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(a) Express 345 micrograms as a percentage of 3 grams, leaving your answer in standard
(b) The harddisk space in a notebook is 80 gigabytes. How many documents can be stored if
the average size of a document is 2.85 megabytes? Give your answer correct to the
hundred documents.


27 3  345  81


5 y 1 125 1









 xm

Given that
, find the value of m.
Write down the next two terms in the sequence
20, 15, 9, 2, ____, _____.

The general term of a sequence is Tn = 6n 18. Find the 9th term.


Write down an expression, in terms of n, for the nth term of the sequence
4, 7, 10, 13, …

1 In the diagram, A, B, C and D are four markers on a horizontal field.

AC = 350 m,

BAC  32


BCA  90

(a) Calculate AB.
CAD  45
CDA  72
The bearing of B from A is 042°.



 Given that 1152 = 27 32. Form an equation in x and y. . r. (a) If all the traffic lights turn red simultaneously at 0830. If they start ringing together at 8 am. Doris paid $15. would all the traffic lights turn red together between 0830 and 1200? [2] [2] When water is poured into a container. Form another equation in x and y. [1] [2] Three bells ring at intervals of 14 minutes. numbered 11 to 40. (b) Find the depth of the water when the radius is 4 cm. is inversely proportional to the square of the base radius. find the smallest possible value of a whole number n if 1152n is a perfect cube. (c) has at least one digit ‘2’ The cost of a pen is $x and the cost of a pencil is $y. When the radius is 3 cm. (ii) the bearing of D from C. A numbered chip is drawn at random from a box of 30 chips. (c) By solving the simultaneous equations in (a) and (b).(c) (i) the bearing of D from A. 5. the depth of the water. An aircraft was hovering vertically above the point A. 1 minute 18 seconds and 1 minute 31 seconds. (a) (b) 3. 4. find the next time when this occurs again. (d) Hence. [1] [2] [2] The angle of elevation of the bottom of the aircraft from B is 29°. d.25 for 5 pens and 11 pencils. Find the probability that the number on the chip (a) is a multiple of 8 (b) is a prime number 6. 2. (i) Calculate the height at which the aircraft is hovering. (a) Joanne bought 5 pens and a pencil for $7. (b) How many times. of the container.75. (b) In the same shop. Occasionally all four traffic lights will turn red simultaneously. 1 minute 10 seconds. including the first time at 0830. the depth of water is 24 cm. (a) Form an equation relating d and r. (iii) the shortest distance from C to the path AB. find the total cost of 18 pens and 25 pencils in dollars. 25 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. at what time will they next ring together again? Four traffic lights turn red at regular intervals of 1 minute. (ii) Find the angle of depression of the marker C from the aircraft. find the cost of a pen and the cost of a pencil in dollars.