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Secondary Lesson Plan Template

Name of class:
Length of class: 45 min.
Spanish 1 8th Grade
LEARNING GOALS/STANDARDS to be addressed in this lesson (What
goals for learning to you hope to accomplish and/or national or state
standards will you address?):
1.1 Students engage in conversation, provide and obtain information,
express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
1.3 Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of
listeners or readers on a variety of topics.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES (What will students know or be expected to do
in this lesson? Use verbs from Blooms Taxonomy):
Recall vocabulary that had been learned and applying them in
Create sentences using gustar correctly in third person
Applying conjugation rules to form sentences about themselves
and others.
CONTENT (What specific
concepts, facts, or
vocabulary will be taught in
this lesson?):
Me gusta, le gusta
Personal A

SKILLS: (What skills will students practice

or apply?)
-Conjugating gustar correctly
-Recalling descriptive words and using
them in sentences
-Speaking skills in small groups

RESOURCES/MATERIALS NEEDED (What materials and resources will I

-Unit packets that students already had
-Paper and writing utensil
-Worksheet about famous person
-White board and markers

LEARNING PLAN (How will you organize student learning in this lesson?
will I organize this lesson? How much time will
each part of the lesson take?)
1. I described in Spanish what we would
be studying and learning that day
using gestures. I asked students
what they liked and disliked to assess
and to get personal interest. I also
shared things that I liked and disliked
to model the language.
2. As a large group, we went over how
to use gustar in first and third
person. I asked for student input
here to obtain suggestions and also
to see how much they knew or could
3. I asked students to work in groups
and write sentences on their own.
They then read their own sentences
to table groups.
4. Students traded papers and had to
read a partners likes or dislikes to
the group in third person.
5. Introduced activity. Had example on
worksheet and also went over one
example with the class before asking
them to complete it. Students could
individually work on iPads to research
a famous person they admired and
find five things that person likes or

Capture student
attention, activate
student prior knowledge,
stimulate thinking, raise
key questions, Allow
students to observe,
design and plan
experiments, etc.
Introduce laws, models,
theories, and vocabulary.
Guide students toward
coherent generalizations,
help students understand
and use scientific
vocabulary to explain the
results of their
Provide students
opportunity to apply their
knowledge to new
domains, raise new
questions, and explore
new hypotheses. May
also include related
problems for students to
Administer assessment
(although checking for
understanding should be
done throughout the

6. Had students share some examples

they came up with the entire class.
Had students turn them in and read.
Evaluate..did they use le gusta
correctly? Did they use a descriptive
word in each sentence?