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Rosie OConnor

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

I want to teach music for three essential reasons. First, music has had strong
influences on my life and I would like to share my diverse background, especially with
middle school students. Second, I believe children should experience many styles and
varieties of music. Finally, music brings joy. Experiencing music is not only fun, but also
is an important avenue for expression.
Music education weaves cultural content as well as diversity within its design. My
students by using different delivery methods such as drumming, historical pieces and
compositions will experience a variety of cultural music expression. Western classical
singing, as well as other compositions from around the world will also add to our cultural
Exposure to music and understanding music fundamentals is significant to growth
development. Participation in band, orchestra, or choir ensembles, as well as composing
classes provides meaningful experiences. Music opportunities strengthen social and
behavioral attributes, as well as contribute to the academic core curriculum. For
example, participation in a musical ensemble will help students learn collaboration skills
and developing their confidence.
Students experience music every day. Having a basic understanding of music
structure will not only heighten their musical appreciation, but also strengthen crosscurricular ideas in art and history. Students also will learn breath control through music
education. By learning how to control their breath, which is automatic can teach
children the importance of staying focused to accomplish a goal. Students can apply
this understanding of focus and change to other aspects of their lives. Another
significant value of music education is the friendships students create within their
classes and musical groupings.
Most important, I want my students to experience the joy of music. Children will
learn that music is a universal language. While learning how to sing, students will also
learn the historical contexts of the songs and composers they are singing about.
Appreciation for music will embrace the many forms and styles of music. Finally, my
goal is to have students transfer what theyve learned about music to their daily lives.
Some students, like myself, will further and deepen their musical training, while other
students may decide to play instruments like the ukulele or kazoo, hum a new tune or
even start their own band. My objective is for my students to be encouraged to pursue,

relish and define their personal musical style!

Throughout my musical career, I have been privileged to study under very
dedicated and gifted teachers. My teachers have passed on to me a deep-rooted
understanding and appreciation of music. I want to pass their teachings forward. I will
add to their palette my uniqueness, strengths and talents. My goal as your music
teacher is to construct this universal bridge of music and human connectedness with
my students, sharing the joy of music together. I look forward to being a part of your
school family.