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Troy Trombone Shorty Andrews

Troy Trombone Shorty Andrews was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 2,
1986. His family was well-known in New Orleans as his grandfather, Jessie Hill, was a popular
R&B artist, and his brother, James 12 Andrews, is a jazz trumpet player and bandleader
himself. Trombone Shorty is currently the bandleader and frontman for Trombone Shorty &
Orleans Avenue. Andrews blends many different styles together to form his own kind of unique
music. His website describes Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue as a hard-edged funk band
that employs hip-hop beats, rock dynamics, and improvisation in a jazz tradition. This is an
accurate description as his music sounds like a stronger, more rock-like version of the band
Troy has been making music for almost his entire life and was already playing
professional as a bandleader by the age of six. By this time, he had already mastered trombone,
trumpet, and percussion, but he decided to make trombone his primary instrument. Trombone
Shorty began touring internationally at the age of twelve and was also a member of the popular
New Orleans group the Stooges Brass Band. As a high school student, Andrews attended the
New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, which has several famous graduates including Harry
Connick, Jr. and Wynton Marsalis, where he studied music theory, aural skills, and his different
instruments. Trombone Shorty was quickly blossoming into one of the hottest young brass
players in the nation.
At age nineteen, Andrews hit the big time and became a member of Lenny Kravitzs horn
section. He went on a 105 day world tour with Kravitz from 2005-2006. In 2006, he went to
London where he began working with producer Bob Ezrin of Abbey Road Studios. As a result,
Andrews got to perform with famous rock groups U2 and Green Day during the Monday Night

Football pre-game show when the New Orleans Superdome re-opened after the hurricane. In
addition to playing with the above groups, he has also played with Jeff Beck, Dave Matthews
Band, Galactic, Eric Clapton, and Kid Rock. He has also been able to perform at many different
jazz shows, including with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and in jazz festivals across Europe
including the Vienna Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, and Istanbul Jazz Festival. Andrews
got to perform at The White House in 2012 to celebrate Black History Month. He has also
appeared and performed on several different television shows including Conan, Late Show with
David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Trombone Shorty has been active in the recording studio since 2002, when he made his
first solo album Trombone Shortys Swingin Gate through Louisiana Red Hot Records, which
featured several original compositions. Since then, he has made eight studio albums, one of
which he actually made with his brother, 12 & Shorty. He has made four albums with his current
group Orleans Avenue. In 2010, they released their album Backatown which received a Grammy
nomination in 2011 for Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Their album For True also sat atop the
Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart for twelve weeks. He also made four live albums of his
performances at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
Trombone Shorty is becoming a world-renowned musician as he and Orleans and Avenue
have traveled to places such as Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia, and Brazil. His work
has received Grammy nominations as well as recognition from musicians across the globe from
many different music backgrounds. In 2012, Andrews was awarded the Presidents Medal from
Tulane University for his work in the community. He created the Horns for Schools Project in
New Orleans, which, like it sounds, helps provides instruments for schools that may lack funding
to buy them on their own. He also has started his own foundation, The Trombone Shorty

Foundation, which came out of the Horns for Schools Project. He worked with New Orleans
Mayor Mitch Landrieu to provide schools with instruments, a lot of which Andrews actually
donated out of his own pocket. His foundation partnered with Tulane University to help make
the After School Academy to provide area high school students with a place to make music and
receive additional instruction. Trombone Shorty continues to gain fame and prestige across the
music community from all different backgrounds and has become one of the top brass artists of
the current generation.
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