. Silver (Silver, 2015), I had to see how
Google Docs could be beneficial to teachers. Unfortunately, my district said I
cannot use Google Docs in school.
I feel privileged to have been part of EDTCs technology program. The
program has helped me grow as a teacher, and also provided leadership
opportunities. Finally, the program has improved my technology skills and
introduced me to new programs that will make me a better educator. Learning
how to use Google Docs and Emaze has impacted myself, my students, and
fellow teachers and will continue to be useful throughout my career as a teacher.
Life Long Learning Goals
I believe that a teacher never stops learning. Continuing to learn helps
teachers become better at their craft and it helps students become well rounded
individuals. Here is a list of my short and long term goals.
Short Term Goals:

Continue using Global Learning Projects

Continue to use my own Global Learning Project


Find more ways to incorporate more technology into my classroom

Create Professional Developments that help teachers who want to

incorporate technology into their classrooms

Long Term Goals:


Attend conferences that center around technology

Continue to learn about developments in technology that would be

beneficial to my students and myself

Create and promote a blog that allows me to share how I am incorporating

technology into my classroom to inspire teachers
I was nervous, but excited when I signed up for this program. I thought this

program would help expand my knowledge in technology because I was always

afraid to press something thinking I would ruin it. I learned how to do so many
new things like creating websites. Every time I created something new I had to
show it off because I felt so proud on what I had accomplished. This program has
transformed me as a teacher. I now embrace technology and try to include it
everyday in my class. I see how technology impacts the way my students learn.
My students are so much more engaged and enjoy learning now because
technology is a part of our learning.



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