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Great Clothing!
CREATING (For Mens & Ladies Fashions)
Part IV
By Randyl Longmire
$5 OFF
“Comparison: The Access to Complacency”
The legendary empowerment ment. If you are someone who already beat me to the self-hurt
guru, Fred Rogers, taught that
everyone is special, everyone is
has a “Hang In There” poster
or the poem “Footprints in the
genre is Ben Stein - a great
example of someone I can never
$25 Or More
unique and there is no one just Sand” on your wall, this column be as successful, smart, rich, One Coupon Per Customer • Not Valid
like you. After decades of this is certainly not for you, and your or famous as. He has written a With Any Other Offer • Expires 01/31/07
brainwashing, everyone can be attention would be much better series of three self-hurt books,

$10 OFF
placed in their own category, directed toward listening to a beginning with How To Ruin Your
unable to be better or worse than book-on-tape by Tony Robbins Life, and it appears as though it
anyone else. or Dr. Phil immediately. has been working for him*. He
The inability to be compared Hopefully by now, as a result of went from being a speechwriter
creates a sense of personal free- the daily self-deprecation training and lawyer for President Nixon $50 Or More
dom to be yourself, without fear you received in Part I, you know to being a movie star, a game
of being revealed as inadequate that you are not good enough show host - and he now has One Coupon Per Customer • Not Valid
With Any Other Offer • Expires 01/31/07
or second-best. You can never and not smart enough to accom- regressed to selling eye drops
truly be worse than someone plish your dreams and someone (no doubt a result of his decline
who is not in the same category else will always be better than into gateway drug use).
as you. People have been creat- you regardless. With practice Whenever I have the cour-
ing their own categories for the and discipline, you can learn age to categorize myself, I can
past several years in order to be to generate complacency and always find someone to whom
the undisputed best at what they lack of motivation whenever you I feel belittled in comparison.
do. In this installment of Creating get excited about a new idea, Whether you are in love, have
the Clouds, we will work to break goal, or dream. Simply discover your dream job, or an amazing
down those barriers that prevent your category. Find a place to relationship with your parents,
you from being compared, and fit in. Then make sure you have the tools I’ve provided will hope-
discover the amazing access to others in your category that are fully work to disempower you
complacency and lack of motiva- more successful, powerful, and and create access to upset in
tion this can create. effective at whatever it is you are any area of your life. I encour-
When you can place yourself doing. age you to seek out those areas
in the same category as others, As I have previously stated, where you can be compared with
you will always be able to find I am constantly applying these others, and discover the compla-
someone who is better than you, disempowering concepts of cency and that demotivation you,
stronger than you, faster than demotivation and complacency too, can create for yourself.
you, and more attractive than to my own life. When it comes Until next time, keep looking
you. You can always find some- to writing Creating the Clouds, watch the clouds form.
one who has been there first, I take no reprieve. Well - I take
done it better, and been more plenty of breaks from writing, but *Unfortunately, it appears as
successful. This leads to a sense I take very little though Ben Stein was only joking
of despair and a lack of motiva- reprieve from disempowering with his books. They were pub-
tion - because you know that you myself along the way. lished by an exclusive self-help
won’t ever be the best at any- When it seemed I had invented publishing company, so he was

thing. What was once a constant a new category of philosophy apparently expressing self-help
search to out-perform the next with this self-empoorment idea, techniques under the guise of
best you realize now is a mission I immediately sought out people disempowerment. A clever trick,

destined to end in failure. Your I could compare myself with. but self-help nonetheless.
relationships will crumble under Some call it “Market Research.”
the weight of jealousy and fear I call it “Looking for ways to Randyl Longmire is not a doctor.
of being discovered for the loser prove I’m not good enough He is not a therapist. He has
you really are. Your projects will to succeed.” I needed to be won no awards, and he has no
be abandoned before they have categorized with others who had standing in the academic world.
begun. You will have become already been there, done that, He is generally unqualified for
an endarkened being as a result and were more successful than I, most professions, pursuits, hob-
of the clouds you’ve created for or I would find myself back in the bies, and athletic activities.
yourself. realm of the unique, empowered, The Word and its editorial staff
If you are not inspired by the and successful - a place I had are not responsible for any loss
hope of becoming an endark- already been for far too long as a of life, self-esteem, or livelihood
ened human being, you may still result of the self-help movement as a result of Mr. Longmire’s
be on a course of self-improve- of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. teachings, and we feel they are
ment and personal empower- One author I found who had in poor taste.

10 “The Northwest’s Finest Arts & Entertainment Magazine” the word

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